Dialog Overseas



Dialog Overseas: Hear what living overseas is really like. We answer the morally ambiguous questions.


  • My Hospital Trip in China.

    My Hospital Trip in China.

    30/04/2012 Duration: 30min

    Going to the hospital in China is not like going to a hospital in the U.S. Find out what the differences are. Take a listen.

  • Vietnam: Our Time in Nam..

    Vietnam: Our Time in Nam..

    24/04/2012 Duration: 30min

    Carolyn and I talk about our vacation to Vietnam. Listen to our interview with a Vietnam veteran. What is Vietnam like today? Take a listen now.

  • Made in China 2

    Made in China 2

    10/12/2011 Duration: 26min

    How to "bargain" shop in China. And we continue our discussion with Peggy about the working conditions in the Chinese factories. Take a listen.

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