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  • What's So Hyper About Grace? | Interview with D.R. Silva

    11/01/2014 Duration: 01h38s

    This week I was privileged to have on the podcast Dan Silva, a fellow blogger and author of the fairly new book, It's All About Jesus: What They Never Told You in Church.  I enjoyed talking to Dan. I've been following his site for a few years, along with his Facebook page and have enjoyed the posts and articles he's written. I have even more respect for him after hearing more about his journey from Sunday churchianity, to burn out, to a renewed passion for God and the message of his love. Check out this week's episode and hear us discuss whether the message of grace truly is a license to sin as some claim 'grace teachers' are proclaiming. We also discuss a recent article our regular guest Stephen Crosby wrote that's been getting some buzz on social media. Further Reading: Dan's site Saints Not Sinners. Get his book on Amazon here. The article we discussed in the latter half of the show today: Grace Does Not Need Balancing, by Dr Stephen Crosby.

  • Experiencing God's Presence | Interview with Eric Gilmour

    03/01/2014 Duration: 01h01min

    There is no Christianity without experiencing God. Yet so many people admit that they have a difficult time experiencing God's presence or hearing God's voice. Why is this and how can we fix that in our own lives? This week we have Eric William Gilmour on the podcast and he passionately shares about cultivating a union with Christ and walking in such an intimacy with Him. We discuss Eric's ministry, Sonship International, as well as his books Burn: Melting Into the Image of Jesus, and Union: The Thirsting Soul Satisfied in God in which Eric tells us is an expansion of one of the concepts from Burn.  There's no pre-nuptual agreement in Christ, both the Bride and Groom share the same assets, no matter who brought the most in to the union. We are made what we are in Christ because of everything Jesus made us. Likewise, there is no Christianity without experiencing God, as Eric relates that the Bible is not meant to merely be a recipe book, but a source of food. We need to hear God's voice and not just read His b

  • Dreams, Visions and Memory Stones


    This week Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner catch up over skype and share some testimonies on the power of the Holy Spirit. Then, rather quickly we get around to discussing dream interpretation and "memory stones" and how easily the Holy Spirit wants to show us things and use us to minister to the world around us. We also give a brief Old Testament history lesson about why it was so devastating when the enemies of Israel destroyed the temple of the Lord.  

  • Do You have a Thorn in the Flesh? | Interview with Art Thomas

    13/11/2013 Duration: 01h27s

    This week we interview Art Thomas, missionary evangelist and author of the new book Spiritual Tweezers: Removing Paul's "Thorn in the Flesh" and Other False Objections to God's Will for Healing. He is also co-director of a new movie called Paid in Full: Physical Healing documentary. So, as you guessed it, we talked about divine healing, one of our favourite subjects on this podcast, but we focused more on discussing Paul's Thorn in the Flesh. Questions we discussed: Why isn't everybody healed? What about Timothy’s frequent stomach problems?  What was Paul's Thorn in the Flesh? Why does it take a long time for some people to receive healing? Plus Art shares some personal testimonies and struggles. Links: Art Thomas Ministries  Paid in Full: Physical Healing Documentary Get a copy of Spiritual Tweezers on Amazon.    

  • Are You Living a Resurrected Lifestyle? | Interview with Jesse Birkey

    27/10/2013 Duration: 51min

    This week we're privileged to have as a guest Jesse Birkey, author of the book Life Resurrected: Extraordinary Miracles Through Ordinary People. Jesse shares with us several testimonies and stories that led him to write the book as well as encourage the listener that you don't need to be a special leader or pastor in order to lay hands on the sick and see the dead raised.  Jesse is also one of the stars in the new documentary "Dead Raiser".  Be sure to get a copy of Jesse's book and watch the movie.  Links: Life Resurrected on Here's the book's trailer with Jesse explaining why he wrote it:

  • Is Healing Always God's Will? | Interview with Josh Greeson

    29/09/2013 Duration: 01h04min

    Join me, Steve Bremner as I interview fellow healing author Joshua Greeson, author of God's Will Is Always Healing: Crushing Theological Barriers To Healing.  The two of us discuss what motivated us to write our books, including the 20 year journey that resulted in Josh's book. Here's a list of questions I asked him and we discussed:  Why can we be so certain God's will is to heal, when we may have lost loved ones to cancer or diseases when they were believing for a breakthrough?  Is faith always necessary to see a healing? Or is it automatic? How do we minister healing to the sick? Is it necessary to ask someone their permission before laying hands on them or praying for them in faith? Does the "healee" need to want to be healed? Do we need to wait for a leading from the Holy Spirit? Does God truly receive glory the more we suffer for Him in sickness and diseases? What is the point of changing our mind about something such as healing? OK, so we decided to change our beliefs about divine healing and God's wi

  • Ramblings, Revelations, and Rabbit Trails

    06/09/2013 Duration: 53min

    Join Steve Bremner and David Edwards as they discuss micro and macro revelations and share the things the Lord has been revealing to them out of the Word of God. Steve also shares some wedding updates. Basically just another episode where we both were on skype and got talking and recorded it not knowing where the Holy Spirit would take us.  We also pondered how come Israel refused to let God speak directly to them but begged Him to have Moses mediate between them when the Lord clearly was passionate about relationship with them.  If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, on Stichter Radio or visit for more subscription options. Like David's new Facebook page.  Sign up for our Kindle books mailing list and receive a free audio version of 6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing.

