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  • WTYL Episode 31 Is Your Weight Holding Your Life Hostage?

    06/02/2020 Duration: 17min

    #cleanse #mindfulness #midlifewomen Welcome To Your Life! Midlife Made Easier Podcast has been selected by Feedspot.com as one of the top 30 Midlife Podcast on the Web. Thank you all for your support.  Don’t Forget To Subscribe    Join Me for the 21-Day Total Body Cleanse Starting February 9th- $5 of your investment in yourself will be donated to the Atlanta Mission Check out the great work of the Atlanta Mission How many of you have said, the moment I lose this weight, I will plan my dream vacation.  I am going to get some new sexy underwear.  I am going to get a new hair cut or get rid of this soul-sucking relationship.  “When I lose weight, I will get my teeth whitened.”  I was working with a woman who told me she was waiting to get her teeth whitened until she lost the weight. In today's show you will learn three tools that will help you to live your life now: 1. Stay Present:  You have to start loving where you are right now, stop warring with your body and learn t

  • WTYL Episode 30 You Want to Lose Weight? Cook More Meals at Home

    21/01/2020 Duration: 18min

    #midlifewomen #mealprep #feedspot #healthandwellness Welcome to Your Life! Midlife Made Easier Podcast has been selected by Feedspot.com as one of the top 30 Midlife Podcast on the Web. Thank you all for your support.  Don’t Forget to Subscribe Download Your free guide here Beating the Midlife Slump10 Strategies to Boost Your Self-Confidence, Self-Care, and Self-Love  Join the Welcome to your Life! Midlife Made Easier Facebook Group In today’s show, I am sharing with you guys how eating more meals at home could help you to lose weight and reach your wellness goals. You will learn: Why eating home is helpful especially at the start of your wellness journey How cooking meals at home will save you time, money, and calories My favorite recipe and food delivery options to help you ease into meal prepping and cooking at home. Wishing you love and peace, Renee --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://an

  • WTYL Episode 29 Five Tips on Finding a Gym You’ll Love and Use This Year!

    20/01/2020 Duration: 21min

    #workout #lifestylechange #midlifewomen #feedspot Welcome To Your Life! Midlife Made Easier Podcast has been selected by Feedspot.com as one of the top 30 Midlife Podcast on the Web.  Thank you all for your support. Download my free guide: The Courageous Woman’s Guide to Beating the Midlife Slump: Ten Strategies to help you Boost Your Self-Confidence, Self-Care, and Self-Love Join the Welcome to Your Life! Midlife Made Easier Facebook Group for additional love, training, and support In today’s episode, you will learn why starting an exercise routine is important for midlife women I am sharing five tips that will help you find a gym that you will love or at least one that you will visit as much in July as you will in January: You’ll learn: Why choosing a gym close to home is important? Why your gym membership should fit into your budget Why you need to choose a gym that has activities you love Why an accountability partner can help you reach your wellness      goals. How

  • WTYL Episode 28 What is Prediabetes? Three Lifestyle Changes You Can Implement Now to Help You Fight Back!

    09/01/2020 Duration: 27min

    #prediabetes #lifestylechange #midlifewomen Join the Courageous Women's Network for additional love, training, and support In today’s episode, I want to break down for you precisely what is prediabetes and provide you with three pretty easy lifestyle changes you can make to protect yourself from a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. These are the same lifestyle changes I made to get healthier, and I still practice all three of them today. According to the CDC, 100 million people in the US are prediabetic or  Type 2 Diabetic.  “Diabetes could become the new epidemic of the 21st century. In today's show you will learn: The different types of Diabetes What is prediabetes? What blood tests your doctor will use to determine your status Three lifestyle changes that could prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 Diabetes Don't forget to share this episode with someone you love! Wishing you peace and love, Renee --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/ap

  • WTYL Episode 27 Stop Being A Midlife Wallflower! Four Ways to Face Your Fears Today

    23/12/2019 Duration: 22min

    #midlifewomen #midlifecrisis #genxwomen #subscribe I am starting a movement.  I am lending my voice to women in midlife just like me, who feel that society, their families, and their co-workers are trying to keep them silent.  In today's episode, I am sharing with you four ways to face your fears so that you can live the life you deserve.   For many of us, aging has caused us to retreat safely into the background of our lives.  We have become midlife wallflowers who still dream of accomplishing big things in our lives but are afraid that what we have to say will not matter to anyone except us. That stops now!  Being fearless is not about the absence of fear. Being courageous is facing the things in life that scare you, despite the sweaty palms and racing heartbeat. Being fearless is realizing that what you want is more important than any fear you have of achieving it.  But being fearless does not need to involve life or death situations. Fearless is falling in love again aft

  • WTYL Episode 26 5 Strategies to Survive the Holiday Parties and Stick with Your Wellness Goals.

