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  • Laughing at God

    28/02/2021 Duration: 12min

    Pastor Keith reflects on the story of Abraham and Sarah and how they laugh out loud at the audacity of God's promises--and how God does more than we can ask or imagine.

  • Quarantined in the Ark

    23/02/2021 Duration: 17min

    Did you know that Noah, his family, and the animals were quarantined in the ark for about a year? Sound familiar? Pastor Keith reflects on the story of Noah and the Ark in light of the pandemic and suggests that perhaps the Season of Lent can be an Ark for us, holding us, and carrying us from death into life. 

  • Ash Wednesday: Unforced Rhythms of Grace

    18/02/2021 Duration: 19min

    On this Ash Wednesday, Pastoral Associate Lindsay Bates invites us to enter into Lent's "unforced rhythms of grace."

  • Message from Feb 14th 2021

    17/02/2021 Duration: 16min
  • The Freedom of a Christian

    07/02/2021 Duration: 12min

    Inspired by the healing and call story of Simon's mother-in-law, Pastor Keith reflects on how our own healing propels us to serve others, as he explores the nature of Christian freedom. 

  • Where Heaven and Earth Meet

    31/01/2021 Duration: 13min

    Inspired by great religious sites in Europe, Pastor Keith reflects on the past, present, and future of UDLC and how our church has evolved to respond to the needs of each new generation. Inspired by Solomon's blessing the Temple in 1 Kings 8. 

  • The Island of Misfit Disciples

    17/01/2021 Duration: 17min

    Inspired by the movie Money Ball, the call of Samuel, and the call of the disciples, Pastor Keith reflects on how we discover our callings in life. 

  • You Are Beloved. The Baptism of Jesus.

    10/01/2021 Duration: 13min

    Pastor Keith reflects on what it means to be God's Beloved and what that means for us in times of change and challenge, with inspiration from Henri Nouwen and Brene Brown.

  • Being Attentive to the Light

    03/01/2021 Duration: 11min

    Pastoral Associate Lindsay Bates reminds us that darkness cannot overcome light, period. As we close the Christmas season and start a new year, Lindsay explores Jesus as the light of the world and how we might be people attentive to the light.

  • Christmas Eve Sermon

    24/12/2020 Duration: 11min

    Pastor Keith preaches about how our experience of Christmas this year draws us closer to the meaning of the first Christmas and reminds us that although we may be apart, we are not alone. 

  • Blue Christmas Service

    18/12/2020 Duration: 19min

    Pastor Ghislaine Cotnoir reflections on the complexities of the Christmas season and how Jesus is born into our grief, sadness, and struggle. 

  • The "Now What?" Prayer

    11/12/2020 Duration: 12min

    Inspired by Rob Bell's book Everything is Spiritual, Pastor Keith preaches on what happens when we turn the question "Now What?" into a prayer and how it can take us from lament to hope.

  • The Power of First Lines

    09/12/2020 Duration: 15min

    Inspired the first lines from some of his favorite books and the Gospel of Mark, Pastor Keith reflects about how God is continually writing a new story in our hearts, even in difficult times. 

  • Living and Giving Bravely

    15/11/2020 Duration: 15min

    Inspired by the work of Brene Brown, who wrote, “Most of us are brave and afraid at exactly the same time, all day long," Pastor Keith reflects on being brave even when we might not feel brave, and how our faith helps us.

  • Message from Nov. 8, 2020

    09/11/2020 Duration: 20min
  • All Saints Sunday

    01/11/2020 Duration: 12min

    Inspired by his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Pastor Keith reflects on the saints in our lives for All Saint's Sunday.

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