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THA Talks has continued to grow as a weekly/fortnightly produced podcast series of interviews indulging in topics generally considered marginal, strange, controversial, or esoteric and occult. Standing by the idea of creating a platform where people can share their views free of judgement. Free thoughts and Open Minds is more than a tagline; its the principle behind the project.Paul Obertelli and his companion co-hosts John White, Seana Collins & David Parry, delve into new perspectives, theories and intelligent conversations about some of the wonders, oddities, and events occurring in our world today.THA Talks has had the opportunity to interview a wide selection of guests from around the world and continues to produce ever evolving media elements to cover topics of News, Conspiracy, Spirituality, The Occult, History, Art, and much more..


  • Edition 203 - John White - Entertaining Culture Wars

    Edition 203 - John White - Entertaining Culture Wars

    01/02/2019 Duration: 01h07min

    After a long absence John rejoins us for an update on what he and "Aslans Army" is doing and thinks, as well as a talk on some of the continued imposing cultural battle in the entertainment industry  

  • Edition 202 - Sacha Stone - Ancient Globalist Control Losing Its Grip?

    Edition 202 - Sacha Stone - Ancient Globalist Control Losing Its Grip?

    12/01/2019 Duration: 50min

    Sacha is a Former rock musician and the founder of the New Earth Project, the planetary sovereignty, consciousness and sustainability movement convening itself as the worlds first nation of peoples from all cultures & faiths. He established "Humanitad" as a non sectarian organisation serving as architect and facilitator of global initiatives impacting sustainability, natural justice and social ecology. It is a focus platform for experts in economics, media, education, science & technology, research & advocacy, arts & culture and diplomacy & conflict-resolution. Humanitad’s law commission is active on the world stage in human rights and natural justice. It continues to incubate medical cures and technological breakthroughs whilst challenging established frameworks of governance which serve vested interests ahead of the interests of humanity and a fragile planet. As a non-profit organisation it functions in the service of people of the world beyond the constraints of ‘systems’ and ‘ideologie

  • Edition 201 - Jason Liosatos - The Rising Political  Spiritual Revolution

    Edition 201 - Jason Liosatos - The Rising Political & Spiritual Revolution

    16/12/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Jason Liosatos is the author of "The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings", and host of his show ‘Outside the Box’, he is also an artist, and passionate speaker reminding us that we stand at an evolutionary crossroads, a new epoch, where we are all midwives, artists, sculptors, and gifted shamans,  who must now remember, and use, the tremendous power we all possess to birth and manifest a whole new reality of sanity, love, happiness,  beauty, and joy into being, a reality which is barely imaginable to us in our current state of manipulation, suppression and slavery. We are great magicians who can manipulate matter, events, and outcomes via directed thought and consciousness to manifest a new reality into being. We are the authors and artists of a whole new way of living and being on our planet. We are being urgently called to realize that it is ourselves, each one of us, who have the miraculous power which will restore sanity and light to our dislocated planet and lives, and the lives of those not yet bo

  • Edition 200 - Leo Lyon Zagami - Invisible Master, The Puppeteers Hidden Power

    Edition 200 - Leo Lyon Zagami - "Invisible Master, The Puppeteers Hidden Power"

    02/12/2018 Duration: 01h09min

    Leo joins us for a second time to talk about his new book and forthcoming Conference in London.  He is an Anglo-Italian author of 18 books published in different parts of the world and the Grand Master of the "Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis" He has written in depth about secret societies, the controversial "Illuminati" and is currently preparing for the release of his new book "Invisible Master, The Puppeteers Hidden Power" Leo has his own website where he also publishes articles about global current day affairs while reflecting on the unfolding New World Order.    Related links:

  • Edition 199 - Larry J Searle - For Britain campaigner, on populism.

    Edition 199 - Larry J Searle - "For Britain" campaigner, on populism.

    25/11/2018 Duration: 53min

    Larry is an activist that has been in and around the UK Nationalist movement for a number of years and has now commit him self to the new populist party and UKIP rival "For Britain". After concluding that they are the most efficient and diplomatic choice available to people who all share the same concerns within the UK at the moment, He is now chairman of his local Epping Forest branch who are campaigning regularly. Having crossed paths with Larry at various political rallies and events he agreed to come on the show and do a first interview to talk about the party and the rise in populism around Europe. Related Links:

  • Edition 198 - Yanny Bruere - Mainstream media venom  bias of populist movements