    15/11/2019 Duration: 26min

    Episode 26 of the Welcome to Your Life Podcast: Podcast Anchor: Subscribe -Support-Message #holidaywellness #midlifewomen #fitbabyboomer #genxwomen #healthylifestyle #veganwomen Can you believe it, the holiday season is upon us, and for some us this can be the most stressful time of the year as we try to navigate the office parties and family gatherings while trying to get stick with your wellness plan. It can be especially daunting in midlife, because the weight just does not come off as quickly as it used too, believe me I know,  so it’s crucial to stick with our wellness plans so that we don’t have to keep starting over, which can play havoc on us both physically and mentally. In today’s show I am going to give you five strategies that you can use have fun this holiday season without stressing over what you’re going to eat. Now, whether you decide to use one or all five, I promise you won’t regret it. These tips can help you stick to your wellness goals throughout the year. Wellness is a lifestyle, no

  • WTYL Episode 25 What Are the Dangers of Being Skinny-Fat and Three Strategies to Get Healthier?

    04/11/2019 Duration: 24min

    #skinnyfat #wtyl #fitbabyboomer #midlifewomen Welcome To Your Life Podcast: Podcast Anchor: Subscribe -Support-Message What Are the Dangers of Being Skinny-Fat and Three Strategies to Get Healthier? Hello my friends, welcome to Episode 25 of the Welcome to Your Life Podcast. WTYL is a podcast for midlife women who want to re-energize their wellness goals and learn how to create a work/life balance without losing their minds. I am your host Certified Health Coach Renee Reid, and I am on a mission to reduce the number of women who die each year from heart disease and diabetes. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t done so already and share this episode with someone you love. Ladies, if you are looking for a safe space and a group of women to love, support you and give you a little kick in the pants when you need it, consider joining our Free Facebook Group, The Courageous Women’s Network, in this group you will have access to  additional training, informative Q/A sessions, and a sisterhoo

  • WTYL Episode 24 Why Millennials Have Said No To Church A Conversation with Poet/Essayist Matthew L. Thompson MFA

    03/11/2019 Duration: 01h12min

    #millennialsandchurch #babyboomers #wtyl #womenandfaith hy Millennials Have Said No To Church?  A Conversation with Poet/Essayist Matthew L. Thompson MFA  In today’s episode, my son Matt and I are back with another edition of Generation Gap. Can a Baby Boomer and Millennial agree on anything? Today we are tackling the question many baby boomer parents are asking, why have Millennials stopped going to church? What can a parent do to get them back in the pews. We’d love to hear from you, if you have a topic you’d like us to tackle on a future episode, email us at info@reneereid.net But, research has shown that it is not just Christian parents  of millennials, Max Wiseman, a self-proclaimed nontraditional Jew writes “ I don’t go to synagogue. This isn’t because of a millennial rejection of my “parent’s Judaism” but my generation’s longing to create and customize. While older generations feel comfortable in the wheelhouse of tradition, my generation wants to reinvent it. My parents and their synagogue friends lov

  • Episode 23 Are Parenting Pushing Their Kids too Hard too Excel in Sports and Academics? A Conversation with writer Matthew L. Thompson MFA

    28/07/2019 Duration: 01h14min

    Just play, have fun, enjoy the game- Michael Jordan  Today’s show is a special edition of Welcome to Your Life, I am calling it Generation Gap. Can a baby boomer and millennial agree on anything? In this episode, my son Matt a former scholar athlete talk about how parents can support their kids while they journey this sometimes overwhelming road of mixing life with the business of sports and academics.  Matt is a writer & filmmaker from Cleveland, Ohio now living in Brooklyn, New York. Poems, essays, and his mama's church plays brought him to writing. Also, he can't discount the time he spent riffing jokes in high school math classes. Born out of Midwest existential worlds his work thinks through sanity, sex, religion, music, nostalgia. Matthew is a graduate of The New School’s writing program. You can find his things in The Seventh Wave, Racebaitr, NBCC blog, Brooklyn Magazine, Juked Poetry, and elsewhere. Matthew has performed and shown his film work across the U.S. and internationally includi

