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Randy Charach is undoubtedly among America’s top Mind menders, renowned as a results-only Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. Randy’s abilities are in demand for both TV work (entertainment) in addition to his world famous clinical work.

He is a certified trainer in the D.I.S.C. Personality Profiling system and author of over 20 books and audio programs. In America his “one on one” expenses begin at $5200. His products are continuously in demand. His famed self hypnosis workshops, clinics and audio effectively solve problems, in all areas of his clients business and personal lives, all over the globe.

Stay on Randy’s established program for thirty days, and you too can have Control over your attitude to your distinct problem – GUARANTEED!

Randy Charach has helped many famous people with his Mind Power Programs!

Those who “Rave about Randy” Include: John Travolta, Sean Penn, Tony Curtis, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Xerox, IBM And many more………

Read what Randy has to say about his Mind Power programs:
If you’re like some of my the Clients I have worked with, their first response is, “But I can’t be hypnotized”. My response is, “Oh yes you can!”. My methods work, and I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. here’s how it works:
Pick the “problem area” you want to break free from…it could be smoking, weight loss, allergies, stress, or any number of the other problems I’ve created Self Hypnosis programs for. Just pick the one(s) that interest you the most – and give them the ultimate test… USE THEM!
If after listening to any of my cd programs for 30 days, you feel that self hypnosis has not worked for you, then your authorised dealer (Ace Hypnosis) will refund your purchase price upon receipt of the returned …and you can consider yourself Hypnotism Proof.
But honestly, I don’t think that’ll be your experience, instead, you’ll finally be able to break free from those long-formed habits that control your life every single day.
You see, I’ve been helping people change their lives through the positive power of self-hypnotism for years.
If there’s one thing I’ve discovered – it’s that the mind can be a very powerful thing – good or bad. There’s a saying that goes, “Think you can? Think you can’t? Either way, you’re right.
The mind has the power to keep you down – or help you get to the top. It all depends on how your mind is programmed to work. My Self Hypnotism audio programs will help train your brain to think like the winner you are!
So go ahead and get started.