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  • #6 : Composition - Foreground Boke or Blur

    #6 : Composition - Foreground "Boke" or Blur

    10/10/2005 Duration: 14min

    Learn how to use Boke or out of focus area of an image to add a dreamy feel to your shots. Plus something to try beforehand to lessen the shock of loosing extra zoom when switching to a full size sensor DSLR with no crop factor, such as the Canon EOS 5D. Text and Images:

  • #5 : Canon EOS 5D Review

    #5 : Canon EOS 5D Review

    03/10/2005 Duration: 36min

    Having spent a few days with my new Canon EOS 5D, here is a first impressions based review, in which I explain the merits and demerits of the 5D, plus give you some examples shots from the field. Text and Images:

  • #4 : Panning - a Swan Takes Flight

    #4 : Panning - a Swan Takes Flight

    25/09/2005 Duration: 16min

    An explanation of a photographic technique called 'Panning', with real-world examples. Details:

  • #3 : Seeing and Anticipating Shots

    #3 : Seeing and Anticipating Shots

    19/09/2005 Duration: 13min

    In this episode we'll discuss how to see or anticipate a shot and ways to raise your shots to a higher level. Details:

  • #2 : Stable Posture in Low Light

    #2 : Stable Posture in Low Light

    12/09/2005 Duration: 16min

    Using my Great Tit shot I explain how to increase your chances of getting the shot in low light. Details:

  • #1 : The Pink Flamingos Stare

    #1 : The Pink Flamingo's Stare

    01/09/2005 Duration: 12min

    The first Podcast from Tokyo based photographer Martin Bailey, discussing his shot - The Pink Flamingo's Stare Details:

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