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Our comedy podcast is like My Brother, My Brother and Me or Dear Hank and John. Join in every Monday for a new episode of advice where Stephen, Anthony, and Kyle answer questions from fans or queries from the internet. Ask us a question by emailing hyperbrolepodcast@gmail.com or Tweet @hyperbrolepod. Support us through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hyperbrole_podcastCheck out more info at https://hyperbrolepodcast.com


  • Ep 239: Chris K. Daniels, Jenny Whipple, Sam Caswell from the Better Off Better Podcast

    14/04/2021 Duration: 01h25min

    This week, Chris K Daniels, Jenny Whipple, and Sam Caswell join me (Stephen) to plunge into self-help.   The trio talks about their own competitive self-help podcast Better Off Better, we reminisce on the glorious episode that I was on, and then dive belly first into some advice, including deciphering a quote from a robot, discussing whether or not a guest should do the host's chores, and so much more.   Don't forget to subscribe & leave a rating/comment!   Send your questions: acomedyadvicepodcast@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast https://acomedyadvicepodcast.com/ SUBSCRIBE to Better Off Better! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-xKXvRcm5rKYjHzPw4Myg Follow BoB on Instagram: https://instagram.com/betteroffbetter Follow BoB on Twitter: https://Twitter.com/BetterOffBettr Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betteroffbetter Find all our streaming links here: https://cinemonic.com/bob Read along with the Cinemonic Articles every week:

  • Ep 238: Lisa Lampanelli (Comedy Central Roasts, FX's Hysterical)

    08/04/2021 Duration: 52min

    Former Queen of Mean and standup comedian Lisa Lampanelli was a constant in the comedy scene for 30 years. From nationally touring, to receiving two grammy nominations, to roasting some of the biggest celebrities like Chevy Chase, Pamela Anderson, and Donald Trump, Lisa was at the peak of her career when she decided to retire from standup and insult comedy in 2018. Recently pivoting from life coaching, Lisa is now delighting audiences with her show Sit Down & Shut Up, which is a mix of storytelling, advice, and a surprise! Lisa joins Stephen to talk about:   -the importance of learning when to move on and how to do it gracefully -learning to notice feelings and understand where they come from -the art of roasting & insult comedy   -and so much more!     Then the two prance into some advice by helping a couple decide what paintings should occupy their edifice, provide tips for what to do when your girlfriend wants to "cemetery bang", and more.    Don't forget to

  • Ep 237: Tehran Von Ghasri

    05/04/2021 Duration: 49min

    Tehran Von Ghasri is an Iranian-American international comedian that has toured with Maz Jobrani and frequently appears on the podcast Back to School with Maz Jobrani. Tehran is also an actor, host, television and radio personality, and entertainer of African-American and Persian descent.  Tehran stops by to talk to Stephen about: -How Tehran embraced his name and dealt with others pronouncing it improperly or changing it -How Tehran did comedy in LA while finishing his law degree in Washington DC -The value of education and why everyone who has the opportunity should pursue it -Will Smith Then the two twinkle-toe into some advice and tips, including deciphering a quote from a robot, how to explain international call charges to your mom, and so much more.  Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Come see the ACAP LIVE SHOW 4/10 (in person or streaming!): https://withribbon.com/Hyperbrole-LLC/Live-Podcast-%26-Comedy-Showcase/79500 Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvic

  • Ep 236: Phil Tag (Writer for Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central, Showtime)

    02/04/2021 Duration: 01h06min

    Phil Tag is a comedian, actor, writer, and podcaster. Phil has appeared on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Showtime, Comedy Central, sold and rewritten screenplays for 20th Century Fox & WB and has written for SNL. He is also a co-host of The Adam Ferrara Podcast and best friends with Adam Ferrara. Phil drops by to talk to Stephen about: -how Phil started doing open mics and formed a bond with Larry the Cable Guy, Darrell Hammond, Jim Brewer and more -how Phil met and became friends with, and shared the stage with Richard Jeni -the advice Phil got from Brian Regan on testing new material without losing the audience expecting “the hits” -Phil's first time when performing for people went wrong (doing magic) Then Phil and Stephen butterfly kick into some self-help, including interpreting a quote from a robot, tips for a doting dishwasher to enamor a waitress, how to expand your palate, and so much more. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Come see the ACAP LIVE SHOW 4/10 (in person or streaming!

