Sex Talk With Clint & The Doc



Sociologist and sexuality speaker Dr. Jenn and on-air radio host Clint August of San Diego's Classic Rock radio station 101KGB talk about the latest sex research, funny facts, relationship tips, sexual commentary, and upcoming events.


  • Sex Talk Episode 193 11 23 22 Clint and Jenn

    22/11/2022 Duration: 21min

    What are the biggest relationship stressors at Thanksgiving? What are Clint and Dr. Jenn most looking forward to? And Clint asks for advice on a specific family holiday issue.

  • Sex Talk Episode 192 Clint and Jenn 11 17 22

    18/11/2022 Duration: 30min

    A listener asks whether we need terms like boyfriend/girlfriend and whether love or future marriage is relevant. And Dr. Jenn and Clint discuss whether all marriages should have an ongoing 5-year contract renewal.-

  • Episode 191 Sex Talk Clint and Dr Jenn 11 09 22

    10/11/2022 Duration: 30min

    How did Clint's sons find out about his ED? Why was Dr. Jenn talking about intimacy and vaginal lasers this weekend? And Dr. Jenn recounts her evening with her new beau at an Alicia Keys cancer fundraising event!

  • Episode 190 Sex Talk Clint and Dr Jenn 11 03 22

    03/11/2022 Duration: 30min

    What sexy costume did Dr. Jenn wear for Halloween this year? A listener writes in with compliments and a Clint and Dr. Jenn think the complaint is fair?

  • Episode 189 Sex Talk Clint and Jenn 10 26 22

    27/10/2022 Duration: 39min

    What sexy props did Dr Jenn bring to show Clint from her Idyllwild weekend with her new beau? What is Performance Farting? And how does Clint feel about taking his oldest son to college?

  • Sex Talk Episode 188 Clint and Jenn 10 12 22

    13/10/2022 Duration: 27min

    Are biker fests a good place to meet singles and hook up? What does Dr. Jenn want to do with her Peanut Butter Whiskey this weekend? And Clint asks Dr. Jenn for her take on Bill Murray's recent sexual harassment charges

  • Sex Talk Episode 187 Clint and Jenn 10 05 22

    05/10/2022 Duration: 28min

    Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Dr. Jenn finds value in girlfriend time with a friend who is also almost 50. Why is Clint so paranoid about being perceived as inappropriate with single women? And Dr. Jenn discusses expectations with her new beau and their first weekend away.

  • Sex Talk Episode 186 Clint and Jenn 09 28 22

    28/09/2022 Duration: 38min

    A listener writes in to Dr. Jenn about his 30-year almost sexless marriage. What characters did Clint meet on his wine tasting trip? And why does Clint keep separate finances in his marriage?

  • Sex Talk Clint Jenn and Boyer Episode 185 09 21 22

    22/09/2022 Duration: 34min

    Why does Dr. Jenn have a big grin on her face and have wild hair? How did Dr. Jenn's new beau feel about being talked about on the show? And what worked to reduce Clint's high stress?

  • Sex Talk Episode 184 Clint and Jenn 09 14 22

    15/09/2022 Duration: 35min

    What does "romance" feel like to Clint and Dr. Jenn? What's going on in Dr. Jenn's dating life? And does everyone deserve to be happy?

  • Sex Talk Episode 183 Clint and Jenn 09 07 22

    07/09/2022 Duration: 27min

    How did Clint blow his wife's birthday surprise? What podcasting mistakes are Dr. Jenn and Clint making? And what's Dr. Jenn doing in PA?

  • Sex Talk Episode 182 Clint August Dr Jenn 08 24 22

    25/08/2022 Duration: 23min

    What video of Clint's is going viral on TikTok? And what is a new romantic dating trend? Plus, Clint learns new information about Dr. Jenn's new beau, and tells about his own romantic birthday gestures toward his wife.

  • Sex Talk Episode 181 Clint August Dr Jenn 08 19 22

    25/08/2022 Duration: 30min

    A listener asks about dating while still under the same roof as his ex, and Dr. Jenn answers based on her personal dating experiences. And who scores higher - Clint or Dr. Jenn - on a public sex quiz?

  • Episode 180 Sex Talk Clint and Jenn 08 10 22

    10/08/2022 Duration: 30min

    What is the difference between shame and guilt, and why does it matter? What exercise can someone do to heal from childhood shaming experiences? And Clint and Dr. Jenn assess the validity of a TikTokers claim of "5 Tricks to Make People Think You're Hot."

  • Episode 179 Sex Talk Clint and Dr Jenn 08 03 22

    04/08/2022 Duration: 31min

    Dr. Jenn's new personal podcast was released -- hear a teaser for the show! Also, Dr. Jenn rants about revenge porn sites and Clint actually reads more of her book.

  • Epidode 178 Sex Talk Clint August Dr Jenn 07 27 22

    27/07/2022 Duration: 31min

    Can a woman sue a man for standing her up on a first date? What new Netflix series is really going to anger Dr. Jenn? And Dr. Jenn shares about her soon-to-be-released storytelling podcast called (Trying to...) Feel Sexy Again at 48.

  • Sex Talk Clint and Jenn Episode 177

    21/07/2022 Duration: 29min

    What does it take to be a good conversationalist? Dr. Jenn shares the 4 Types of Question-Askers and how they matter in terms of having meaningful connections. Also, Dr. Jenn shares a story that she doesn't want to...and Clint decides whether she was in the wrong.

  • Episode 176 Sex Talk Clint and Jenn 07 15 22

    15/07/2022 Duration: 29min

    What is Dr. Jenn doing tonight for the first time that is VERY exciting to her? Plus, Clint and Dr. Jenn talk all about the social norms of airplane travel and what is appropriate or not on a flight!

  • Sex Talk Episode 175 Clint and Jenn 07 08 22

    08/07/2022 Duration: 35min

    It's International Kissing Day so Clint and Dr. Jenn share about their first kisses (and whether they'll be getting any today!). And Dr. Jenn teaches Clint some stand-up comedy techniques and challenges him to push beyond his comfort zone.

  • Episode 174 Sex Talk Clint Dr Jenn 06 29 22

    29/06/2022 Duration: 29min

    Why did Dr. Jenn go stag to her junior prom? What new skill is Dr. Jenn learning to integrate into her sex speaker work? And why might Clint try stand-up comedy again?

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