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It's been eighteen years since Josh Peters left dreary, dying Derton-the seaside town where he grew up-and headed for the bright lights of London. Now his dad is sick and his mum needs him, so he's back-though he's promised himself he won't be staying for long.…

Then Josh finds himself unexpectedly detained in Derton, living in his cramped teenage bedroom, with simmering family tensions a little too close for comfort. Back amongst the old friends, old enemies, and old flames he left behind, he's worried that some things may never change.

But is Derton the same place he couldn't wait to escape from back then, full of failures and bitter memories, or has it been doing just fine without him? As Josh revisits his past, will he find that the only one who hasn't moved on is him?

His London life is calling him back-but sometimes there's no place like home.…


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