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Counter Culture is more than a radio show. Counter Culture is a call to action and a challenge for us to unite and build strong communities that will cultivate leaders who value human lives. Counter Culture is an all inclusive platform for everyone to share their opinions and beliefs in a non-judgmental atmosphere facilitated by a group of young activists. There is a misconception that youth and young adults dont care about social issues. Counter Culture is here to correct that myth. Join us on our journey as we explore thought provoking conversations & interviews, highlight whats next in business & innovation, and discover new music and talent. - See more at:


  • 21 - Counter Culture interview Motive & welcome back 10 Blessings for 10k survivors ambassadors Natasha Brown and Tokeitha Wilson

    20/12/2015 Duration: 01h58min

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Motive, one of the youngest hottest artist out tight now. Motive has an interesting story and shares why he uses music to inspire his generation. In our second hour we talked with Natasha Brown Tokeitha Wilson about the 10 Blessings for 10K survivors campaign to save 10 thousand people from domestic violence relationships. Join us for another great show of Counter Culture.

  • 20 - Counter Culture featuring Brian Heat, Leah J & Co-hosted by Raro Lae, Ashley Lewis, Stacy Victoria and Sky Charlie

    13/12/2015 Duration: 01h54min

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing inspirational speaker Brian Heat! Brian has a book and stage play called "Beautiful Power: A Love Letter to Women of Color" that empowers black women. He will also be releasing Fire Five Audible Inspiration Mixtape within the next few weeks. We had a great time talking to Brian about music, education, purpose and black culture. Our second interview was with Leah J the Founder of Leah J Branding and she touched on the challenges of being a mother and entrepreneur, and the sacrifices she made to find her purpose. In our second hour we had a few special co-host in the building to promote our coat drive. Raro Lae, Ashley Lewis, Stacy Victoria and Sky Charlie spoke on being a young successful black female with a heart for the less fortunate.

  • 19 - Counter Culture featuring Shake and Enygma

    06/12/2015 Duration: 02h01min

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Shake a musical and visual artist. In our second hour we got acquainted with Enygma, our guest co host for the day. Enygma is a talented artist with a unique sound who is transparent in her music. Make sure to tune in to hear her thoughts on polygamy.

  • 18 - Counter Culture featuring Touch Music & a discussion about what Hip Hop is saying to young women

    29/11/2015 Duration: 02h05min

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing a startup music firm called Touch Music. In our second hour wr discussed the messages that Hip Hop is sending to young black women

  • 17 - Counter Culture featuring Fashion Citizen, Key Mace, and Krys

    22/11/2015 Duration: 01h59min

    On Today's episode the Devon aka the Fashion Citizen gave us some insight on his journey in the Fashion industry and how difficult and fulfilling his career is. We had an amazing interview with Key Mace who is an outstanding and authentic person who aspires to make great music. And in our second hour we had a discussion with Krys about make up, style, fashion trends and people's loyalty to specific labels.

  • 16 - Counter Culture featuring Tokeitha Wilson and Angel Perez

    15/11/2015 Duration: 02h03min

    Today Tokeitha Wilson who is an Ambassador for 10 Blessings, an author and entrepreneur came on the show to promote #10blessings10ksurvivors an initiative to raise awareness for domestic violence. In our second hour Angel Perez was a guest Co host and spoke on black businesses and the racial and social divide on social media networks. Check out a very informative and opinionated show

  • 15 - Counter Culture featuring K'ron and Kerry-ann

    08/11/2015 Duration: 02h24s

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing K'ron a very talented up and coming artist who is definitely considered one of the artist that are next to blow. In our second hour we were accompanied by Kerry-ann who is a feminist and we talked about gender roles and the feminist movement.

  • 14 - Counter Culture featuring DC 127, Damon Jones & the Socks Movement, Natasha Brown, Mia Wright, and Kena Hodges

    25/10/2015 Duration: 02h03min

    Today we had the opportunity of interviewing Chelsea the Director of DC 127. DC 127 is a non profit organization determined to reverse the list. Their goal is to have more families willing to adopt children than there are children waiting to be adopted. Following that interview we had Damon Jones the STEAM teacher who is the founder of the Socks Movement talk about their goals and vision for their movement. Socks are the most requested item for homeless people but the least donated item. The Socks Movement has created a campaign called Socktober to raise awareness and collect as many socks as possible for the homeless. In our last hour we talked to Natasha Brown, Mia Wright and Kena Hodges about the #10blessings10ksurvivors initiative. This initiative will help 10 thousand families dealing with domestic violence. Counter Culture radio will be partnering up with this initiative to bring about awareness to domestic violence and keep the conversation going paat October so listen in every month! This was a great

  • 13 - Counter Culture featuring ChampTime Fitness, Flex Kartel and Tutu

    18/10/2015 Duration: 01h55min

    Dominique Graham, Sports performance specialist and owner of Champtime Fitness shed some light on the difference between a good and a bad trainer and shared his vision for Champtime Fitness. Flex Kartel an up and coming artist talked about what it is going to take for the entertainment industry to thrive within the DC, VA, and MD area and our Co host for the week Miss Tutu joined us to speak on gentrification throughout Urban America. Listen in and share your comments and feedback with the Counter Culture team.

