I love electronic music...DJing since 1993 at various venues in Lancaster, Luton and London including Bar Vinyl, 93 Ft. East, BarSolo and the Project.My interests are widely varied and this is what I try to convey in my sound. Deep House is bread and butter, but there are plenty of extra toppings available in this cafe.


  • MS.OUTPUT 046 - XP

    MS.OUTPUT 046 - XP

    22/12/2014 Duration: 01h55min

    Monosonics ventures out to play on the Z1 at the company xmas party... Based on a brief of 'Lounge meets club' The first hour Builds from a festive dub intro with a laid back groove through slo-mo disco and soul influences into mid tempo funky disco based material to warm things through. At the 60 minute marker, tribal and soulful inflected deep house starts to develop for a solid hour of chunky warm grooves, accessible but still with a nice spread of quality. The Well, Clerkenwell, London - 18:12:14 01 - Phil Gerus - Voice to Voice Lip to Lip 02 - Frank Sinatra - Merry little Xmas (MS Polar Express Dub) 03 - Ertha Kitt - Santa Baby Remix (MS Polar Express Dub) 04 - Ella Fitzgerald vs Charles Webster - Midnight clear (MS Polar Express Dub) 05 - Phil Gerus - Votre Voix Vos Yeux 06 - Miguel Migs & Walter Samuels - Green Light 07 - Maxwell - Don't Ever Wonder (Ascension Mix) 08 - Phil Gerus - Love is not so frightening 09 - Banks - Warm Water 10 - Passenger - Let her go (Kygo remix) 11 - Marvin Gaye - Sexu

  • MS.OUTPUT 45 - Trinity 03 - Life Textures

    MS.OUTPUT 45 - Trinity 03 - Life Textures

    19/10/2014 Duration: 57min

    Broadcasting 02:00-03:00 19-10-2014 on Luton's diversefm. 01 - Thor Feat. Scotti P - What is real 02 - Opolopo Feat. Shea Soul - Be Enough 03 - Matt Prehn - Love You Back 04 - Steve Huerta & Yooj - love me right 05 - The Burrell Brothers - Non Stop (Lula Circus Mix ) 06 - Beckwith - End of Brooklyn 07 - EDX - Reckless Ardour 08 - Gotye Feat. Kimbra - Somebody I used to know (Pete Bellis Re-edit) 09 - Chase & Status - Alive (TCTS Mix) 10 - TCTS Feat. Holly Partridge - Over 11 - Saison - When I look at you 12 - System of Survival - Don't stop

  • MS.OUTPUT 044 - Trinity02 - Simple Moves

    MS.OUTPUT 044 - Trinity02 - Simple Moves

    19/10/2014 Duration: 57min

    A mix of blends and looped up seagues of soul from classic 80's electro-boogie through to some current slo-mo style tracks from the likes of Adrien De Valentin and Phil Gerus, digital production is definitely a common theme. Cut on Traktor Z1 to warm up the dance floor for my wedding in August. 01 - Controllers - Stay 02 - Midnight Star - Curious 03 - The Daz Band - Starship (Remix) 04 - Phil Gerus - Love's not so frightening 05 - Teendra Moses - Be your girl 06 - Maverick Sabre - Stay 07 - Just Jack - Disco Friends 08 - Groove Theory - Tell Me 09 - Marvin Gaye - Sexual healing 10 - Mtume - Juicy (loops) 11 - Next - Wifey 12 - Next - Wifey (Instrumental) 13 - Phil Gerus - Found you 14 - Hi-Tension - Make me happy 15 - Don E - Spiritual Love (Loose Mix) 16 - Young Disciples - Apparently Nothing 17 - The Gap Band - Outstanding 18 - Al B Sure - If I'm not your lover 19 - Next - Close (Instrumental) 20 - Joe Hertz Feat Kaleem Taylor -Isolate 21 - Cypress Hill - Insane in the Membrane 22 - Dennis Taylor - Smile

  • MS.OUTPUT 042 - Matrix

    MS.OUTPUT 042 - Matrix

    08/07/2014 Duration: 01h09min

    Busy times.... Mixed styles. 01 The Moti Brothers - Autumn (Anthony Mea Remix) 02 Anthony Mea - Something is wrong 03 FCL Feat. Lady Lynn - Can we try 04 Cubicolor - Next Planet 05 Matt Lange - This is how it is 06 Nolder - Clouds (Boso reversion) 07 Johnson - Take on two (Pete Bellis Remix) 08 Steve Huerta - Apotheke 09 Watermat - Bullit 10 Muchaco - As bad as she wants to be (Fever Mix) 11 Croquet Club - Breath 12 D-phrag - Stranded (Anthony Mea Remix)