    Edition 198 - Yanny Bruere - Mainstream media venom & bias of populist movements

    15/10/2018 Duration: 42min

    Yanny Bruere is a patriotic Brit who found him self in the middle of a media frenzy after he managed to raise £59,452 within just a month, to fly a 29ft balloon of Sadiq Khan in a bikini over London. This was a response to Khans critique of Donald Trump as well as a Balloon of Trump in a nappy flown in London during his visit to the UK.   Like many in the UK, Yanny felt with the huge rate in crime and terrorism that has built up in London, Khan should have been focusing on his own issues and not speaking on behalf of the whole country. The ever transparent and obsessive bias that the media seems to have against nationalistic populist groups, led to Yanny taking action. The balloon was aired on most major news networks around the world, though of course with the usual character assassinations he had to deal with.  We catch up with Yanny to ask how he is, any plans for the future, and the state of the modern day mainstream media.    Related Links:

  • Edition 197 – Stephen M. Bland - Kleptocracy In The UK , Russian Money Laundering

    Edition 197 – Stephen M. Bland - Kleptocracy In The UK , Russian Money Laundering

    12/09/2018 Duration: 01h42s

    Stephen M. Bland comes on the show following his appearance at the last "Free Speech Club" (Extremist Club), where he done a talk on UK and Russian kleptocracy and money laundering. He is a freelance journalist, award-winning author, travel writer and researcher for the BBC, specializing on Central Asia, the Caucasus and South-East Asia. The recipient of a Society of Authors Grant, he is currently working on a book on the Caucasus. You can view a selection of his articles and more about his book on Central Asia at his website. Related Links:   

  • Edition 196 – Russ James – The Socialist Motherland Party

    Edition 196 – Russ James – The Socialist Motherland Party

    02/09/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    In this edition we welcome back Russ James from the renamed Socialist party "The Socialist Motherland Party". And discus the differences between various socialist ideas and perceptions. They describe socialism as.. "the natural desire to protect one's own. It is identical with Working Class Nationalism. Those who call themselves Socialists, but argue against sovereignty and borders, are not Socialists, but Globalists.  Likewise those who profess to fight for the people, yet endorse Free Market Capitalism, are but another variety of Globalist.  Free Market Capitalism and Open Borders Socialism belong in one camp; they both embrace the central pillars of the cosmopolitan materialistic ideology, and whether they call themselves left or right is really of no consequence.   The Socialist Motherland Party of the British Isles is building links across the left-right spectrum. All people who love our country, must join the SMPBI and fight for a Socialist Future. For Class and Nation – Revolutionary Patriotic Sociali

  • Edition 195 - James OBrien Caught Ignoring The Truth

    Edition 195 - James O'Brien Caught Ignoring The Truth

    16/08/2018 Duration: 22min

    James O'Brien of LBC call in radio spoke to a caller called Howard, trying to address the history of Islamism in the UK on his afternoon show last week. As usual James is very good at hiding the truth as most of the western mainstream media is. Here is a break down video of him being caught in the act.    Refrence links:

  • Edition 194 - Daniele Irandoost - Espionage

    Edition 194 - Daniele Irandoost - Espionage

    02/08/2018 Duration: 01h01min

    Daniele Irandoost is a published writer, editor, private tutor and literary panellist, who recently completed his PGCE in History, while preparing to undertake a second postgraduate degree at University College London. As a specialist in intelligence studies, military history and international security, Daniele's academic skills have earned him various gongs - such as the prestigious Ken Robertson Prize in Intelligence Studies (awarded to a finalist with the highest academic mark). Certainly, Daniele has attracted the public eye for his interest in matters of regional security inside Central Asia. Indeed, as he himself has hinted in other radio interviews, being half-Iranian and half-Romanian has gifted him with a unique insight into espionage, so-called fake news, and conspiracy theories, generally. Stated so, Daniele is the author of three academic journal articles for the highly respected E-International Relations, as well as being the writer of a literary essay, along with a feature article: the latter be

  • Edition 193 – TP – Interview with British Fight

    Edition 193 – "TP" – Interview with "British Fight"

    14/07/2018 Duration: 01h26s

    In this Edition of THA Talks we speak with Tom Parsons, Who is the leader of the newly launched "The People's Revolution Party".  Tom is associated with "British Fight" an anonymous on line movment allied with the likes of Americas Qanon, among others. We discuss what the party is about, its future, and the goals of "British Fight" and "The People's Revolution Party"        Related Links:

  • Edition 192 – What’s News – British Fight Update

    Edition 192 – What’s News – "British Fight" Update

    05/07/2018 Duration: 59min

    In this edition of "What's News" John and Paul talk about some updates regarding the "British Fight" Anon movement, what might be unfolded around Trumps visit, as well as an interesting announcement.    Related Links:

  • Edition 191 - Whats News - Who  What is British Fight?

