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  • Y Is For _yi.

    Y Is For _yi.


    *Originally released September 8th 2017*Steve and Doug return to chat about plunderphonic artist _yi. What is the place of plunderphonics in the music world? What sort of distinctions exist between those kinds of artists? Steve also chats about some of the musical connections he made while in Spain. **Please note, since this episode's release, the artist has since rebranded themselves as Waiai**Music featured this week:​​hello - OTNJ_Bsayonara - irasshaimase x sayonara [EP]t [...]

  • X Is For XTC

    X Is For XTC


    *Originally released August 13th 2017*Steve and Doug ring in August to examine classic rock, post-punk band XTC. The guys reflect on the punk movement, studio bands vs touring, and a mysterious group known as The Dukes of Stratosphear. Who are they? And will they tour??Six Degrees From King Crimson:XTC -> Todd Rundgren -> Hall & Oates -> Robert Fripp -> King CrimsonXTC -> Steve Lillywhite -> Peter Gabriel -> Robert Fripp / Tony Levin -> King CrimsonXTC -> [...]

  • W Is For White Town

    W Is For White Town


    *Originally released July 14th 2017*Steve and Doug's examination into 90's One Hit Wonders continues as they investigate the fascinating and stylized career of Jyoti Mishra, also known as White Town. The guys also chat about student-filmed music videos, fluid sexuality, and Steve's plan b birthday present.Music featured this week:​Your Woman - Women In TechnologyMake The World Go Away - Don't Mention The WarYou Fill Me Up - Monopole​Oh, David - Deemab www4.mp3File Size: [...]

  • V Is For Victor Wooten

    V Is For Victor Wooten


    *Originally released June 19th 2017*​Back from Sasquatch Music Festival, Doug and Steve ponder Victor Wooten and his incredible music language. Although best known as one of the great bassists, Wooten's talent for song writing and love of teaching music to youth permeates through every song and surpasses every genre. Also, what did he say?Music featured this week:​Soul Circus - Soul CircusThe Lesson - palmysteryWhat Did He Say? - What Did He Say? vvv4.mp3File Size: 15777 [...]

  • U Is For Unified Theory

    U Is For Unified Theory


    *Originally released May 23rd 2017*Doug and Steve examine the short-lived but awesome career of Unified Theory, the super group comprised of members from Blind Melon, Pearl Jam, and Celia Green. Why didn't their astounding debut album take off? Was it because of Limp Bizkit, or Backstreet Boys? The duo also are left puzzled by the little known appearance of their 2006 follow up.Music featured this week:​California - Unified TheoryWither - Unified Theory15 Hits - Cinematic uuu4. [...]

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