  • Ep 235: Andrew Rivers (Drybar Comedy, Buzzfeed)

    30/03/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    Andrew Rivers is a nationally touring comedian featured in the popular “Truth or Drink” webseries from Buzzfeed and his DryBar Comedy Special has over 15 million views on facebook. During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 he wrote and released a 25 minute pandemic special of just covid jokes that hit 100k views on youtube in 2 months. Andrew is also the cohost of the podcast Home Skool alongside cohost Cory Michaelis.    Andrew Zooms in to speak with Stephen about: -The genius ways he’s been able to test out material during the pandemic in lieu of open mics, including his podcast Home Skool and podcasts, radio shows -His pandemic special on YouTube that’s gained over 100,000 views -We talk about Andrew’s brief flame with the new Bachelorette Katie   Then the two frolic into some self-help, including deciphering an inspirational quote from a robot, tips for removing t-shirt stains, how to recover a lost wedding ring, and so much more.    Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review!

  • Ep 234: Michael Yo (America's Got Talent, Joe Rogan Experience, Morning Yo Podcast)

    25/03/2021 Duration: 38min

    A 2-time Emmy nominee, Michael Yo is a comedian, actor, former radio & talk show host, podcaster, and loving husband & father. Michael was most recently seen on America's Got Talent and has been a guest three times on the Joe Rogan Experience. Michael co-hosted The Insider on CBS, currently hosts Yo Show on Facebook Live (or wherever you listen to podcasts). Michael also appeared regularly on the comedy panel of Chelsea Lately, as a guest host for The Talk on CBS, and as pop culture commentator on Showbiz Tonight. Michael joins Stephen to talk about: -Michael’s mission to spread positivity in the morning with the Morning Yo podcast -The material Michael Yo is working on for his new special and his "three heightened moments" method for building material -Michael's near death experience from COVID and the beauty that can come from reflecting on, examining, and talking about past traumatic events Then the two gracefully tango into some self-help, including deciphering a quote from a robot, what to d

  • Ep 233: Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    23/03/2021 Duration: 43min

    Colin Mochrie is an international comedy icon known for for his appearances on the British and US versions of the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? alongside Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Aisha Tyler, and many others. Colin has also appeared in dozens of television series and films, as well as theatrical shows.    Colin stops by to talk to Stephen about:   -what things were like for Colin pre-COVID, including Hiprov, touring, and filming a movie in Utah -Hiprov - where Colin Mochrie does improv with audience members that master hypnotist Asad Mecci has put under -Applying Improv & “yes, and” to real life and how it took Colin & his wife to the Congo -How episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway were created, challenges with producers understanding it’s made up on the spot, & censorship -and so much more!   Then the duo self-help the helpless, from interpreting quotes from robots, to tips for not having a baby face, to so much more.    Don't forget to subscribe & leave a

  • Ep 232: Sidney Smith Comedian and Host of NTD & Murderess Podcast

    21/03/2021 Duration: 01h08min

    Comedian and podcast host Sidney Smith is crushing it! He comes back on the pod to talk to Stephen about: -The steps Sidney takes when it comes to marketing his shows -His new true crime podcast, Murderess that focuses on female murderers -His show three for three that pits two teams of comics against each other to create comedy from random topics and so much more! Then Sidney & Stephen put their advice caps on and decipher a quote from Inspirobot, how to unsub from an OnlyFans account, how to deal with annoying telephone rings, and so much more.  Please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen! Send a question: acomedyadvicepodcast@gmail.com Follow ACAP on IG: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast/ Follow Sidney! https://www.sidneysmithcre8tiv.com/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/sidneysmithcre8tiv/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SidneySmithCre8tiv/ Watch to Now That's Debatable: https://www.sidneysmithcre8tiv.com/podcast Listen to Murderess: https://

  • Ep 231: Burlesque Queen Angie Pontani (Miss Exotic World, The Today Show, Conan)

    19/03/2021 Duration: 45min

    Angie Pontani is one of the top burlesque performers in the world and a pioneer of the modern burlesque movement.  Angie was crowned as Miss Exotic World in 2008 at the Miss Exotic World Pageant and has had multiple appearances on Conan, Good Morning America, The Today Show, seen on Gossip Girl, and more.  She was one third of the burlesque trio "The Pontani Sisters" and was frequently seen performing in Vegas with her husband Brian Newman and Lady Gaga. Angie stops by to talk to Stephen about:  -How Angie got into burlesque and how she became a pioneer of the modern burlesque movement -The many details that came with being a burlesque trailblazer, including making her own costumes -How the famous burlesque trio The Pontani Sisters came to be -The unconventional venues that Angie would perform at when touring across the country -Her multiple appearances on Conan and how the first time didn’t work out -Angie and (her husband) Brian’s afterparty show in Las Vegas with Lady Gaga that got her on a

