Citygarden Audio Tour



This is the educational podcast for Citygarden, an urban oasis in downtown St. Louis. Citygarden is a vibrant and serene blending of lush plantings and internationally renowned sculpture with delights of water, stone, architecture and design. Citygarden features two dozen works of modern and contemporary sculpture by some of the worlds most highly regarded artists. They include Fernand Leger, Mark di Suvero, Keith Haring, Martin Puryear, Jim Dine, Tony Smith, and Aristide Maillol.


  • 2101 This is Bruce and Sarah Walking

    2101 This is Bruce and Sarah Walking

    29/06/2009 Duration: 56s
  • 2102 Julian Opie

    2102 Julian Opie

    29/06/2009 Duration: 58s
  • 2201 Zenit

    2201 Zenit

    29/06/2009 Duration: 01min
  • 2202 Mimmo Paladino

    2202 Mimmo Paladino

    29/06/2009 Duration: 01min
  • 2301 Scarecrow

    2301 Scarecrow

    29/06/2009 Duration: 01min
  • 2302 Donald Baechler

    2302 Donald Baechler

    29/06/2009 Duration: 01min
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