Tinhorn's Daughter

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Sunset Maloney is about to find big trouble in the Big Sky country of Montana. He’s riding into the middle of a ruthless land grab, and his fight for what’s right takes an unexpected turn ... in the face of a young, attractive woman.
Slim Trotwood is a cruel, greedy tinhorn—a gambler with little money and less skill—who’s determined to take possession of all the land in Puma Pass, whether by fraud or by force. And Sunset’s the only man willing to take him on. Faster than greased lightning with his six-gun, nothing can stop him from taking Trotwood down ... until he meets Tinhorn’s Daughter.
Just arrived from Boston, she’s as naïve as she is beautiful, and Sunset falls hard for her. But if he can’t make her see what kind of man her father really is, he may fall even harder. Because if he loses this fight, Sunset may never see the sunrise again.
Also includes the Western adventure “When Gilhooly Was in Flower,” in which there’s romance on the range, as an unlikely cowpuncher mixes lassos with literature to find love in Gunpowder Gulch.
Follow a trail of greed, gun smoke, and romance as the audio version of Tinhorn’s Daughter takes you to the wild heart of the Wild West.


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