All I Know Now: Wonderings And Reflections On Growing Up Gracefully

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The only thing bigger than Carrie Hope Fletcher’s hair is her heart. Eternally upbeat, this twenty-two-year-old dynamo has sung her way to fame, both as Éponine in the London cast of Les Mis, and on her wildly popular YouTube channel, It’s Way Past My Bedtime. But here’s her not-so-secret: This rising star was once a high school misfit.

Carrie’s youthful fans come to YouTube to hear her talk music, books, and whatever comes to mind! But when they write to her, they want advice most of all. In All I Know Now, Carrie tackles every tough topic, from how to apologize (“Don’t make excuses but do explain.”) to how to handle bullies (“Punch them in the face. Kidding! Kidding!”).

Carrie grew up just one step ahead of her teen and tween fans. She can remember her own awkward phase (all too well!), so she never lectures her audience; she confides in them. Thanks to Carrie’s personal touch, this generous guide to growing up is as one-of-a-kind as its author!


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