  • MS.OUTPUT 041 - Bit Depth

    MS.OUTPUT 041 - Bit Depth

    25/05/2014 Duration: 01h32min

    Opening into a moody interlude,Piek brighten s it up by some cheeky quirks and tight programming into some lush soulful laid back and subtly twisted funk grooves for the summer, Track 3 dives deep under again with some sultry undertones to the vocal presentation, SP keeping a nice mechanical feel in the tribal flow. T4 takes us back on a more soulful and smoky vocal number, right through into the deserved hat-trick from the excellent remote collaboration between AtJazz and Julian Gomes. With such a fusion of the calibre of these two, coupled with a staggering line-up of vocal heritage and talent on an album and a serendipitous discount at Traxsource, the full purchase seemed inevitable :) Enough said there, enjoy the tripler.. The twisted bluesy transposing keys and stabby but melodic chords in the compuphonic offering real stir up Chicago invocations in me, Bobby D'Ambrosio offers a nicely toughened chunk of a garage vein, GTTR adds some nice of elements of funky disco loopy percussion to build the filters,

  • MS.OUTPUT 040 - Legacy

    MS.OUTPUT 040 - Legacy

    04/04/2014 Duration: 01h32s

    Opening up with a gentle ease in through some acid tinged soul rework from the mighty FFO, into some sax laden work from Cossta, the mix slowly develops a sound frequently tinged with pads and chords, delineated by some lush break-beat underpinning from Aeroymin. The mix never becomes euphoric but holds fairly constant but measured pressure out of the back of the restrained but punchy urban 'Right Now' track by German Brigante, possibly my fave release on this outing. Sad news that House Music lost another pioneering Forefather earlier this week... RIP Frankie K. 01 Woolfy - 17 (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix) 02 Costta - Uio 03 Animal Picnic - Somebody (6Souther AfroBeat Mix) 04 Christo - I've Been you 05 German Brigante - Right Now 06 Henry Saiz - Love Mythology (DJ Blu Mix) 07 Beckwith - Clarion 08 Aeroymin - Autumn Life (Today I'll be mainly re-cycling mix) 09 Comets we fall Feat. Yushichi - Falling Skies (Rick Wolanksi Mix) 10 Ruderich Feat. Meggy - Top of the world 11 Casino Gold - All I need (Troy K

  • MS.OUTPUT 039 - Jonny Runtime

    MS.OUTPUT 039 - Jonny Runtime

    02/04/2014 Duration: 42min

    A delayed March episode, things have been a bit bumpy, this mix style reflects that in its spectrum of musical styles. Live and uncue-ed on IPad/Traktor... :) 01 Intro - Pearson Sound - Raindrops Part 1 02 A Sagittariun - Conquering Lions / Jacques Green - The Look 03 Ugly Drums - Changing Ways 04 San Proper - Inside All of Us 05 Lio - Skyline 06 D Lamar - Revolution 07 Synac - The Deepest Things 08 Robie Adriano - Push the feeling 09 State Breath - Change 10 Mr Probz - Waves - Robin Schulz Mix 11 Dave DK - Woolamooloo

  • MS.OUTPUT 038 - Southern Skies

    MS.OUTPUT 038 - Southern Skies

    16/02/2014 Duration: 55min

    From chilled House Inflected Jazz Soul at 01 through to the lush deep techno keys at 10, a short and sweet eclectic selection for February .. 01 Atlantic Conveyor - Open Your Soul (Night Train Mix) 02 Chris Turner - FlyLOVE (Andrés Remix) 03 John Glassey - Summer Walking (Original Mix) 04 Dave Nash - Say What (Zuckre Dub) 05 Chase ANd Status - Alive TCTS Remix 06 James Dexter - Air 07 Frankie Dep Feat. Adam MC - Falling In Love 08 Nadia Popoff Feat. LYLI - Eleven (Vocal) 09 Jasmine Clemente - Wanting More (AtJazz Deep Dub) 10 Paranoia 106 - Satellites (Seri Mix)