  • Money & The Church: A Better Way To Live & Give | Dr. Stephen R. Crosby

    11/08/2013 Duration: 48min

    Join Steve Bremner this week as he discusses the taboo subject of money in the church with Dr Stephen R. Crosby. Dr Crosby recently published a book called "Money & The Church", and like usual, we get down to business killing some sacred cows.  But, lest you think this is just going to be a rant against practices that we think are bad and unbiblical in the Body of Christ regarding how money is acquired and used, we also encourage a different approach. One that is the source of life. We spend some time dismissing lies that many Christians have about money, but also how God has laid out "living and giving" in the Bible.  To get a copy of Dr Crosby's new book, head to The article Steve Bremner referred to in the discussion: Manna from Heaven: Why Modern Tithing is Unbiblical.  Also, many thanks to those of you who have helped spread word about Stevie B's ebooks. If you'd like to get a free audio copy of 6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing, head on ove

  • Heartstone: God With Us In Our Suffering | Interview with Tim Young

    21/06/2013 Duration: 56min

    Join us this week as Steve Bremner interviews Tim Young, author of the book Heartstone: A Journey Out of the Midnight of My Soul. Tim shares the concept behind the title and transparently shares his own struggles he went through that led to the writing of this book. I can't recommend this book enough, hence, having Tim on the podcast.  Get a FREE copy of Heartstone before June 30th/2013 by going to this link: Grab Steve's latest Kindle book, The Imperishable Seed of Christ:Understanding the Believer's Spiritual DNA now while it's only 99 cents. And, if you don't have a Kindle and hate reading books on your smartphone, Six Lies People Believe About Divine Healing is now available in paperback.  Hope you are really encouraged by today's show and take advantage of these resources.

  • The 100th Episode of the Show!

    19/03/2013 Duration: 58min

    We finally made it to episode 100! It's been an interesting 6 year ride. Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner talk about the best (and worst) of the podcast over the years and discuss the direction we feel the Lord taking us in the next 100 episodes of the podcast. This week we don't cover a lot of the prophetic or theology, but instead answer important questions like: What makes a good episode of Fire On Your Head? What really happened between Steve Bremner and his original co-host Dan Slavin? We share the non-sensational and uneventful behind-the-scenes story. If you're a blogger, author, celebrity of some kidn and intend on being a guest on a future episode of the podcast, what do you need to know and do to be prepared? Does Steve get paid or make any money producing this podcast? Give us a listen and get stirred up with some of what the Lord has been doing in our lives. Steve's new Kindle books: 6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing for $3.99 Increase Your Faith: Practical Steps To Help You Believe For The

  • Fascinated By God's Beauty

    15/01/2013 Duration: 01h03min

    This week we finally have back on the podcast authors Dr Stephen Crosby and SJ HIll, and talk about being agents of beautification for the kingdom of God. We discuss how to be fascinated by God's beauty, and understand how He feels about us as an antidote to a boring spiritual life.  We also answer questions like how do we encourage ourself in the Lord? You won't want to miss this discussion as it is unlike the previous discussions the three of us have had. Check out Brian Zahnd's book Beauty Will Save The World--you won't regret it! If you haven't had a chance yet, head on over to Amazon and buy Steve Bremner's new ebook Six Lies People Believe About Divine Healingfor only $3.99

  • Micro & Macro Revelation

    23/11/2012 Duration: 01h01min

    Join Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner as we attempt to have a discussion on the power of purity, but wind up getting sidetracked by the Holy Spirit and wind up talking about something else instead.  You know those podcast discussions between the two of us where we wind up having had a totally thought provoking and edifying spontaneous discussion?  Yeah, one of those. If I could sum it up, I'd say we talked about "micro" and "macro" revelation.   That's to say, how God is intimately and deeply involved in both the minute and small detail of our lives and creation, as well as the big obvious running of the universe.  Another one of my favorite podcasts we've done in recent memory Don't foget subscribe to our new feed, or to add us on Stitcher!

  • Gold Dust & Angel Feathers | With Stephen Best

    17/11/2012 Duration: 51min

    Welcome back to the podcast.  Sorry for the delay, but hey, at least we've now got a new theme song thanks to Jose Aljovin. It only took me nearly 100 episodes and over 5 years to get around to it, but hey, better late than never, right? This week we have on the podcast my pastor Stephen Best returning for another discussion.  This time, he let me just ask him questions about his thoughts on some of the stuff that goes on in some charismatic circles.  We talk about gold dust, angel feathers, 100-fold return offerings, and personal prophecy.   Join us for a light-hearted but sober discussion.  Don't foget subscribe to our new feed, or to add us on Stitcher!

