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BluetifulFootprints Left from Kindness Leaders podcast. On this podcast, you will hear what many people respond when asked to finish this sentence, Life is bluetiful whenThe people we have chosen are diverse. Some are leaders in business. Some are parents. Some have gone through personal tragedy in their lives. Some have challenges. Some are just normal everyday people. The common bond is that they all have a beautiful way of describing how life is bluetiful for them, and they were all willing to share. We hope you enjoy this podcast and meeting people who can identify their bluetiful elements of their lifeoh, and we hope listening makes you consider what is bluetiful in your own life.


  • It's Not Easy Being John Wayne In a Danny Tanner World

    24/03/2018 Duration: 34min

    Host Allison Elkow Lazicky talks with Marla Brown, a mother of nine who has homeschooled her children through elementary and junior high. Marla talks about her conservative views and her homeschooling thoughts. She explains her thoughts on being John Wayne in a Danny Tanner world.

  • Could You Forgive the Man Convicted of Killing Your Child?

    17/03/2018 Duration: 46min

    You will not want to miss this show. Join our host, Allison Elkow Lazicky as she interviews Mary and Bob McCaw whose son, Billy was murdered in New Brunswick, NJ in 2014. As they share their emotional journey, they talk openly about how they came to a place that they were able to forgive the man convicted of murdering their son. They talk about their commitment to give, forgive and thanksgive every day in Billy's memory. This podcast speaks to the power of forgiveness, faith and the McCaw's message to Billy's friends that #lovealwayswins.

  • Meaningful Life Enrichment in Care Communities Using the Arts

    10/03/2018 Duration: 32min

    Join host Allison Elkow Lazicky as she talks with Kathryne "Kate" Fassbender about being a Certified Life Slips Facilitator and working with seniors living in care communities. Kate discusses how she spends her time looking at how, through the arts, we can inspire, promote and support those seeking healing, validation, and community. She and Allison discuss how art, music, and theatre are great ways to stimulate conversations when working with those with memory loss. If you work with or have family members with dementia, you will not want to miss this Bluetiful...Celebrating Kindness Leaders podcast.

  • Getting to "Bluetiful" After Loss

    03/03/2018 Duration: 35min

    Join Allison as she chats with Chris MacLellan, creatively nicknamed, The Bow Tie Guy discussing how the grieving process is different for​ every person. Chris shares about his journey, his views on the topic of grief and the importance of being able to share your story. The show ends with a different twist as Allison poses a challenging but fun question to Chris and the viewers.

  • Being a Kindness Leader When Your Child Is a Diabetic

    26/02/2018 Duration: 43min

    Listen, learn and enjoy as our show host, Allison Elkow-Lazicky talks with Kindness Leader, Tami Neumann about her son's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes at the age of twelve and the six-year​ journey of learning to manage the highs and lows. Tami talks candidly about how the Rules of Improv helped guide her through the tougher times of managing the overwhelming world of Diabetes. Allison then talks to Tami about being the COO of Silver Dawn Training and the Dementia Raw Method.

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