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Jack "Keeper" Marconi is desperate to move on-from his former job as a prison warden, from his wife's horrific death in a car accident, and, most of all, from the torturous suspicion that the hit-and-run driver was actually aiming for them. After three long years, Keeper can still perfectly recall the image of the black Buick and its driver. And on the very day he is set to put it all behind him and marry again, Keeper catches a glimpse of that ominous car. Now he knows what he must do: find that driver.

Even as his life is hurtled off axis, a new case comes his way. A beautiful woman-an author on an assignment gone wrong-has been locked up in a notorious Mexican prison. Keeper has no intention of accepting the near-suicide mission to break her out. But when he discovers that her case could be connected to the hit-and-run driver, there's no stopping him. Risking it all, Keeper follows a trail of bodies and lies through Mexico-and all the way back home.

For Keeper, it's time for justice. Time for truth. Time for revenge.

This sequel to The Innocent thrills with all the intrigue of a dark Hitchcockian mystery, leaving readers in heart-pounding suspense as Keeper Marconi unravels the truth- piece by scandalous piece.


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