Summary, Analysis & Review of Jonah Berger's Contagious by Instaread

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a Summary, Analysis & Review of the book and NOT the original book.


Contagious: Why Things Catch On is a playbook for marketing in the internet age, when products and ideas live or die based on whether or not they can go viral. Author Jonah Berger describes six principles that, when applied together, can often predict whether an idea or product will spread.

Any product or idea can go viral. It doesn’t take a big advertising budget or a celebrity endorsement to raise awareness. Instead, the six principles of contagiousness can be turned into the helpful mnemonic acronym STEPPS. These are Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, and Stories. For a product or idea to spread, it must use each of these steps.

While STEPPS can help guarantee that an idea or product will go viral, some concepts are more likely to spread successfully than others. For example, a well-priced television is more likely to lure buyers than a poor-quality television with …

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