  • MS.OUTPUT 037 - GridLock

    MS.OUTPUT 037 - GridLock

    11/01/2014 Duration: 57min

    Happy 2014 to the Podomatic cyberdisco community! With this first of the year selection, we're going for a fairly tracked groove with the direction. Some brand new freshness from Phil Gerus with 80's tinged synthy soul setting up the build into moody and deep with some jazzy percussive inflections, with the 'Differently', 'Changes' and 'Check' tracks toughening up the layers. Whilst the MoonBoots, Drop Lamond and Matt Mason tracks bring an urban edge to the proceedings. The 2 Chymera tracks piggybacked make for a lush organic wind down in a very much 'northern Exposure' feel. Episode mixed Live on Z1 and Traktor .. 01 Intro - Bernie Strauss - In Zimbabwe 02 Phil Gerus - Love Is Not So Frightening 03 Nice Deepness - Escape (Gastek & L.D.F. Remix) 04 Adham & Hisham Zahran - Rose Quartz (Ted Alexander Remix) 05 Evan Iff - Curson Ave 06 S!LK, Della Zouch - Differently 07 Princeton Rejects - Changes (Ian Carey Dropout Mix) 08 Dan Marciano - Check 09 Christoph - VMC (Dub Mix) 10 Drop Lamond - Feeling High feat Ru

  • MS.OUTPUT 036 - ZoneCube

    MS.OUTPUT 036 - ZoneCube

    17/12/2013 Duration: 01h21min

    Just in time for some festive output for December. With a veritable santa's stocking of chilled grooves, lush soulful keys and synths, we start off with a bit of Burial's latest work, moving through more low-keyness and moodily into an amazing track by Aamon, where the flows gets a more atmospheric and uplifting groove on - Think RoninXChicane:). From here onwards is the gradual ascension through tracks with a heavier floor presence that builds through a bit of party style from 97 to a pinnacle of Piano-Scratch Frenzy from ACIDUKE in first of 3 'Bonus' tracks. I'm particularly loving the spacey soul influences on the Mozaique, 24HSP, and Space Echo releases and the stabby chords on Tube and Berger, not too mention the smoothly vibed 'Early morning Champagne' with Woz treading a tight line close to UKG. After using Pete Bellis' TQ Re-Edit of Gotye, I couldn't resist the rework that he's done on Reflections in a slightly more progresive direction, v. nice. Alveol and Genoveva give us a lush warm finisher, el

  • MS.OUTPUT 035 - Life

    MS.OUTPUT 035 - Life

    09/11/2013 Duration: 01h03min

    Inspired by a recent visit to Cape Verde, going for organically connected sounds, lot of well known producers here. Deep but on a chilled level. Just Listen :) 01 OM Unit - Drift Interlude 02 Maribo - Moon Circles 03 Yolanda Be Cool Feat. Omar Urulu - To be Alone (Don't let me down remix) 04 Myakkah - Eyes Up 05 Downtown party network feat. Egle Sirvyd - Space me out 06 Deetron Feat. Simbad Fe - Strange Things 07 Bonobo - Eyes Down (Sasha Remix) 08 Stee Downes and Mindtech - We can get it (Dont Remix) 09 Andre Crom - New Day 10 Bajka and Hunter Game - The Island (Baikal Remix) 11 Meramek - Feeling 12 Chris Chronsky - The saga continues 13 Green Linez - Fantasy Glide 14 Fujimoto Tetsuro - Dramas

  • MS.OUTPUT 034 - Extended Summer

    MS.OUTPUT 034 - Extended Summer

    06/10/2013 Duration: 01h09min

    After having diverted my September focus towards collaborative activity in the mixcloud domain, monosonics is back to Podomatic for an October installment of deep, soulful electronic house music.. With a lot of nice releases and some fresh retro styles emerging at the moment, we start off with a tight disco percussive undertone through some punchy yet melodic material into some #Flat&Dirty work from Phil Weeks, into a breaks excursion under sultry vocals on the Irtiqa track. Beyond this, the mix moves through a more techy and progressive groove with some slo-mo vocals into an uplifting and ascending finish through the lovely 'Clear' and the D8M's re-rub of Robin S with the Tim Angrave ambient styling of a Primal Scream classic tailing it off. 1990 style keys and beat programming in the back-end on this episode. 01 - Refresh - Good Times 02 - Yooj and Steve Huerta - Love Me Right 03 - Neighbour and Rob Garza - Calle Del Espiritu Santo (Julio Remix) 04 - Phil weeks - Sharks looking for fishes 05 - Ortega and

  • MS.OUTPUT 033 - DeeperDrum

    MS.OUTPUT 033 - DeeperDrum

    11/08/2013 Duration: 42min

    A wide open and diverse pick on this minimix sequelA deeper drum for the Summer #Designed4Dusk     01 Mela Machinko FT PROBE - Theme Song (Intro)02 Mela Machinko - Holiday's End03 The Cancel - Summer Tape04 Moody Man - Watchn U05 Orlando Voorn - Responsibilities06 Bondax- Wet Summer07 Klaves - So Fine08 Bear Cubs - Don’t Let Go09 Jamie XX - Fiction (Maya Jane Coles Remix)10 Tantsui - Beautiful Day (Dub)11 Movement - Feel Real (Morgan Geist Remix)12 Anthony Kroyt Feat Kevin Lett - Gonna Go