  • Episode 22 Four Strategies to Move Pass Fear and Into Your Purpose

    16/07/2019 Duration: 30min

     Grab your journal, On today’s show, I am giving you four strategies that you can use today, to move through your fears and get what you want. Fear will always be with you, once you understand that and use the proper coping strategies you can move through it and not stay stuck in it.    These four strategies include: acknowledging your fear, saying your fear out loud, giving yourself a time limit to make your decisions, and asking for help.  Your don't have to do them in order, but you do have to get started.  Choose one and get started today!  Sometimes,  we don’t move because we tell ourselves that we don’t have a choice. If you are a woman between 40-60  Midlife. You can get stuck in the way things are,  you tell yourself that you don't want anyone to know your business but the truth is you are afraid to move. Once you realize that you have a choice. Then the option to move forward falls squarely on your shoulders.  You have a choice, so will you stay

  • WTYL Episode 21 Dreams Do Come True If You Don't Give Up: A Conversation with author Andrea L. Ellis

    08/05/2019 Duration: 52min

       Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting. Joyce Meyer    On today’s show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Ellis,  Andrea is  the author of Business Left Unfinished, The Final Winner.    it is available on Amazon and trust me you are going to love it. Andrea is a 50 year old mother of two lovely daughters. She’s been  married for 21 years to her wonderful husband.  She is an  administrative assistant for surgical oncology at the University of Cincinnati.  She likes to do crafts, read, bake,  and drink wine.    Andrea had a dream to write a book, it took her 19 years through working a full time job, raising two girls, and being a loving wife to get it done and published but she did it.  Her story proves that dreams can come true with hard work, determination, and faith.  In today’s episode, she tells us how she found the time to complete her dream. She gives us a hint on her upcoming project and tells us all how we have the power to add a little peace in the world.

  • WTYL Episode 20 Taking Your Power Back: Creating Your Own Forgiveness Ceremony

    21/04/2019 Duration: 13min

      You deserve to be happy. But,  that cannot happen until you take your power back and forgiveness allows you to do just that.  Forgiving someone doesn't mean that you have to like them, invite them for a coffee, or even speak to them ever again.  Forgiveness is your way of telling them that you are ready to put the incident behind you and move on with you life.  In this episode, I teach you how to create your own forgiveness ceremony.  This ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as you like, the important thing as I've said before is that you feel safe and supported.   When I think of how something so simple could help women break free -I am so grateful to be able to offer this gift to you. As a coach, No matter how often I guide someone through this ceremony, I am just blown away watching women take their power back. Now this is not some magical thing that washes away all the anger and trauma you feel around the incident. But, it is a first step a beginning toward wholeness.  Don't forget to download your f

  • WTYL Episode 19 Kinship vs Foster Care Which one is better for the children? A Conversation with Lisa Cutner MSSA

    28/03/2019 Duration: 01h01min

        According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012, there were 2.7 million grandparents who had the primary responsibility for caring for their grandchildren who lived with them.    There is a crisis in this country and its not the children trying to get in through border.  It is the children left behind when their natural parents are no longer able to care to them.  This could be due to drug and alcohol use, poverty, or mental illness.  What is the best solution for these children?  Are you prepared to take care of children in your family if there parents are unable too? If you decide to take on this responsibility what support can you expect from the city or state child welfare organizations?  what is kinship care and is better for the children than being placed in a foster home? Today's guest answers that question and much more,  our guest today is Lisa Stevens- Cutner.     Lisa Stevens-Cutner has 31 years’ experience in Child Welfare at the Cuyahoga County Ohio Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS

  • WTYL Episode 18 Can This Relationship Be Saved? Letting Go Of Emotional Baggage

    18/02/2019 Duration: 36min

      Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it” Tori Amos     Today is Relationship Monday , a  heavy topic to be attacking at the beginning of the week, but I think you can handle it.    We are doing a deep dive into Part 2 of our Can This Relationship Be Saved Series- Today we are talking about emotional baggage, and how it can ruin your life and your new relationships. Don’t think just romantic, think friendship, family, co-workers, church members, emotional baggage left unchecked can permeate every area of your life and leave you feeling empty and alone.  Breathe! I am going to give you three tips you can use to  unpack and unload this burden.    Have you stopped speaking to your parents or siblings because of something they did to you? I want you to know that you are worthy of being happy. You are worthy of having stable relationships in your life. You are worthy of being loved. You are worthy of having a great career and doing something every day that you lo

  • WTYL Episode 17 Episode Using Prayer To Recover Your Joy-

    17/02/2019 Duration: 48min

      "Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are” Marianne Williamson      How would you like to learn how to use your spiritual weapons to recover your joy and live your life in peace?  The world can be scary and unfulfilling place, dealing with all the chaos that surrounds us can zap  the joy right out of our lives.  We spend so much time focusing on the problem that we forget we serve a God who has all the answers.  It is time that we begin to trust the Lord, especially if we want to live the life we deserve.  Proverbs 3:5 reads, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding".   We don't have to suffer in silence or carry the full burden of our problems alone.       But, why is joy so important you might be asking yourself, why can’t I just mine my own business and let other people do the same?  Because your lack of joy affects others and your ability to be a witness to God's love.  Praying is your first line of defense against the enemy and ag

  • WTYL Episode 16 How Do Your Values Shape Your Beliefs?