    Edition 191 - What's News - Who & What is "British Fight"?

    08/06/2018 Duration: 55min

    First "QAnon" set the airwaves across the Internet from the USA, John and Paul now talk about the possibility of a new intelligence entering social media currently known as "British Fight" who is already starting to make waves.    Related Links:^OPEN from 9:oo 09/08/2018)

  • Edition 190 - Whats News - Oh Tommy Tommy

    Edition 190 - What's News - Oh Tommy Tommy

    31/05/2018 Duration: 01h16min

    This week on Whats news John and Paul discuss the recent imprisonment of activist Tommy Robinson and the affect it may have on the current situation in the UK regarding Free Speech and and the ever growing authoritarian measures that seem to be at play. 

  • Edition 189 – Shams – Victim Of A #MeToo Witch Hunt

    Edition 189 – Shams – Victim Of A "#MeToo" Witch Hunt

    28/05/2018 Duration: 01h18min

      Shams (otherwise known as Watsun Atkinsun) is a well known tattoo artist,  Internet personality and film maker.   On April 20th after being invited to a guest slot at the "Black Viris Tattoo" parlor in Brooklyn New York, he was accused of sexual assault while tattooing one of the parlors female tattoo artists Anka Lavriv, on her lower chest.  This led to a huge "#MeToo" Internet campaign that Lavriv and work colleague and John O’Hara started on Instagram, going viral across the net within 6 to 12 hours.  The extent of this on line witch hunt was so intense that even footage showing his innocence was used by campaigners as "proof" of his alleged guilt.  We speak with Shams about his on going issues and how this on line attack drove him and his family to the brink.  *Notice* After this interview was recorded the NYPD have since contacted Watsun and informed him that they have viewed the CCTV footage and have confirmed there was no sexual assault and that there will also be no charges made against him for his

  • Edition 188 – What’s News – The THA Guide To Q-Anon  The Trump Agenda

    Edition 188 – What’s News – The THA Guide To Q-Anon & The Trump Agenda

    26/04/2018 Duration: 01h17min

    In this edition of "Whats's News" John and Paul have an in-depth talk on the mysterious cyber agent named "Q" who has predicted various events and agendas relating to Trumps presidency and a possible agenda to challenge the big state globalist cabal.    Related Links:

  • Edition 187 – What’s News – The Fallen Fall of Facebook

    Edition 187 – What’s News – The Fallen Fall of Facebook

    31/03/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    In this edition of What's News John and Paul discuss the recent exposing of Facebook and the corrupt usage of its huge data base with Cambridge Analytica, to influence on line campaigns. We also discuss social media in general and the agenda that is unfolding as well as the solutions and changes that may lay ahead. We also hear about Johns own campaigns that have been attacked as he is currently serving a month ban from Facebook. 

  • Edition 186 – Andrew Withers – Libertarians In The Trenches

    Edition 186 – Andrew Withers – Libertarians In The Trenches

    18/03/2018 Duration: 56min

    Returning to the show to talk about the growing authoritarian measures currently being implemented in the UK is Andrew P Withers, the founder member of the Libertarian Party UK, who has appeared on both TV and Radio giving a Libertarian perspective on current affairs. Andrew was educated at Trinity High School,Northampton and completed an honours degree in Politics and History with the Open University while still in his twenties with part-time study. He has also worked in the construction industry and in recent years has worked as a consultant to Lonrho Plc in Southern Africa, being involved in projects in Saudi Arabia ,South Africa,Swaziland, Equatorial Guinea and Mozambique. Andrew was also a founder member and past chairman of Clevedon Pride Community Interest Company which was awarded a Queens Award for volunteering in 2013.   Related Links:

  • Edition 185 - Whats News - More Censorship, Terrorism  European Elections

    Edition 185 - What's News - More Censorship, Terrorism & European Elections

    04/03/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    In this edition of "Whats News" John and Paul discus The aftermath of the parkland school shooting in America, the ongoing censorship that continues to threaten our society, and the new governments forming in Germany and Italy as populism continues to grow and oppose the EU agenda.   

  • Edition 184 - Whats News - Release The Memo

    Edition 184 - What's News - Release The Memo

    09/02/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    In this edition of "What's News" John and Paul discus the recent releasing of the US FISA/Senate Memo's, what they are, what they reveal, and what releasing them had done for the political landscape in the USA now. As well as the involvement of the UK.    Related Links:

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