The Complete Negotiator: The Definitive Audio Handbook From The Father Of Contemporary Negotiating [abridged]

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The definitive program on negotiating from the bestselling author of How to Read a Person Like a Book and The Art of Negotiating

Known as the father of contemporary negotiating, Gerard I. Nierenberg has taught top executives across the country how to come out of their business deals as winners. The Complete Negotiator features the same negotiation strategies that will help you to:

  • Create a climate of agreement to get the other person thinking yes
  • Anticipate your opponent's every move
  • Use 14 key negotiating strategies
  • Recognize and deflect your opposition's moves
  • Transform demands into problems requiring solutions
  • Create a lasting victory by also letting the other side gain

An essential and highly informative tool for anyone in any business, The Complete Negotiator will turn even the weakest dealmakers into great communicators.