Made of Stone

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There's bad stuff out there. Folks reckon things like vampires don't exist, but they does-Jock from the burger van told me. Plus I found an actual one of 'em, sleeping at the time in the back of a hearse I nicked that first morning. That's how me and Jock got to setting out freeing the world of 'em, using his bag o' wooden stakes and special bottles of whisky. Course, I knowed that vampires didn't exist, not when I stopped and done some thinking. And I knowed Jock had mental wossnames, what with his son falling off that roof and him reckoning them immigrants pushed him. It's just that I didn't get much time for thinking, not with the coppers on our arse. Jock were off...and me with him.

There's not much in this world Royston Blake can count on, but he always thought he could count on Mangel. Sure, it's a violent, run-down hellhole of a town, but it's home. And a homicidal antihero like Blake understands its rules, twisted though they may be. Like how strangers may come for a visit but never for life. And how a man is supposed to stay dead when you kill him. But now those rules are under siege from a macabre scourge of outsiders-vampires, werewolves, zombies, even a golem called Igor-who have moved into town, threatening the seedy underworld that passes for everyday life in Mangel.

What these outsiders fail to consider, however, is that there's no way Blake is letting his hometown go down without one helluva fight.


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