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Hear the inspiration behind many of our best loved devotionals, as well as recommend wisdom resources, questions from readers, and much more!


  • A Nimble Faith

    A Nimble Faith

    15/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • God’s Generous Love

    God’s Generous Love

    14/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • He is Enough for Your Longing

    He is Enough for Your Longing

    13/04/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Rich in What Matters Most

    Rich in What Matters Most

    12/04/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Sick of Being Sick

    Sick of Being Sick

    11/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • The Wonder of Resurrection

    The Wonder of Resurrection

    10/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • Four Heart Conditions

    Four Heart Conditions

    09/04/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Firstfruits


    08/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • Spirit Empowered Witness

    Spirit Empowered Witness

    07/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • Soft Heart, Faithful God

    Soft Heart, Faithful God

    06/04/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Living Life Has Risks

    Living Life Has Risks

    05/04/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Joyful Attitude

    Joyful Attitude

    04/04/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Stay Close to Jesus

    Stay Close to Jesus

    03/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • Receive the Gift of Sabbath

    Receive the Gift of Sabbath

    02/04/2021 Duration: 06min
  • Bearing Much Fruit

    Bearing Much Fruit

    01/04/2021 Duration: 03min
  • Love Delivers to Obey

    Love Delivers to Obey

    31/03/2021 Duration: 04min
  • The Joy of Surrender

    The Joy of Surrender

    30/03/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Value Wisely

    Value Wisely

    29/03/2021 Duration: 04min
  • Five Fatherhood Lessons From My Son-In-Law

    Five Fatherhood Lessons From My Son-In-Law

    28/03/2021 Duration: 05min
  • Are you Authentic?

    Are you Authentic?

    27/03/2021 Duration: 03min
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