  • Ep 230: Ricardo Leon from the One, Two, Three, Jokes! Podcast Part II

    18/03/2021 Duration: 41min

    Ricardo Leon is a comedian and cohost of the One, Two, Three, Jokes! Podcast.  Ricardo joins Stephen to talk about his new podcast "Let's Talk About Ex", then the two gallop into the meadows of fan submitted questions, including tips for incessant swearers, sugar mama management, and more. So much more.  Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Send questions: acomedyadvicepodcast@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast Follow Ricardo: https://www.instagram.com/ricstar_/ Listen to One, Two, Three, Jokes! https://onetwothreejokes.podbean.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hyperbrole-podcast/message

  • Ep 229: Steven Briggs (TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV)

    15/03/2021 Duration: 01h15min

    Steven is an LA based comedian, writer & actor. In addition to his international touring schedule for Stand-up, he regularly shoots sketch comedy for his YouTube channel, which has grown exponentially in the recent years, with videos grossing over 100k views.    Steven has done 5 tours performing for the US troops in the Middle East and has also recently been featured on TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV on the CW and is slated to appear on a new Netflix show this year. His album, Whiskey Dick, can be found on iTunes.    Send questions: acomedyadvicepodcast@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast   Follow Steven! https://www.instagram.com/stevenbriggscomedy/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM2PPR3kWsiDR4zt8SiKjsw   See Steven LIVE at Jokers Comedy Club in Richland Washington March 26th - 27th.   Follow Rose! https://www.instagram.com/rosegetfit/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hyperbrole-podcast

  • Ep 228: Jennifer Giralo from Bish, Don't: The Podcast, Wedding Party

    13/03/2021 Duration: 01h23min

    Jen Giralo is has performed improv for over 10 years and has performed at the Laugh Riot Improv Festival, Denver Improv Festival and MORE. Jen is half of Improv Duo Wedding Party and cohost of “Bish, Don’t: The Podcast”.  Jen stops by to talk to Stephen about: -why Jen changed her hair -Jen’s TikTok video that went viral and caused her to delete her account -Jen’s journey to improv & comedy -Different types of shortform vs longform improv -how doing standup, voice over, and podcasting have all been able to build skills that overlap with each other Then the two trot into self-help, including deciphering robot quotes, party etiquette for when you know no one, interpreting black stallion dreams, and so much more. Subscribe & leave a review! Follow me on IG for hilarious clips: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast Follow Jen! On IG: https://www.instagram.com/jennifer_giralo/ Listen to Bish, Don't: The Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/5AHNTjFiNSiZzE6SbgEqcE Building Bridges Impr

  • Ep 227: Anthony Rodia

    10/03/2021 Duration: 01h03min

    Anthony Rodia is a comedy phenomenon. From his viral videos with Uncle Vinny & Aunt Lucia, to selling out theatres across the country, Anthony Rodia has earned his title King of Off the Boat Comedy with only two years in the business.   Anthony stops by to talk to Stephen about  -The importance of setting mini goals in order to acheive larger ones -How Deadpool 2 had an amazing impact on Anthony -How Anthony quit his day job in the most satisfying way -And so much more   Then the two dive into some self-help, including deciphering a quote created by a robot, dealing with annoying sounds people make, screen time for kids, and more.    Don't forget to subsribe and leave a review wherever you watch/listen! Send your questions to acomedyadvicepodcast@gmail.com Follow for more funny clips on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast/   Follow Anthony: https://www.rodiacomedy.com/   See Anthony Perform Live at the Tempe Improv this weekend: https://w

  • Ep 226: Zac Allen (Kill Tony)

    05/03/2021 Duration: 43min

    Zac Allen is a Montana native that has taken the Phoenix comedy scene by haboob. He has performed at the top venues in the valley and was most recently seen on Kill Tony. Zac hits the Zoom with Stephen to talk about what it's like to harness your goofiness, both in comedy and in life. Then the two tall boys saunter into some self-help, including deciphering a quote from a robot, driving tips, and the proper way to punish a shoplifting sibling.  Subscribe and leave a review wherever you're listening! Follow for more hilarity on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast Follow Zac: https://www.instagram.com/zacfrommontana/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hyperbrole-podcast/message

  • Ep 225: Noey Gnome from the "Noey Knows Nothing" Podcast

    02/03/2021 Duration: 55min

    Noey Gnome is a comedian, writer, blogger, and host of the "Noey Knows Nothing" Podcast. Noey stops by to talk to talk about: -Noey’s background in radio, blogs, and how she ended up getting into podcasting. -Season 2 of Noey Knows Nothing with her new co-host and comedian Eric Bernal. -How daily gratitude can improve your life. Then the two get into some self-help, including deciphering a quote from a robot, whether or not a guy should tell his gf about roaches, dealing with a micropenis, and so much more.  Follow me on IG for hilarious clips: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast/ Subscribe, leave a review and tell your friends! Follow Noey! https://linktr.ee/noeygnome Listen/Watch "Noey Knows Nothing" wherever you get your podcasts! https://linktr.ee/noeygnome --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hyperbrole-podcast/message