  • MS.OUTPUT 032 - Parallels

    MS.OUTPUT 032 - Parallels

    13/07/2013 Duration: 01h02min

    Going for a slightly more dubby, blues influence on this episode with layers of soul in the samples and vocals. Starting off squelchy and paddy with some nice quality Ukraine deep into quite reflective in the moody mode with tracks from Luca D'Arle and David Keno then moving towards the late night floor with a tough and dirty get down groove and swing, through some tribalism that peaks with lush deep pads on 'End of Brooklyn' dubbing back down to a heavy yet elevating closer. Standout for me are the Matt Prehn, Juliet Sikora, Francesco Robustelli, Beckwith and DMEP offerings. Watch out for the 'RIPGroove' sample on T4 and 'LoveleeDae' loops on T8:) 01 - Demarco Electronic Project - Say something02 - Luca D'Arle - Over (SuperLover Mix)03 - David Keno - The Final Curtain04 - Juliet Sikora - In you05 - Matt Prehn - Love you back 06 - Francesco Robustelli - I want to know 07 - Alessio Pagliaroli Feat. Arnold Jarvis - Tonite (Dub)08 - Kraak & Smaak - The future is yours (Prok & Fitch remix)09 -

  • MS.OUTPUT 031 - Semantic

    MS.OUTPUT 031 - Semantic

    23/06/2013 Duration: 01h12min

    This is for me, a purer more involved selection that embodies a more late night listening experience. Gradually building from an extended downbeat intro through moody, deep and soulful grooves with tight organic bass-lines that twist into more elevating strings and moogy chords. Great tracks from Guti, Second City and my favourite is a tough call between the ascending groove of Leon Vynehall's 'Sister', the dub from SanFran and the very different melodica of Schegg's Night Owl. 01 - Will Saul Presents Close Feat. Joe Dukie - My way (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands remix) 02 - Chasing Kurt - Family guys 03 - Chasing Kurt - Heavenly 04 - Sami Wentz - Nobody knows 05 - Leon Vynehall - Sister 06 - Guti - Hope 07 - Ivalyo - Invisible Solution (Slammer remix) 08 - Mass Digital - Waiting for a new day 09 - Kon Feat. Bosq - Runaway (Night Plane mix) 10 - Kimbu Kimra -Raise the dead (Love from San Francisco dub) 11 - Second City - What love 12 - Schegg - Night Owl 13 - Urban absolutes - Anything 14 - Foxes - Youth (Maze

  • MS.OUTPUT 030 - Reversed Perspective

    MS.OUTPUT 030 - Reversed Perspective

    11/05/2013 Duration: 59min

    Loosely placed, low slung bass-lines under swathes of Chords, layered with tight, punchy snares and defined high hats ..influences from disco, electro,'Jack' and late 80's/early 90's house. T3 and T4 deliver a vocal ilk of the calibre of Owens and Smooth. T5 and T6 are a nod to a bygone era When people learned to make machines sing like people and people learned to sing like machines..  T8 sounds like burial doing Prog House, T9 sounds like the Edge from an early U2 has guested and T11 reminds me of early Chicane. Warning: This production contains occasional swirly electronica melodies, some wobbles and a mild dubby undertone in places! 01 - Rafael Cerato - Somebody Love (Dana Bergquist and Peder G Mix) 02 - Kris Menace Feat. Black Hills - Waiting for you (Fingerpaint Remix) 03 - Frederick Alonso Feat. Kash Jay - My Love (Ben Finn Mix) 04 - The Burrell Brothers - Non stop (Lula Circus Mix) 05 - Beto Cravito - Inherent Vice (Cameo Culture Mix) 06 - Sven Tasnadi - Thank You (Tim Green Mix) 07 -

