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  • Hip Hop MANnerisms

    30/08/2016 Duration: 56min

    Your favorite pro-love/feminism hip hop anthem may not be as woman friendly as you thought!

  • Powered Up Episode 6

    25/08/2016 Duration: 01h03min

    Episode 6 of the 3rd season has brought us to this episode of Powered Up! Things aren't looking good for Ghost and Tommy, the RnF team invites you to listen to this booze-filled recap and enjoy the insightful/hilarious commentary on one of the most popular shows ever!

  • Powered Up Episode 6

    25/08/2016 Duration: 01h03min

    Episode 6 of Power and the RnF team brings you another episode of Powered Up. Enjoy the booze fueled commentary on one of the most popular shows on the's not looking good for Ghost or Tommy!

  • Dont Care? Dont Argue!

    23/08/2016 Duration: 01h08min

    Do you care about your relationship? Do you argue? Do you know you don't have to? ENJOY!!!

  • Powered Up ep. 5 recap

    17/08/2016 Duration: 01h07min

    The R&F chat about, what they all believe to be, the best episode of Power since the first season. Join us as we go over your favorite moments with hilarious commentary.

  • No Business Like Hoe Business

    15/08/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    Greazy recaps her latest dj gig, Janelle gives our economy some stellar advice, and ceeMAJOR is sober soooooo....ENJOY!!!

  • Powered Up ep.4 recap

    11/08/2016 Duration: 01h14min

    Power came..we recapped it! Holly is still alive and guess who is loving every moment *side eyes*

  • Denver Recap

    09/08/2016 Duration: 57min

    ceeMAJOR and Tee Greazy have returned from their family reunion trip! Listen as they share the details with Ms. Janelle.

  • Powered Up ep.2 recap

    31/07/2016 Duration: 01h12min

    A little late, but the RnF team comes with a recap of the first two episodes of power. Hope you enjoy the hilarious commentary before enjoying tonight's episode of power.

  • A-Parent-Ly

    26/07/2016 Duration: 01h14min

    The R&F discuss trends in parenting over the years and go in depth on, what seems to be, a popular trend with parenting today. ENJOY!

  • Stay At Home, Dad!

    19/07/2016 Duration: 59min

    After briefly recapping the weekend the R&F team discuss parenting styles and the evolution from generation to generation. ENJOY!

  • 027-Just Us

    12/07/2016 Duration: 01h49min

    If you believe all lives matter then eat a dick and unfollow us #GetOffended.

  • Color Izm

    05/07/2016 Duration: 57min

    The R&F tackle the topic of colorism and examine the many shades of its existence. Also an ending tribute to one of the greatest coaches in the history of athletics.

  • 025-Black Entertainment Television

    27/06/2016 Duration: 01h09min

    After a slight scene from Ms. Janelle the r&f team spoke their thoughts on the BET Awards. They recollected their favorite moments, worst moments, and more. Just in time...for after the show................#FuckYoRecapSikeNawWellGiveItToYallLater.........#Maybe

  • 024-Is It Gay?

    21/06/2016 Duration: 01h07min

    In light of recent/tragic events the R&F team look into the perpetual homophobia in the heterosexual male community.

  • 023-Formation

    14/06/2016 Duration: 01h45s

    From Beyonce to family! The R&F team discuss "King Bee" coming to MD and why family might not be over everything.

  • 022-M.N.S

    07/06/2016 Duration: 01h14min

    Is that time of the year! Listen as the R&F team gets you right for this upcoming cookout season.

  • 021-Booty Love

    02/06/2016 Duration: 57min

    What would you do to give pleasure? The R&F team discusses a rather interesting proposal.

  • 020-JUST SMILE

    28/05/2016 Duration: 54min

    Goldie and Ghost Black African Roast!

  • 019-Cyber Se....Bullying

    25/05/2016 Duration: 46min

    The R&F team discuss cyber bullying? Are the kids being soft? Are the parents being soft? Or is it a plot by Adolph Obama to trick Americans into focusing on one school issue so that he can continue to allow HGH and other hormones to be added to school lunch to increase the rate of teen pregnancy and create a higher demand for birth control so he can introduce drugs from his private pharmaceutical company? Listen and find out!

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