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  • The flood of seafood eco-labels, Thailand's revolution, and what's next in sustainability

    14/06/2019 Duration: 24min

    One night in Bangkok wasn't enough for Editor Rachel Mutter and Senior Reporter Lola Navarro. They dissect all the latest sustainable seafood news from this week's Seafood Summit, and explore what's next for the sustainable seafood movement.

  • Pollock player's plans, footing the sustainable feed bill, Turkey's big bass drop

    07/06/2019 Duration: 17min

    You made it through another week -- time to relax and unwind with the IntraFish crew. Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, Reporters Rachel Sapin, John Evans and Demi Korban and Executive Editor John Fiorillo have a lot to chew over from the week, but narrowed it down to a few key topics. Enjoy, and read more at

  • Norway's algae crisis, Cooke's Alaska ambitions, speculative aquaculture investing

    01/06/2019 Duration: 27min

    The toxic northern Norwegian algal bloom is making a significant dent in global salmon supply. Investors flocked to NYC to throw money at the seafood sector, and land-based aquaculture in particular. Canada's Cooke Aquaculture continues to build its empire. Join IntraFish Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry and Executive Editor John Fiorillo as they discuss the biggest topics of the week. Visit for more news and insight into the seafood sector.

  • Investing in Seafood: Live from the IntraFish Seafood Investor Forum NYC

    28/05/2019 Duration: 42min

    Live from the IntraFish Seafood Investor Forum in NYC on May 23, we brought together an expert panel to talk about the opportunities and challenges of investing in the seafood, aquaculture and fisheries industries. Joining us was Amy Novogratz of Aqua-Spark, Robert Orr of Cuna del Mar, Kristoffer Jordheim of Pareto Securities and Thor Talseth of Amerra Capital Management. Enjoy!

  • Alibaba, Atlantic Sapphire, trade madness and Young's big basa plans

    17/05/2019 Duration: 28min

    An all-star seafood news line up! While you wait for the Game of Thrones finale, IntraFish journalists Rachel Mutter, Lola Navarro, Demi Korban, John Evans, John Fiorillo and Drew Cherry are here. We hash out the latest developments, including gatherings from Brussels, our controversial Person of the Year selection, the rise of pangasius, and the fallout from the US-China trade war. Dracarys!

  • Costco's Choice; fishmeal fallout; cheap shrimp and Brussels

    03/05/2019 Duration: 25min

    What's Costco smoking? Well, its Kirkland smoked line is split three ways now. Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo, Senior Reporter Lola Navarro and Reporter John Evans discuss it, along with Peruvian anchovy quota fallout, farmed shrimp's price problems and predictions for the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels.

  • US salmon buyers crying COLLUSION; Maine aquaculture and Pebble Mine opposition

    25/04/2019 Duration: 25min

    Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo and Reporter Rachel Sapin tackle three of our top stories from the week, which include a bagel shop suing the world's largest salmon farmers, Maine's expanding aquaculture sector, and the growing opposition to the Pebble Mine, which could threaten the future of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery.

  • Salmon farming's $1 billion problem

    22/04/2019 Duration: 20min

    How bad is salmon farming's sea lice problem? Pretty damn bad. Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry sits down with Reporter John Evans, who recently authored a report diving into how the sector is battling the beast. Plus, Executive Editor John Fiorillo talks about clothing giant Patagonia's attack on farmed and hatchery raised salmon.

  • Farmed salmon and fake news; seafood marketing woes; shrimp oversupply and more

    25/01/2019 Duration: 21min

    Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo, Editor Rachel Mutter and Reporter Rachel Sapin discuss the Global Seafood Market Conference, shrimp oversupply, fake farmed salmon news and the IntraFish Women in Seafood Leadership Summit.

  • The Biggest Seafood Stories of 2018!

    13/12/2018 Duration: 44min

    The gang's (almost) all here! IntraFish journalists from around the globe came together to discuss the top stories of 2018, their outlook for 2019, and what they're looking forward to covering in the coming year. Starring Dominic Welling, Lola Navarro, John Fiorillo, Drew Cherry, John Evans and Rachel Mutter.