  • MS.OUTPUT 029 - Spring Breeze

    MS.OUTPUT 029 - Spring Breeze

    15/04/2013 Duration: 01h07min

    An eclectic soundscape with a lot of early 90's retro influences that begins deep, cushioned by warm industrial undertones and tightly produced disco beats with chord play into electronic soul that twists into a slightly tech vibe towards the midway point. Continuing to build through more driving layered tracks towards the more high pressure percussive sound of Tube and Berger.01 Pulshar - Dream when it's wrong02 Salvatore Freda - Love can't hurt (Nebraska '79 Mix)03 Liquid Phonk - Heart and Soul 04 Fred Everything - Brothers and Sisters (PM Atlantic)05 Daniel Ray - Lonely Streets  06 Jimmy and Fred - I see Lights (Karmon  Remix) 07 TramHed - Badam08 Dale Howard - Give Me (Leftwing & Kody Mix) 09 Maxxi Sound System - Make or Break10 Solomun - Lucky Star11 Tube and Berger - GreyJoy12 Jupiter Jax - Ain't No Voodoo

  • MS.OUTPUT 028 -Forged Pt 2 - Steel

    MS.OUTPUT 028 -Forged Pt 2 - Steel

    01/04/2013 Duration: 59min

    The belated and 2nd edition of 'Forged', a distinctively mechanically influenced mix of new releases and some 1Yo and 2Yo archives. Steel is built on percussive layers, starts off deep and involved then moves in a more anthemic direction, still underpinned by cold strings and hard snares before finishing with delayed 808 congas on a New Order tip. Mixed Live, shout out to Mr. Moss: #JasonRealTime. The faves for me are from Jager, Fran Von vie and Kort.   01 Adana Twins - Strange (Acid Pauli and NU Mix) 02 Sebas Ramis - La Mina (Juliche Hernandez and Kirill Kirik Mix) 03 Kort - No Fear 04 Jager Ft Sehija - I'm Falling 05 The White Lamp - Make It Good (Hannes Fischer Remix) 06 Bruno Nasty - El Sol 07 Della Zouch - Virgule 08 Sonny Fodera - Putting It Down 09 CloverLeaf - I Luv You 10 Coll Sellini - Essential Love 11 2nd Sequel - Life 12 Fran Von Vie - Wake me up when everything has changed 13 Wndlrs - Deep CLassical Soul 14 Jackmaster K - In Flight

  • MS.OUTPUT 027 -Forged Pt 1 - Coal

    MS.OUTPUT 027 -Forged Pt 1 - Coal

    01/03/2013 Duration: 01h05min

    This is 'Coal', and due to the fact that good tunes are #fishinabarrel at the Miami moment, this is part one of a 2 mix series called 'Forged'. This instalment builds gradually from the atmospheric locked groove, through some down-beat disco soul vocals, underpinned by analogue basslines into a more anthemic and uplifting direction towards Track8. Allowance from the legendary Isolee takes on a more minimal but still melodic relaxed reprise, 'No more' lifts it up again until the direction tails off into some lovely electronica/breaks from Jupiter Jax. Look out for the second in the series, 'Steel' which is mixed live and available in the next week .... 01 Locked Groove - Do it anyway02 Sonny Fodera - Just Like03 Marcus Anthony - Bad Timing04 Kruse and Nuernburg Ft. Nathalie Claude - Leaves Falling (Mario Basanov mix)05 Anton Lanski - Foreign Hearts06 Sonny Fodera - Stuck 07 Ollie Gibson and Andrew Brown - Lightfall (Wonkers mix)08 Maximan - Don't you want me?  09 Isolee - Allowance10 Pavel Petrov - No Mor

  • MS.OUTPUT 026 - Vortex

    MS.OUTPUT 026 - Vortex

    31/12/2012 Duration: 01h36min

    Thanks to some Track-tokens gifted from DeepTransmissions, Here's something put together to mark the end of a big year. We head off in more of a four to the floor direction towards some soulful NYC and garage influenced sounds, via some squelchy chords, wobbly basslines and chunky back-beats ... Track 13 is RUFF - #backto92 Happy NYE wherever you find yourself on the planet.. 01 SIS - Freeman02 Vexus T - Story Book03 Max Dimitri and Louis Baro - Roots of Rhythm04 The Layabouts Feat. Terri Walker - Here with you05 Alex Niggeman - Don't wait (Extended Mix)06 Universal Solution - Binary Essence 07 Giom - Hot Rabbits (SpiritChaser Remix)08 Dave Allison - SkyLine (Joshua Heath's 'Make you think' Dub) 09 Nick Holder and Martino Lozej (Trackheads) Feat. Lee Anne King - Baby Steps10 Terry Largo - Need you so bad11 Matt Meler and Ron E Jones - Give It Up (1990 Spin N Rinse Cycle Mix) 12 Lauer and Canard Feat. Zoohacker - Falling In Love13 Della Zouch - Virgule14 Universal Solution - Su Tiempo15 UPZ Feat. Stephanie Coo

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