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Twice monthly music and entertainment from Renaissance festivals with Celtic music, Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, English folk, Gypsy music, Pirate, Sea Shanty, Renaissance music, and comedy from groups performing this week at a faire near you.


  • The Widow And The Devil

    The Widow And The Devil

    21/01/2006 Duration: 31min

    Empty Hats, The Widow & The Devil From Captured 3 Pints Gone, Isn't It Grand From One More Round Wyldefyre, Scolding Wife From All's Faire Bounding Main, High Barbaree From Lost At Sea - Sea Shanties And Nautical Ballads Owain Phyfe And The New World

  • The Night Visitor

    The Night Visitor

    14/01/2006 Duration: 35min

    "Empty Hats, ""The Night Visitor's Song"" From Captured Pirate Shantyman & Bonnie Lass, ""Fiddler's Green"" From Faire Favorites And Songs Of The Sea Seymoure, ""The Pudding Song"" From Seymoure Says Celtic Stone, ""Little Beggarman"" From Digital Tra

  • Renaissance Festival Podcast #21

    Renaissance Festival Podcast #21

    19/11/2005 Duration: 43min

    Season 01 Episode 21 Nov 19, 2005 Siler and Clarc, "Fiddler's Green" from A Little Longer Jim Hancock, "Kitty O'Toole" from Songs of Love and Other Silly Stuff Istanpitta, "Alle Psaillite Cum Luya" from Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Mary Flying Fish Sailors, "The Cat Came Back" from Loch Ness Monster Cantiga, "The Magick Butterfly" from Once Upon a Time Craig o'Farrington, "Graehling" from Blue Upon Blue The Bilge Pumps, "Dark Lady" from Brigands with Big'uns Ali Benson, "She Moved Thru the Faire" Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, "The Cat Came Back…The Cat's Perspective" from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

  • Renaissance Festival Podcast

    Renaissance Festival Podcast

    05/11/2005 Duration: 38min

    Season 01 Episode 20 Nov 12, 2005 Birds and Flowers Vince Conaway, "Swallowtail" from Next Market Day Bedlam Bards, "Black Leather Band" from Take Out the Trash Istanpitta, "CSM #100" from Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Mary Flying Fish Sailors, "Flupandemic" from Loch Ness Monster Iris and Rose, "Bang Away" from Missed Conceptions, Part Whew! Rose Wood Guild, "Red Is the Rose" from Forever and a Day Wylde Fyre, "Barque in the Harbour" from All's Faire 3 Pints Gone, "The Moose Song" from One More Round Brobdingnagian Bards, "Finnegan's Wake" from Songs of Ireland

  • Renaissance Festival Podcast #19

    Renaissance Festival Podcast #19

    05/11/2005 Duration: 23min

    Season 01 Episode 19 Nov 5, 2005  Craig o'Farrington, "The 3 Song" from Blue Upon Blue Brobdingnagian Bards, "Exclamations" from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales Cantiga, "Brandle Des Cevaux" from Magic Steps Rose Wood Guild, "Scarborough Faire" from Forever and a Day Jesse Linder, "The Coachman's Whip" from Easy & Free Queen Anne's Lace, "The Chandler's Wife" from Stormy Weather The Jolly Rogers, "Curvy Girls" from Cutlass, Cannon and Curves  

  • RenFestPodcast-001.mp3


    22/06/2005 Duration: 21min

    When I Was A Maid performed by Tania Opland & Mike Freeman, from Choice Faire The Two Magicians performed by Empty Hats, from The Hat Came Back Have Some Madiera M'Dear performed by Siler and Clarc Cucumber Song performed by Iris and Rose,  from Missed Conceptions, Part Whew

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