    07/02/2019 Duration: 37min

      “Open Your Arms to Change But Don’t Let Go Of Your Values” Unknown Have you ever thought about your values?  Those things that you hold to be true and important.  Our values help to shape the way we see the world and what we are able to achieve.  Many of us are living on a rote value system that stopped working years ago.   In this episode, I am asking you six questions to help you discover or rediscover the values that create your emotional, financial, physical, or spiritual foundation.  We use our values every day to make decisions whether we realize it or not, and if we are not careful we may be using an outdated value system that no longer serves us. Eliminating un-serving values will allow you to replace them with new values that will open the door to the endless possibilities that are available to you.   This simple test we are taking today is by no means the end of the line, this is just to wet your appetite and open the doors to introspective communication.  Think of this as a chance to discover you

  • WTYL Episode 15 Saying Yes To Self- 3 Ways to Implement Guiltless Self-Care

    02/02/2019 Duration: 29min

      “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball In our last episode, we heard from Dr. Erica Gamble who spoke about  how the sandwich generation is growing.  This is the generation of women who are now taking care of underage children and their parents. I applaud you, as you have stepped up to the challenge with grace and dignity. But, are you tired? Are you burned out? Each day, are you staring at an endless to do list that leaves you feeling sad and anxious? Let’s face it, we are inundated with work, people, errands, kids activities, caregiving tasks that eat away at our time and zap our energy. Have you every wondered where do I fit in? When do I get to focus on me? When was the last time you got your hair done, or sat for a manicure without checking your phone? Hey, I have been there, and it is not easy taking care of your little part of world, juggling so many balls at once, something will fall through the crac

  • #14 Protecting your job, caring for family, honoring self care: A conversation with Dr. Erica Gamble

    29/01/2019 Duration: 01h23min

      Care Giving is a Constant Learning Experience: Vivian Frazier According to the Pew Research Center, just over one of every eight Americans aged 40 to 60 is both raising a child and caring for a parent, in addition to between seven and ten million adults caring for their aging parents from a long distance. US Census Bureau statistics indicate that the number of older Americans aged 65 or older will double by the year 2030, to over 70 million.  Today’s guest is Dr. Erica Gamble a 15 year veteran in the field of Human Resources-in this episode, Dr. Gamble provides us with  some field tested tools and tips to safeguard our employment while caring for a sick child or other relative. If you or someone you know is responsible for the day to day care of a relative who has a psychiatric diagnosis or physical disability today’s episode will be a  life changer!     Dr. Erica Gamble is a Human Resources Professional by discipline. She is a Human Capital Consultant who specializes in Human Resources issues and in manage

  • WTYL Episode 13 From Christianity to Buddhism, A Conversation with Sensei Alex Kakuyo

    19/01/2019 Duration: 01h05min

      Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. Helen Keller    How does one make the decision to transition from one faith to another? How does that decision impact the way you live your life? How does it impact your relationships with family and friends, especially those who may not agree with your chosen path? In today’s episode I have the pleasure of interviewing my son Alex, who talks about his seven year journey into Buddhism. His decision to seek something different to end the suffering he felt and how his Buddhist training has given him the impetus to work with other faith leaders to make a difference in the world. Sensei Alex Kakuyo is an author, activist, and Buddhist teacher in the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism.  He teaches a nonsectarian approach to the Dharma, which encourages students to seek enlightenment in everyday life. You can read more of his work by visiting his blog, The Same Old Zen, or following him on Twitter: @sameoldzen       Free Gift Ps

  • 12Thriving While Working with Family in a Male Dominated Field: A Conversation with Paulette Goodman

    16/12/2018 Duration: 38min

    Paulette is a wife, mother, grandmother and business owner. In this interview, she explains the importance of building relationships in business, how to work with your husband, and overcome obstacles. Paulette has 16 years experience working Business owner, Manager and Medical administration. While she loved working with young adults, she is now focused on problem solving and creating new ways of expanding their brand and acquiring new business. Her company, D&L Operations provides delivery services for different Courier companies. The company has been in business for 3 years with over 20 + years of delivery and customer service experience. Our company has experienced installation of appliance and furniture assembly. We have experience in residential delivery as well as commercial delivery. Our services very according to the needs of the companies we service. Paulette is available for private of group consultations. You can reach Paulette at dloperationspg@gmail.com or dloperations15@gmail.com . Don't fo

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