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  • 017 | Captain America

    017 | Captain America

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h24min

    Dale, Mark, Jonesy, and Slim sweat their way through an air condition-less studio to possibly one of the best episodes yet from Paperkeg North! Topics included, but were not limited to: We each ran down our top picks from SDCC, comics chatter(23:16), Captain America: The First Avenger(49:19), Captain America Omnibus debate(57:11), and your letters(1:16:53)!

  • 016 | The Goon

    016 | The Goon

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h04min

    Woo! Another one in the maybe win column as Dale, Mark, Jonesy, and Slim activate their geek powers from deep inside of Paperkeg North! Topics included, but were not limited to: Official show sponsor, needing a new nickname for Jonesy, the new Ultimate Spider-Man may or may not be black(5:10), Womanthology spells good news for women in comics(7:35), Slim has a few things to say about DCwomenkicknass(11:20), comics chatter(21:00), The Goon(39:30), and your letters(53:15)!

  • 015 | 100 Bullets

    015 | 100 Bullets

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h09min

    Just 24 hours removed from the startling events of their first convention with a table, Dale, Mark, Jonesy, and Slim muster up the Internet strength yet again inside of Paperkeg North! Topics included, but were not limited to: We quickly recap the events of the Philly Comic Con, Bat-titles have been solicited for issue #2’s(11:00), Batman: Year One’s trailer has dropped pretty hard, comics chatter(21:30), 100 Bullets(44:25), and your letters(58:00)!

  • 014 | Cowboy Ninja Viking

    014 | Cowboy Ninja Viking

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h07min

    After recovering from the previous episode that nearly ended friendships, Dale, Mark, Jonesy, and Slim put their differences aside once more inside of Paperkeg North! Topics included, but were not limited to: Dan Didio says DC won’t be writing for the trade anymore, Jonesy doesn’t understand coming pricing in general, Slim makes a startling revelation regarding his recent comic purchases (8:55), comics chatter(16:00), Cowboy Ninja Viking(39:25), and your letters(51:10)!

  • 013 | Ultimate Spider-Man

    013 | Ultimate Spider-Man

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h07min

    Back in the saddle again, we’re back. Dale, Mark, Jonesy, and Slim held hands and recorded in the hot studio of Paperkeg North! Topics included, but were not limited to: Justice League line-up revealed, Dan Slott sounds off on DC Comics and Marvel’s code of silence, comics chatter(13:20), Ultimate Spider-Man(32:50), Slim crushes your Ultimate Spidey dreams(49:00), Death of Spider-Man(52:00), and your letters(57:00)!

  • 012 | Essex County

    012 | Essex County

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h06min

    Not gonna lie, this one felt good. Mark, Jonesy and Slim high 5‘d and hit record for a damn good comic podcast! Topics included, but were not limited to: Wizard World Philadelphia nostalgia, July 10th announcement - Paperkeg convention appearance(!), Uncanny X-Men cancelled and rebooted, Marvel returns to the newsstand, DC’s digital deluxe, comics chatter(23:00), Essex County(46:00), and your letters(58:00)!

  • 011 | Green Lantern

    011 | Green Lantern

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h27min

    Reunited and it feels so good. All 4 hosts finally return to the studio to record a red hot podcast covering the latest topics on the internetsphere! Topics included, but were not limited to: Action Comics #1 breaks Mark’s heart, Mark Millar leaving Marvel, Avenging Spider-Man, Daredevil joins the Avengers(ugh), comics chatter(29:45), Green Lantern(52:00), and your letters(69:00)!

  • 010 | American Vampire

    010 | American Vampire

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h06min

    Oh, hi! Join us for some comic talk, won’t you? Dale, “Internet Celebrity”, returns with Jonesy and his mother’s dog. Topics included, but were not limited to: Jack Kirby’s revealing interview with The Comics Journal, Stan Lee, whether or not comic books should only be released in a collected fashion, Wizard World Philly(we’ll be there), The Rahzzah’s meteoric rise to stardom, comics chatter(19:00) American Vampire(47:00), and your letters(58:00)!

  • 009.1 | New DCU

    009.1 | New DCU

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h14min

    Huzzah! Our digital dreams have been answered - or have they? DC Historian Mark Farrington stepped away from his assignment to chat with Jonesy and Slim about the alleged reboot of the DCU. Topics included, but were not limited to: How does the “reboot” affect a lifelong DC fan, what about a non-DC reader, where does this leave current storylines and characters, creative teams of phase 1 books, and also the digital same-day news, and finally Flashpoint #2 and Fear Itself #3.

  • 009 | Morning Glories

    009 | Morning Glories

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h02min

    The podcast is All-New and All-Different! That’s actually not true, but Slim and Dale welcome Jonesy back from being on-assignment for two weeks. Topics included, but were not limited to: How much did JMS actually do for the Thor movie, how Paperkeg would reboot the DC universe and make ish happen, Wonder Woman not getting picked up, hot pants, comic chatter(18:00ish), Morning Glories debate(40:00), your letters(54:00)!

