Headline History



In Headline History host Dan Lovallo looks back at the reporting of historical events by newspapers and other media in the immediate aftermath of those events. How accurate was the medias reporting of the assassination of JFK? What was the state of the USA on the day after Pearl Harbor? How was history effected years later because of these consequential events? This is some of what Dan Lovallo explores in Headline History.


  • Sinatra's 'Young At Heart' and the seeds of Pearl Harbor

    09/12/2015 Duration: 17min
  • The U.S.A.'s first mass murder

    04/12/2015 Duration: 22min
  • Thanksgiving 1963 and Oswald nearly survives

    28/11/2015 Duration: 14min
  • JFK Assassination: The day after

    20/11/2015 Duration: 36min
  • Introduction to Headline History

    18/11/2015 Duration: 04min
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