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  • Ask for More - Audio

    02/03/2008 Duration: 47min

    God wants to give us more of His goodness, but we don't receive because we don't ask.

  • Why Me? - Audio

    24/02/2008 Duration: 22min

    It is tempting to compare God's work (or lack of work) in our lives with how we see Him working in the lives of others.

  • Flying Penguins - Audio

    17/02/2008 Duration: 25min

    We all struggle with pride and it's lure to be someone other than we truly are.

  • Strongly Supported - Audio

    10/02/2008 Duration: 20min

    God is looking for people to fully support, but often we don't give Him the chance to support us.

  • Object of Rejoicing - Audio

    27/01/2008 Duration: 32min

    When we become Christians we are adopted into God's family. However, many of us continue to see ourselves as less than God's sons and daughters.

  • Resolutions - Audio

    30/12/2007 Duration: 25min

    Jesus lived a perfect life, so He probably didn't need to make New Year's Resolutions. However, we don't live a perfect life and I wonder what Jesus would resolve if He were us.

  • Wonderful Counselor - Audio

    23/12/2007 Duration: 30min

    Jesus is amazing. The issue is that many of us are not amazed by Him anymore.

  • Jesus is the King - Audio

    16/12/2007 Duration: 29min

    Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that Jesus was born a King and that He came to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth.

  • Prince of Peace - Audio

    09/12/2007 Duration: 35min

    Jesus is described as the Prince of Peace however many of us do not experience that peace in our lives.

  • Walk in the Spirit - Audio

    02/12/2007 Duration: 39min

    The key to walking in holiness is the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.

  • Remember Your Future - Audio

    25/11/2007 Duration: 39min

    As we approach the End of History our world grows increasingly chaotic and we need to stand firm if we are to inherit eternal life.

  • A Thorn in Your Flesh? - Audio

    18/11/2007 Duration: 38min

    Many struggle with chronic conditions- physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually- and we wonder if God will ever make things right.

  • Sow Generously - Audio

    11/11/2007 Duration: 33min

    We reap what we sow and we reap HOW we sow. If sow generously to the Lord in all areas of our lives, we can expect to reap generously back from the Lord.

  • He Makes All Things New - Audio

    14/10/2007 Duration: 37min

    Paul says God makes us a new creation, but sometimes our lives don't feel very new.

  • How Free Do You Want to Be? - Audio

    30/09/2007 Duration: 36min

    The degree of freedom we experience in our lives is directly tied to how clearly we see the glory of God. The catch is, most of us are at least partially blind.

  • Who Smells? - Audio

    23/09/2007 Duration: 23min

    Everyone smells. We can try to cover it up, but we can't change the fact that we all smell. Our only choice is what we smell like- sweat, smoke, or Jesus...

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