  • 12 - Counter Culture featuring DC Lawyers for youth

    11/10/2015 Duration: 01h37min

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing R. Daniel Okonkwo the executive director of DC Lawyers for youth. We touched on the juvenile justice system, the DC school to prison pipeline and youth development. Check out our interview to find out the solution to creating a better environment for our teens to grow up in.

  • 11 - Justice or else featuring Wi Pledge foundation, Jay Jones, and Amber Rayne

    04/10/2015 Duration: 02h02min

    Today we had the pleasure of having Wi pledge foundation on the show. Wi pledge is committed to helping and assisting every and anyone who is in need. We talked about what inspired the creation of Wi Pledge as well as the ultimate vision of the organization. Our next guest was Jason Jones who has been a mentor to the Counter Culture team as well as the associate pastor at Zion Church Woodbridge location. Jason touched on the faith communities role and responsibility in the fight for justice and shared his views on the black lives matters movement. Our co host for the day was Amber Rayne who has very strong views on what it will take to rebuild urban America. Make sure you tune into this very special episode of Counter Culture radio!

  • 10 - Counter Culture featuring Ali Kulture, Cover up King Art, and Regina Perez Fitness

    27/09/2015 Duration: 01h55min

    Today we had the pleasure of interviewing three great guest. Ali Kulture is a talented artist from VA who is passionate about making authentic music and working with his team to accomplish a unified goal. Cover up King Art talks about how he used tattoos as an opportunity to take care of his family. Regina Perez Fitness is a fashion maven, wellness coach and fitness model who shared what inspired her to get into health and fitness as well as how important it is to her that she help people reach their fitness and life goals. Make sure you tune in to because this was definitely a great show!

  • 9 - Interview with Big Reek and Grace Amazin & Raro Lae speaks on the disconnect between African Americans and Africans

    20/09/2015 Duration: 01h58min

    This week Big Reek stopped through to promote his single and future projects. Grace Amazing who is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian talked about her journey and what it takes to follow your dreams. And Blogger and media correspondent Raro Lae speaks on the disconnect between African Americans and Africans.

  • 8 - Interview with YV & Gurl Talk Publications

    13/09/2015 Duration: 02h22s

    This week we had the pleasure of talking with YV, an upcoming rapper from Southeast DC. We talked about the violence and criminal culture and DC and YV shared his advice on how to get out of that environment. Our second interview was with Gurl Talk Publications. Gurl Talk promoted their new book and gave us some insight on what it is like to be in a salon and the secrets that are shared. This is a show you do not want to miss.

  • 7 - Most Influential Artists

    06/09/2015 Duration: 01h54min

    Who do you think is the most influential artist? Join the Counter Culture team as we discuss and debate who has the most influence on our culture and how that influence is used.

  • 6 - Featuring Kettie Munroe & 5ive, and a discussion about situationships.

    30/08/2015 Duration: 01h59min

    This week we had two native boston singers/somgwriters on the studio, Kettie Munroe and 5ive. In addition to our interviews 5ive and the counter culture family talked about what a situationship is and shared their perspective on that type of relationship

  • 5 - Interview with Mia Wright & Barbi La Rue/ Do Black lives matter?

    23/08/2015 Duration: 01h55min

    This week we had two great interviews. Our first guest was Mia Wright the Founder of We Can-cer Vive, and our second guest was model and personal trainer Barbi La Rue. In our second hour our Co host for the week was Jamia Lakita and we discussed whether black lives really matter.

  • 4 - Featuring Brittany Athey, Bear Witnez, and Dream Free photography

    16/08/2015 Duration: 01h54min

    Today we had the pleasure of having a few great guest on the show. Brittany Athey, Miss VA and the founder of To The Rescue talked about her experience as Miss VA and the process of adopting and fostering pets. Bear Witnez is working on a come back project and touched on the importance of making hip hop music for the audience that grew up on hip hop. Dream Free Photography was our special co-host for the week and chimed in on the evolution of tv and radio and whether it will be possible to censor what is exposed to our kids. We had a great show! Listen and enjoy!

  • 3 - Interview with Natasha Brown, Alexx Starr & friends, and Lauren Alvarez.

    09/08/2015 Duration: 01h59min

    Today we had a full house. Natasha Brown who is an author, activist and award winning communicator stopped by the show to talk about her new book 10 blessings of betrayal. Stand up comedian Alexx Starr, Steven and Deangelo talked about life as a comedian and had everyone cracking up. And last but not least we talked to celebrity make up artist Lauren Alvarez about chasing dreams.

  • 2 - Interview with Candice Nicole and Adora Collins

    27/07/2015 Duration: 01h16min

    Join us this week as we speak to two very special guests. Our first guest, Candice Nicole, stopped by to talk about Miss Black USA 2015 and the digital launch of Power Box. We also had the privilege to be joined by Adora Collins, the Founder of Noir King Cognac. This show is a great representation of the vision for Counter Culture. We want to support and promote great leaders in our community. Don't miss out on this show!

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