  • China gets serious about salmon; Atlantic Sapphire; Seafood consumption trends

    05/12/2018 Duration: 21min

    A massive Chinese conglomerate caused a seismic shift with its acquisition of Chilean salmon farmer Australis. Editorial Director Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo and Senior Reporter Lola Navarro dissect the deal, along with Atlantic Sapphire's big land-based salmon moved and new EU consumption figures.

  • Mowi Wowie! Does seafood finally have a global brand?

    15/11/2018 Duration: 32min

    Marine Harvest is no Mowi. In this edition of the IntraFish podcast, Editorial Director Drew Cherry, Online Editor Dominic Welling, Executive Editor John Fiorillo and Senior Reporter Lola Navarro discuss the move, and whether or not seafood can finally find branded success.

  • What's nex for fish feed?

    07/11/2018 Duration: 14min

    In this episode of the IntraFish Podcast, Editor Rachel Mutter and Journalist John Evans discuss how changes in the raw material landscape are affecting the fish feed sector -- and the future of the aquaculture industry.

  • El IntraFish Podcast: Live from Chile's salmon-farming capitol

    26/10/2018 Duration: 04min

    In this special Spanish-language edition of IntraFish Podcast in Spanish, Senior Reporter Lola Navarro brings you the most relevant stories from the tenth edition of AquaSur and this week's salmon news from Magallanes, Chile's booming salmon region.

  • How one start up is bringing big data to the aquaculture industry

    19/10/2018 Duration: 15min

    On this edition of the IntraFish podcast, you'll hear from Camilla Aadland, who heads up our new sister site TekFisk, which covers research and technology in the seafood industry. Camilla speaks with Tony Chen and John Constantino, co-founders of big data analytics group Manolin, which upped stakes from America, and is now developing its technology in the world's aquaculture hub, Norway. If you're a Norwegian speaker, TekFisk produces a weekly podcast available on iTunes.

  • LIVE from Reykjavik! What's next for Iceland's salmon farming industry?

    12/10/2018 Duration: 32min

    This week's episode is a special LIVE panel discussion from the IntraFish Seafood Investor Forum in Reykjavik in early October. Listen in while Editorial Director Drew Cherry discusses the opportunities and challenges facing Iceland's burgeoning salmon farming industry. Panelists included: Grétar Finnsson, CFO, Laxar Fiskeldi; Gudmundur Gislason, CEO, Ice Fish Farm; Kristian Mattiasson, CEO, Arnarlax; Stein Ove Tveiten, CEO, Arctic Fish; and Rögnvaldur Gudmundsson , CEO, AkvaFuture.

  • Land-based salmon farming extravaganza

    25/09/2018 Duration: 22min

    It's the hottest thing in seafood right now: land-based salmon farming. If all goes to plan, it could lead to production levels higher than that of the entire Canadian salmon farming industry. So how much of a reality is it? Join IntraFish Editorial Director Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo and Editor Elisabeth Fischer in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities.

  • Japanese seafood CEOs, Chile salmon M&A, US retail brands

    05/09/2018 Duration: 25min

    IntraFish Editorial Director Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo, Senior Reporter Dominic Welling and Reporter Lola Navarro discuss our encounters with the CEOs of Japanese seafood giants, the AquaChile acquisition and the strange and crowded US retail segment for smoked salmon and frozen fish.

  • Cargill's Montana dream; touring Marine Harvest BC; shrimp trade war

    31/07/2018 Duration: 27min

    In this episode of the IntraFish Podcast, we look back at on-the-ground visits to Cargill Aqua Nutrition's new fish oil venture in the US heartland, Marine Harvest's BC operations, and discuss the continuing fallout from Trump's splendid little trade war.

  • Fish feed's future, pangasius finds a savior, the hunt for a new bland fish

    24/07/2018 Duration: 19min

    This week on the IntraFish podcast: New developments in fish feed ingredients, Vietnam's pangasius comeback, and the US void for bland whitefish.

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