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THA Talks has continued to grow as a weekly/fortnightly produced podcast series of interviews indulging in topics generally considered marginal, strange, controversial, or esoteric and occult. Standing by the idea of creating a platform where people can share their views free of judgement. Free thoughts and Open Minds is more than a tagline; its the principle behind the project.Paul Obertelli and his companion co-hosts John White, Seana Collins & David Parry, delve into new perspectives, theories and intelligent conversations about some of the wonders, oddities, and events occurring in our world today.THA Talks has had the opportunity to interview a wide selection of guests from around the world and continues to produce ever evolving media elements to cover topics of News, Conspiracy, Spirituality, The Occult, History, Art, and much more..


  • Edition 19 - Courtney Brown Ph.D. - Remote Viewing ETs in the Giza Pyramids

    Edition 19 - Courtney Brown Ph.D. - Remote Viewing ET's in the Giza Pyramids

    12/05/2014 Duration: 01h31min

    A tenured professor at Emory University teaching applied mathematics & social science, Doctor Courtney Brown is also a leading scholar on remote viewing and front man for “The Farsight Institute” (“a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of a phenomenon of nonlocal consciousness known as “remote viewing.”). No, we are not talking about the movie “The Men that Stare at Goats” ,This is the real thing involving the most experienced remote viewers around the world including ex military personnel. The Farsight institute has recently completed a project where they remote viewed the Great pyramids of Giza to find out how they were made and what life may have been like in that time. The Results where quite literally out of this world and the viewers were faced with images of Extra Terrestrials interacting with the Ancient Egyptian leaders and assisting with the technology which contributed to the creation of the wondrous pyramids we see there today.     Related LinksCourtney Brown

  • Edition 18 - Barry Fitzgerald - Ghost Hunters International  Legend Seekers

    Edition 18 - Barry Fitzgerald - "Ghost Hunters International" & "Legend Seekers"

    05/05/2014 Duration: 56min

    We continue our week of paranormal talks with “Ghost Hunter International’s” Chief investigator Barry Fitzgerald. Barry has had over 20 years experience taking part in various paranormal investigations and continues to travel the world in his pursuit.    We talk to Barry about his future plans which involves a new Project called “Legend Seekers”, and we touch on some deeper views about what he does. Do our life styles and does the society around us take away our senses to perceive such activity?, as we are more likely to see as Children?

  • Edition 17 - Brian J Cano - Haunted Collector  Scared!

    Edition 17 - Brian J Cano - "Haunted Collector" & "Scared!"

    01/05/2014 Duration: 58min

    Brian is a tech specialist for Haunted locations and was apart of the team that worked with John Zaffis on SyFy’s “Haunted Collector” TV Show which now Airs also in the UK. He is also apart of the team on the the TV Show “Scared!”, His job is to operate the technical equipment enabling them to register the haunted activity during investigations. We talk to Brian about his views, experiences and his thoughts on other well known haunting's.  As well arrange to meet and advise him on the best English Ale when he appears at Paracon UK on the 22nd/23rd of November!

  • Edition 16 - Susan Griffiths - Medium, Spiritualist, Reiki Master

    Edition 16 - Susan Griffiths - Medium, Spiritualist, Reiki Master

    01/05/2014 Duration: 44min

    Susan has been a Medium since childhood which eventually lead to her starting off a successful career as a platform medium. Having studied with energy techniques for over 20 years and becoming a Reiki Master, she now teaches others through her own school.  We have a discussion with Susan about what being a medium entails and her back ground.  

  • Edition 15 - Douglas Myrick - Novanetics  The Law of Attraction

    Edition 15 - Douglas Myrick - "Novanetics" & The Law of Attraction

    27/04/2014 Duration: 58min

    Many of you may know about the "Law of Attraction" after watching the very famous DVD called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes.   Douglas claims to have understood the "Law of Attraction" from a very young age and is now the founder of the "Novanetics" program which is described as "a practical science of mind that helps make self-help work better, stronger, faster, and longer than ever before". In this edition Paul & David take part in a little exercise carried out by Douglas as a taster of some of his treatments, why not get your selves a pen paper and something pleasant to smell so you can join in!? We also talk about the roots of "The Law of Attraction" and ask Douglas about any possible freemasonic flavors to it and if he him self has been involved in any ritualistic practices.

