The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America's Ufo Highway

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A real-life mix of The X-Files and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Mezrich “writes vividly and grippingly…A terrific story…[that] will make a heck of a movie” (The Washington Post). Here is the “fascinating” (Publishers Weekly) true story of a computer programmer who tracks paranormal events in remote areas of the western United States and is drawn deeper and deeper into a mysterious conspiracy.

Like Agent Mulder of The X-Files, microchip engineer and sheriff’s deputy Chuck Zukowski is obsessed with tracking down UFO reports in Colorado. He even takes the family with him on weekend trips to look for evidence of aliens. But this innocent hobby takes on a sinister urgency when Zukowski learns of mutilated livestock—whose exsanguination is inexplicable by any known human or animal means.

Along an expanse of land stretching across the southern borders of Utah, Colorado, and Kansas, Zukowski documents hundreds of bizarre incidences of mutilations, and discovers that they stretch through the heart of America. His pursuit of the truth draws him deeper into a vast conspiracy, and he journeys from Roswell and Area 51 to the Pentagon and beyond; from underground secret military caverns to Native American sacred sites; and to wilderness areas where strange, unexplained lights traverse the sky at extraordinary speeds. Inspiring and terrifying, Mezrich’s “dramatic narrative…connects dots we didn’t even know existed…Something’s clearly happening out there in the high meadows and along desert highways” (Kirkus Reviews). The 37th Parallel will make you, too, wonder if we are really alone.


  • The37thParallel 01 Open

    Duration: 31s
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    Duration: 33s
  • The37thParallel 03 Ch1

    Duration: 08min
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  • The37thParallel 07 Ch5

    Duration: 19min
  • The37thParallel 08 Ch6

    Duration: 11min
  • The37thParallel 09 Ch7

    Duration: 16min
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  • The37thParallel 13 Ch11

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  • The37thParallel 17 Ch15

    Duration: 18min
  • The37thParallel 18 Ch16

    Duration: 13min
  • The37thParallel 19 Ch17

    Duration: 13min
  • The37thParallel 20 Ch18

    Duration: 17min
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