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We believe the Bible to be inspired, the only infallible authoritative Word of God. Inspired by the Holy Spirit it has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


  • The Mocked Messiah

    01/10/2017 Duration: 57min

    Jesus not only came to die but he came to die on a cross. Why such a humiliating death and what does it mean for us? Listen in to find out. Mark 15: 21-32

  • The Scorned Sovereign

    24/09/2017 Duration: 01h33s

    If Jesus was so inclusive, tolerant, and loving, why was he condemned to death? Why was he hated? To answer this question we’ll look at the four different sources of hatred for Jesus found in this text so as to better understand why people reject Jesus and what we should do to remedy it.

  • God's Dominion Over Disaster

    17/09/2017 Duration: 38min

    In the wake of Hurricane Irma, God's Word is more relevant than ever. Find out who was ultimately responsible for this storm and how we should respond to it by listening in.

  • Last Man Standing

    03/09/2017 Duration: 58min

    Why does Mark, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, spill so much ink over the failures of the disciples, the betrayal of Jesus, and the injustice of the religious leaders? This powerful account conclusively proves that Jesus alone can accomplish God’s plan of redemption. Listen in to find out what this means for you.

  • Ready for The Worst

    27/08/2017 Duration: 56min

    Looking at the hours leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, some have concluded that he lost control of his revolutionary movement and that the betrayal of Judas, the failure of the disciples, and his horrendous death were all indicative of his failure. But is this true and why does it matter? Listen in to find out.

  • An Act of Adoration For The Ages - Mark 14:1-11

    20/08/2017 Duration: 52min

    In our culture, terms like fanatical, radical, and extreme typically conjure up images of evil, terror, and destruction. Yet, in the text today, Jesus actually associates these terms with that which is good and beautiful. How can this be? Would he actually expect this of his followers? Listen in to find out.

  • Jesus The Greatest Prophet

    13/08/2017 Duration: 01h04min
  • Ready for His Return

    06/08/2017 Duration: 48min

    Yes, we are to be ready for Jesus to return at any time. Yet, he doesn’t tell us when he’s returning. Why can’t we know and, in light of this ignorance, how can we prepare? The answer found in this text may surprise you. Listen in to find out.

  • Insight into the End

    30/07/2017 Duration: 57min

    Mark 13:14–31 As you look to the future and try to imagine the end of this age, does it excite your or give you pause? Are you hopeful or hesitant? To answer these questions definitively, first listen to Jesus’ insights on the end in this sermon. Your final answer may surprise you.

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