  •  Edition 14 - Matthew Williams - Crop Circles, A Human Magick

    Edition 14 - Matthew Williams - Crop Circles, A Human Magick

    23/04/2014 Duration: 01h13min

    What started off as a fascination, ended up being a passionate practice which lead to prosecution. Matthew Williams has spent many years making Crop Circles in his home county and the biggest Crop Circle zone in the world, Wiltshire Now Retired from making circles Matthew tells us about how he was double crossed when trying to prove the human capabilities of making a crop circle, leading to his prosecution.  We also discuss how the man made idea of Crop Circles is far more magical than it gets credit for.  

  • Edition 13 - Anthony Peake - Metaphysics, The Science of Spirituality?

    Edition 13 - Anthony Peake - Metaphysics, The Science of Spirituality?

    16/04/2014 Duration: 01h22min

    Anthony Peake is a researcher and writer who studies the science of human consciousness beyond the physical brain. He is the author of 7 books including the most recent titles "The Infinite Mindfield" and "The Life of Philip K Dick". He has just completed writing his new book "The Immortal Mind" with the highly respected philosopher of science, Professor Ervin Laszlo, which is due for release November this year through USA Publisher “Inner Traditions”. In this Edition we indulge into the findings of Anthony's work and the possibility of it being the science to support many of the worlds spiritual faiths.  Anthony also talks to us about the Quantum Vacuum and some recent scientific studies that back up conclusions he made in previous books. Are we living in a type of computer program?, Make your own mind up!      

  • Edition 12 - Tracy R Twyman - An Esoteric Scholar on the Esoteric Dollar

    Edition 12 - Tracy R Twyman - An Esoteric Scholar on the Esoteric Dollar

    13/04/2014 Duration: 52min

    Tracy R. Twyman is a prolific author on esoteric history who's titles include the well known books "The Merovingian Mythos", "Solomon’s Treasure", and "Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge". She has appeared on several radio shows, television shows, and film documentaries. Most notably, she has been interviewed on National Geographic’s “Is It Real: Da Vinci’s Code” (2006), “Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory” (2012), and the documentary film Bloodline (2008). This week we have a chat with Tracy about modern conspiracy theories that are based on the ideas of old philosophical minds.  We talk about the origin of the dollar sign and its links to ancient times and Alchemy. Tracy also airs her views on the ancient alien conspiracies and also her personal experiences with the occult as we touch on some of the inspiration for her forthcoming work.

  • Edition 11 - Rev. Robert McTeigue - The Society of Jesus

    Edition 11 - Rev. Robert McTeigue - The Society of Jesus

    07/04/2014 Duration: 59min

    Father Robert McTeigue, SJ, is a professor of philosophy at Ave Maria University and a long time serving Jesuit Priest and is a member of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus. He has taught and lectured in North and Central America, Europe and Asia and is known for his classes in both rhetoric and medical ethics.  He has long experience in spiritual direction, retreat ministry and religious formation and now works in seminary education. His weekly column can be found on Wednesday mornings at, and an archive of his columns can be found in the link section bellow. We talk to Father Robert about the reality behind the block buster movie “The Exorcist” where his very own teacher was involved in the true life case.  We also address some of the Controversies surrounding the Jesuits, and the reality of possession. Father also worked closely with Professor Paul Weiss and describes his “Yoda/Skywalker” kind of relationship with him.    Related links: Society of Jesus Paul Weiss Predecisional Proc

  • Edition 10 - Nick Pelas - Stage Theater Company

    Edition 10 - Nick Pelas - "Stage Theater Company"

    04/04/2014 Duration: 47min

    This week we indulge into the arts with Nick Pelas who is a stage theatre director who runs the "Stage Theatre Company" in the UK. Nick has a passion for creating and recreating plays including his most recent, the 1915 novel "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka of which David and Paul both enjoyed a few weeks previous to the show. In this edition we chat about Nick's plans, his views on the world of theatre and the state of modern dramatics, as well as the importance of art in general.   

  • Edition 9 - Darren Storer - The inspirations of a psychic author

    Edition 9 - Darren Storer - The inspirations of a psychic author

    30/03/2014 Duration: 57min

    Darren is the Author of "They Key of the Storm" and "Poems Without a Home". He Is also life long Psychic which has inspired and driven his works. We discuss how his life was effected by his psychic ability and his forthcoming book "The Recusant who never Recanted". We also address some of the darker aspects of being a psychic and the religious views on it from the ancient times to today.       

