Hoya! The Warrior Way



Your host Malcolm and Elijah invite you to join the conversation and talk about everything to find out if our society has lost our way as warriors or are there still warriors out there? Hoya! The Warrior Way podcast is a Blacken Studios production and deals with an assortment of topics, from the philosophical, emotional, physical and psychological perspectives of self-defense, physical performance, sports performance and tactical combative performance in the world we live in.


  • Lesson 37: The Punisher & The Military Mindset

    30/11/2017 Duration: 39min
  • Lesson 36: Removing Stress From Your Life

    17/11/2017 Duration: 33min
  • Lesson 35: Leaders Shouldn't Abuse Their Power

    02/11/2017 Duration: 42min
  • Lesson 34: Warrior Q&A

    20/10/2017 Duration: 35min
  • Lesson 33: Who Wins When Warriors Battle On The Front Page Of The News

    05/10/2017 Duration: 01h11min
  • Lesson 32: A Generational View Through The Lens Of A Warrior

    21/09/2017 Duration: 27min
  • Lesson 31: McGregor Vs Mayweather Breakdown w/ Hailey Cummings

    07/09/2017 Duration: 30min
  • Lesson 30: Do Warriors Need To Learn From The Defenders?

    24/08/2017 Duration: 36min
  • Lesson 29: Intermittent /fasting, Fitness & Female Warriors w/ Monica Robinson

    12/08/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Lesson 28: The Importance Of Leadership. Minneapolis Police Chef Resigns

    27/07/2017 Duration: 40min
  • Lesson 27: The Evolution of Sports Martial Arts Through Passion w/ Richard Osborn Jr.

    13/07/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Lesson 26: Pushing The Next Generation w/ Whit Bass

    29/06/2017 Duration: 38min
  • Lesson 25: You Deserve To Earn Your Success

    15/06/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Lesson 24: Memorial Day Special- Don't Lose Your Honor

    01/06/2017 Duration: 25min
  • Lesson 23: The State Of Martial Arts w/ Tatsukan Dojo North American Rep. Sensi Abdalla "DB" Khalid

    19/05/2017 Duration: 01h18min
  • Lesson 22: Protect Yourself

    04/05/2017 Duration: 55min
  • Lesson 21: Equality On The Battlefield

    27/04/2017 Duration: 29min
  • Lesson 20: The Warrior Gene

    13/04/2017 Duration: 32min
  • Lesson 19: Be Your Own Conflict Resolution (Societies Pecking Order & Kinesthetic Learning)

    31/03/2017 Duration: 45min
  • Lesson 18: When The Warrior Will Is Broken w/ Malcolm White

    16/03/2017 Duration: 33min
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