We Are Their Heaven: Why The Dead Never Leave Us

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From renowned medium and bestselling author Allison DuBois, a inspirational, thought-provoking, and comforting book that examines the questions: what happens to our loved ones when they die? Is there a heaven? Is there a true connection and communication between the living and the dead?

Allison DuBois invites us into her world where she delivers messages from our lost loved ones. She convinces us that those who have passed away are constantly with us, providing comfort, love, and support. They are as eager to reach us as we are to stay connected with them.

But the dead have a language of their own. They communicate through signs, dreams, songs, coincidences, and messages delivered in unexpected ways. Allison takes us on an odyssey of these signs — how to recognize them, how to read them, and how to interpret them. In these pages, you will meet people who have had both heartbreaking and heartwarming communication with the other side, providing comforting proof that our deceased loved ones stay with us and continue to share in the joys of our lives.


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