  • Ep 224: Erik Griffin (Comedy Central's Workaholics, Riffin with Griffin)

    25/02/2021 Duration: 51min

    Erik Griffin is an actor (Comedy Central's Workaholics, Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here), comedian (Comedy Central Presents, The Ugly Truth & AmErikan Warrior on ShowTime), host of the Riffin with Griffin podcast, and Twitch Gamer.  Erik stops by to talk to Stephen about: We Talk About: -How Erik’s feeling the eve before the first time he will be performing standup in about a year (at Standup Live in Phoenix!) -How Erik’s podcast Riffin with Griffin is evolving through solo episodes to gain more audience loyalty -The new WORKAHOLICS movie coming out on Paramount+ -Erik’s advice for people looking to be a comic (or anyone afraid of failure) Then the duo delves into self-help, including deciphering a quote from a robot, helping correct a RBF, and how to eat a vegan diet while cohabitating with carnivores. Follow A Comedy Advice Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast/ See Erik perform in Phoenix at Standup Live: https://phoenix.standuplive.com/events/43249 Follow Erik: https://bio.fm/

  • Ep 223: Jackie Tohn from Netflix's Best Leftovers Ever! and GLOW

    22/02/2021 Duration: 55min

    Jackie Tohn is a comedian, singer, and actor known for staring in Netflix's GLOW and hosting a NEW cooking show Best Leftovers Ever! Jackie stops by to talk with Stephen about her experience hosting and judging on season 1 of Netflix's new cooking show Best Leftovers Ever! (especially as someone that's not a professional chef) and how as a descendent of Halocaust survivors Jackie learned to really appreciate leftovers. They also chat about the sudden cancellation of the Netflix series GLOW, the brilliant ways the writers infused real life and talents from Jackie and other cast members in multiple scenes, Jackie's appearance on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, her new show debuting on Amazon Do, Re & Me with co-producer Kristen Bell, and how Jackie's low patience is made up for with ambition, passion, and determination. Then the two dive into self-help and answer questions fans send in. Please subscribe & leave a review wherever you listen! Follow me on IG https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepo

  • Ep 222: Anthony A from The Dana Cortez Show

    18/02/2021 Duration: 54min

    Anthony A is a stand-up comedian and host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Dana Cortez Show alongside Dana Cortez & DJ Automatic.    Stephen joins Anthony in the studio at the radio station to talk about: -Anthony’s crazy journey to getting on radio -The things Anthony tried to do after his football dreams died, including rapping and spoken word poetry -What it was like doing comedy in Albuquerque without comedy clubs and what Anthony   -The time Anthony’s mom thought he was gay by the way he told her he was about to bomb on stage -and so much more   They then take the offense on some self-help, including deciphering a quote from a robot, how to appreciate beautiful things, how to stop having nightmares, and so much more.    Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Follow me https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast   Follow Anthony: https://www.instagram.com/anthonya400/ Listen to Anthony A Monday thru Friday on the nationally syndicated @DanaCortezshow See Anthony perform 3/2

  • Ep 221: Liz Priestley from Netflix's Concrete Cowboys

    18/02/2021 Duration: 01h26min

    Liz Priestley is an accomplished actor that has appeared in commercials, TV shows, and recently made her movie debut in Concrete Cowboys (coming soon to Netflix!) alongside Caleb McLaughlin and Idris Elba. Liz joins Stephen via Zoom to discuss -how Liz got into acting -Liz's experience filming a commercial in a city you'd never guess to look like she was in New York -Liz's role in Marvel's Jessica Jones (that got cut short for time!) -The intense method prep Liz took to land her role of Idris Elba's wife in Concrete Cowboys (coming to Netflix this Spring!) Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Follow me https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast Follow Liz! https://www.facebook.com/janine.pri.5 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hyperbrole-podcast/message

  • Ep 220: Zane Helberg

    15/02/2021 Duration: 01h07min

    Zane Helberg is a hilarious, astute, and sober stand-up comedian. Zane stops by to talk to Stephen about his sobriety, his pivot to stand-up, and how he found the path towards entertaining recovering addicts in rehab. Then they blaze a trail of self-help, from deciphering quotes from robots, help a guy communicate with his grandma, and so much more.  Please subscribe and leave a review wherever you listen! Follow https://www.instagram.com/acomedyadvicepodcast for funny clips, outtakes, and more! Follow Zane: https://www.zanehelberg.com/ DM him on IG: https://www.instagram.com/zanehelberg/?hl=en Buy Zane Merch: https://www.zanehelberg.com/shop --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hyperbrole-podcast/message

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