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This podcast is dedicated to the men and women who have served and sacrificed for this nation in our military or as first responders. These are their stories & we honor them and their fallen brothers & sisters by never forgetting those who make us safe and free. "The nation which forgets it's defenders will be itself be forgotten". C. Coolidge


  • #11 Jason Schultz

    #11 Jason Schultz

    05/06/2017 Duration: 01h30min

    Jason Schultz is an Army guy that has had a pretty interesting career & we have a great time talking military, surfing & life. Enjoy

  • #10 Memorial Day is about Remembering

    #10 Memorial Day is about Remembering

    29/05/2017 Duration: 15min

    This is just a reminder of what Memorial Day stands for. Freedom isn't Free. a Price was paid & we get the benefits of that.  Thank you for listening.    

  • #9 Mike Batton

    #9 Mike Batton

    22/05/2017 Duration: 01h41min

    Mike Batton is a guy who has lived an interesting life as a Marine. We had a great time hanging out together. Enjoy!

  • #8 Jessica Jenkins

    #8 Jessica Jenkins

    15/05/2017 Duration: 47min

    Jessica is a great example of those who serve our nation & feel the effects of war long after they are home. Her story is an important one. 

  • #7 History of Law Enforcement

    #7 History of Law Enforcement

    08/05/2017 Duration: 26min

    This episode comes from an article written from US Patriot Tactical. This is the history of our law enforcement. Dedicated to the men & woman who stand the line every day & night. 

  • #6 Fred Galvin

    #6 Fred Galvin

    01/05/2017 Duration: 02h14min

    Imagine joining the Marines immediately after high school & serving your country faithfully with an impeccable record. Then imagine all of that hard work, reputation & dignity being destroyed over false accusations of killing innocents on the battlefield. This is Major Fred Galvin & Fox Companies story. Look on our twitter @warriorPC & Instagram @Warriorclasspodcast feed for ways to help these guys become whole again. 

  • #5 Rob Dubois

    #5 Rob Dubois

    24/04/2017 Duration: 01h28min

    Rob Dubois is former NSA, Navy Seal & founder of Impact Actual. We had a great time talking about his life experiences & shot down a bunch of rabbit holes.

  • #4 Chuck Porter of SheepDogs Inc, Ranger Up  Solute to Service Radio

    #4 Chuck Porter of SheepDogs Inc, Ranger Up & Solute to Service Radio

    17/04/2017 Duration: 01h30min

    Chuck Porter is a former Marine, Law Enforcement Officer, Entrepreneur, & Radio Show Host of Salute To Service on 106.3 in Greenville, SC. Great guy with great stories. Check him out on Instagram @Sheepdogsinc & twitter @Sheepdogsinc

  • #3 John Reynold

    #3 John Reynold

    10/04/2017 Duration: 48min

    John Reynold is a WWII veteran who was taken as a POW very early into his service. His story & recollection of the events are amazing. 

  • #1 Warrior Class Introduction

    #1 Warrior Class Introduction

    07/04/2017 Duration: 11min

    This is the introduction to myself, and why I am doing this podcast. I love great stories & I want to hear the stories of those who have served in our military or as first responders in our nation. I find them really interesting & many times fascinating. I hope you find them as interesting as I do. Please subscribe & tell your friends. Thank you for listening.   

  • #2 Braddock Cunningham

    #2 Braddock Cunningham

    07/04/2017 Duration: 52min

    Braddock is a Marine who used his difficult childhood, sports & his military service to shape him as a man, friend, father, husband & business man. Thank you for listening.

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