  • Edition 8 - Freya Aswynn - A journey through the occult

    Edition 8 - Freya Aswynn - A journey through the occult

    29/03/2014 Duration: 01h06min

    From her difficult up bringing, and then into the world of Wicca, Thelema, Kabbalah and Heathenry leading to a “ life-changing spiritual and magical experience” Freya Aswynn is one of the most influential people in the world of Paganism and the occult, as well as a painter, musician and physic.  She is the founder of the “Gladsheim” Pagan community and orchestrator of the “Ring of Troth Europe” as well as the Author of the greatly influential book on Heathenry “Leaves of Yggdrasil”.  In this edition we discuss Freya’s Journey into the occult world and how she views it today, pointing out that if Aleister Crowley was around today she would eat him for breakfast!  We hope to have Freya back on another show!   *This podcast contains some strong language*    

  • Edition 7 - Seoras Macthearlaich - Wicca, The new old religion..

    Edition 7 - Seoras Macthearlaich - Wicca, The new old religion..

    22/03/2014 Duration: 57min

    Seoras is a second degree Wiccan high priest from Germany who travels to Scotland to practice with his Coven. In this edition we chat to him about the modern or not so modern religion called Wicca, some of its roots and how the religion is seen today. We also go into some of its controversies and its public image.

  • Edition 6 - Rev. Jim Wilhelmsen - Alien abduction, Roswell  Christ..

    Edition 6 - Rev. Jim Wilhelmsen - Alien abduction, Roswell & Christ..

    19/03/2014 Duration: 01h11min

    Jim Wilhelmsen is an Alien abductee, Evangelical Minister & a best selling author of the book “Beyond Science Fiction”. In this edition we discuss with him his abduction experiences from his early life to how his faith in Christianity protected him and set him on a new path. We also discuss his views on the Roswell incident, Satanism, and his out of the box vision of Christianity. Jim's Experiences have urged him to spend much of his life Researching, covering Spirituality Ufology & the satanic agenda (to name just a few). We will be getting him back on the show to cover even more of them soon!

  • Edition 5 - Ben Emlyn Jones - HPANWO Radio..

    Edition 5 - Ben Emlyn Jones - HPANWO Radio..

    16/03/2014 Duration: 32min

    Ben is a conspiracy researcher and former hospital porter, due to his conspiracy work which involves the campaigning against the “New Word Order”, he was fired. He is now a radio host for HPANWO radio on the CMR network & and has also aired his shows on Planet X radio. 

  • Edition 4 - Andrew Rea - Pagan, Actor, Poet..

    Edition 4 - Andrew Rea - Pagan, Actor, Poet..

    16/03/2014 Duration: 22min

    Andrew is an English Actor/Poet who has appeared in various TV commercials including playing Billy boy in the Phones 4 You add, he gives us an exclusive “Yeah Yeah” demonstration and recites some of his poetry. Andrew is a Pagan and also practices Buddhism, Taoism & Hinduism, he was a very active participant in the “Gruntlers” group, the former incarnation of “Theo-Humanist Arts”  

  • Edition 3 - David Parry - THA film Dramatics for David Ickes TPV..

    Edition 3 - David Parry - THA film Dramatics for David Ickes TPV..

    28/02/2014 Duration: 15min

    Paul & David have a short discussion about THA working with David Icke's "The Peoples Voice" bringing Theater to the channel. They also announce some guests that will be interviewed in the coming weeks, and address the touchy subject of Freemasonry. 

  • Edition 2 - Paul  David Introduction Show

    Edition 2 - Paul & David Introduction Show

    15/02/2014 Duration: 14min

    Paul & David introduce the show with a little chat. One or two minor technical issues but come on now peeps have a heart!, don't be too harsh!, it is the first show!

  • Edition 1 - Welcome to the THA Podcast

    Edition 1 - Welcome to the THA Podcast

    20/01/2014 Duration: 56s

    THA Podcast is under development and will hit the air soon, please check back for updates, also if you or anyone you know are interested on participating in discussions or giving an interview please contact us at..

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