  • Do You Put The Cart Before The Horse?

    10/09/2012 Duration: 50min

    Join us as Steve Bremner and Dave Edwards chat it up.  We begin sharing a bit of a personal testimony from Steve, who is a missionary to Peru,  concerning God's faithfulness and provision while currently in Canada, as well as how God's plans are not always the same as our plans.  You will be encouraged. Then we talk and reminisce about the journey of the podcast over the last 5 years as well as the Fire Press site over the last four and how Dave's released his book The Call For Revivalists, as the fruit of many of his writings on the site. Afterward the discussion turns into some thoughts on how we can never be good enough to come to God and the process of repentance always begins with Him, not us.  Is "vicarious repentance" Biblical?  Can we really repent on behalf of other people? Join us and be encouraged, challenged, and hopefully changed.   If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, or visit for more subscription options.

  • What Is Spiritual Fathering? | Discussion with Dr. Stephen R. Crosby

    26/07/2012 Duration: 51min

    This week we're privileged to have back Dr Stephen Crosby on the show to talk some more about subjects he's passionate about. This week: spiritual fathering.  What is a father/son relationship in the Bible?  Is your pastor your spiritual father?  Is a pastor or apostolic leader in the Body of Christ a father to those who attend his or her church simply by virtue of their title or accomplishments for the kingdom of God? What does mentoring and discipling look like in father son relationships, at least from a New Testament perspective?  You probably already know the answer to that one without having to listen to the show, but, we still had a great time talking about these things and think you'll enjoy it.  Join us as we try hammering some of these things out! Visit Dr Crosby's site at Father to the Fatherless by S.J. Hill If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, or visit for more subscription options.

  • Productive or Just Busy?

    19/07/2012 Duration: 52min

    This week we invite back Mark Burgess and Shaun Wissmann, both missionaries who are a part of missional community in Chorrillos, Peru. This week we talk about abiding and resting in Him.  Why is it so hard for so many of us to stop, sit back and take moments to simply abide?  Why do many of us feel the constant drive and need to be busy doing something, anything, for the Kingdom of God? Visit to pick up free audio books mentioned in the podcast, such as The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss (but read/listen with discernment). Links: Mark and Anna Burgess's blog: The Burgess Family in Peru Shaun and Amanda Wissman: Called To Peru. If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, or visit for more subscription options.

  • The New Jezebel | Discussion with S.J. Hill & Dr. Stephen R. Crosby

    29/05/2012 Duration: 54min

    Join us this week as we discuss another insidious doctrine that's ready for a sacred cow barbecue. This week Stephen Crosby, S.J. Hill and Steve Bremner chat it up again, and this time cover 'the new Jezebel'--which is nothing more than a newly packaged old lie, which basically discourages anybody from asking questions or challenging things that are said or done. It's a subtle form of manipulation that some leaders use in order to insulate themselves from being challenged. It's a form of manipulation, plain and simple. We discuss how this works, and spend the second half of the conversation discussing practical ways we can change this in our own personal lives and in our fellowship with one another. Give it a listen as it's definitely the most insightful conversation the three of us have had together on the podcast so far. Further reading: The New Jezebel - "You're Just Wounded" - by Dr Stephen R. Crosby If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, Stitcher Radio

  • Is Hyper Grace a License To Sin? | Conversation with Gregg Montella

    14/05/2012 Duration: 55min

    Join us this week as we finally have another discussion with the star of American Missionary, Gregg Montella.  He shares a little bit about the anti-human trafficking ministry work he's doing in countries like Moldova, and then we get down to talking about the abundant love and grace of God. Is grace really a license to sin?  Is it "sloppy agape"?  Where does the grace of God truly fit in the believer's life and ability to live a holy, repentant life?  Join us to find out as we have a fun and insightful discussion! Visit Gregg's site One Heart International Mission   Relevant Articles: Sipping Saints - Christians and Alochol, It's All Grace? both by Steve Bremner If you’d like to subscribe to the Fire On Your Head Podcast, visit our directory in iTunes, or visit for more subscription options.

  • Revive What? | Discussion with S.J. Hill & Dr. Stephen R. Crosby

    30/04/2012 Duration: 56min

    This week we ask the question "revive what?".  What is revival and what is being revived?  We cut through the buzz words and discuss what this is and what it looks like in the Scriptures. We get into asking these questions from the get go and dive into 'outpouring' versus discipleship.   If a real outpouring happened, would we be ready?  Would we even really want it?  What if God actually answered our romanticized prayers for a revival?  Would we be ready for it? Join us this week as Steve Bremner has a sacred cow barbecue with a couple of insightful authors:  SJ Hill, international speaker and author of Enjoying God and previous recurring guest on the podcast, along with Dr Stephen R. Crosby, author of Revising Revival. Related Links: Visit for more about SJ Hill's ministry and resources Visit to download or order Dr Crosby's books and go further into some of the stuff we only began to cover today. Related Articles: The Call For Revivalists - Dave Edwards What D

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