  • 008 | Scalped

    008 | Scalped

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h12min

    NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. Kidding, we’re back with MORE of the same. ‘Just’ Dave sits in once more along with the rest of the cast while Jonesy remains on assignment.   Topics included, but were not limited to: GLADD & X-Factor, DMZ drawing to a close, Smallville & Slim hating you, comic chatter(16:00), Scalped debate(48:00), and finally your letters(63:00)!

  • 007 | Demon in a Bottle

    007 | Demon in a Bottle

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h10min

    Your fourth favorite comic podcast is back with the sensational return of Mark Farrington, our resident Batman historian. With Jonesy out on assignment, Dave stepped into his beer soaked shoes quite spectacularly! We chatted about Mark being called out as a fake fanboy, “casual racism” in Flashpoint, a slew of comics(13:00), and also Demon in a Bottle(50:00). Then, we read your letters to close out the show. Spread it on!

  • 006 | Fear Agent

    006 | Fear Agent

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h10min

    A shiny new Paperkeg comes to you once more from the bowels of New Jersey! Mark Farrington remains out on assignment this week, but we power forward. We chatted about never-released Daredevil End of Days, Smallville finally ending, Frank Miller’s Robocop vs Terminator, a slew of comics(15:00), and also Fear Agent(48:00). Then, we read your letters to close out the show. Get some!

  • 005 | Stumptown

    005 | Stumptown

    06/11/2011 Duration: 58min

    Hey, gang. Paperkeg is back for more with the return of Dale_a! Mark Farrington is out on assignment, but the show goes on! We chatted about the Avengers movie filming, Superman renouncing his Americanism, Digital Dark Horse’s app, a slew of comics(20:00ish), and also Stumptown(40:00ish). Then, we read your letters to close out the show. Get some!

  • 004 | Swamp Thing

    004 | Swamp Thing

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h19min

    Paperkeg rises from the ashes to bring you another pretty kosher episode of comic chat! Setlist goes something like this: news, comics, bookclub, and your letters! It breaks down to: Jonesy apologizes to a reader and gets soapbox music, is Point One a failure, All Star Superman animated movie, how can we get new readers to read comics? The Man of Steel plot? Comic Chatter (20:00), Swamp Thing debate (44:00) and your letters!

  • 003 | Sleeper

    003 | Sleeper

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h27s

    Paperkeg returns with buttery smooth audio that makes @slim’s heart melt! Fear Itself is out and about, do we hate Thor? Jonesy breaks down every Thor book ever in 5 seconds, Mark Millar and the pronunciation of his own name, Kapow! conventions, Slim alienates European listeners, we run down Millar’s new books, Dynamite has a terrible logo, Dark Horse Digital is FUBAR, we run down the books we’ve read, get into our Sleeper Volume 1 debate, and your letters!

  • 002 | God Loves, Man Kills

    002 | God Loves, Man Kills

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h23min

    Editor's Note: Listen, the audio in episode 1 and 2 is really bad. Things happened. Mistakes were made. Skip these episodes and go right to 3, please. The Paperkeg podcast returns with a jaw-dropping edition and a fancy cover drawn by Brad Heitmeyer! The world needs another comics podcast! (We’d like to apologize for Jonesy red-lining the mic nearly the entire show. Not to worry, audio quality jumps several notches in Paperkeg #3!) Topics included, but were not limited to: Spider-Island, the most epic topic we’ve ever covered to date, Dale dislikes Dan Slott’s Twitter feed, Marvel partners with Starbucks to harness the caffeinated nerd army, Does the comic reading stigma still exists? (mirror in front of mirrors), Chew comes to showtime, The Wolverine movie has broken our hearts/crushed dreams, book chatter, God Loves, Man Kills debate, Your Letters!

  • 001 | Underboss

    001 | Underboss

    06/11/2011 Duration: 01h21min

    Editor's Note: Listen, the audio in episode 1 and 2 is really bad. Things happened. Mistakes were made. Skip these episodes and go right to 3, please. Oh, snap. We’re back in the saddle again and bassy as all get-out. The world needs another comics podcast. We ran news, comics, book club, and close out the show with some letters to the show. Topics included, but were not limited to: Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Aquaman as written by Geoff Johns, Mark gushes over Geoff Johns, Aquaman battles whalers, Flashpoint is Age of Apocalypse, Flash is the the glue of the DCU, apparently, Fear Itself not going to suck? Dwayne McDuffie’s impact on us before & after, Captain America’s new movie trailer, Skrulls in the Avengers movie? Comic book chatter, Underboss discussion, Letters!

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