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Motus V with Nick 'The Tooth' Gullo is a deep dive into the five pillars of optimum health: Mental Wellness, Exercise, Diet, Recovery, and Tribe


  • Jason Parillo on Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    07/07/2017 Duration: 01h20min

    Jason Parillo, retired professional boxer and coach to many UFC champions, sits with Tooth in the Motus V Studio and dishes on the upcoming mega-fight featuring Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather.  This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee Check out the Motus V site

  • Jits Mayhem Recap: 2017 Worlds & Royal Tournaments

    20/06/2017 Duration: 01h26min

    Tooth sits with Motus V listener/jiu jitsu fan/AOJ coach Jeff Hairstrom and they reflect on the savage two weeks of the 2017 World Championships & the Royal tournament held at Studio 540 PLUS a discussion of upcoming topics for the podcast This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more info visit Motus V

  • 2017 IBJJF World Championships Breakdown w/ Bear

    31/05/2017 Duration: 01h29min

    Tooth drops by the new Shoyoroll HQ to chat with founder Bear, a self-professed Jiu Jitsu geek, wherein they break down the competition at the 2017 World Championships.  BONUS: A primer for the following week's Royal tournament at Studio 540, a lower-belt invitational featuring 48 of the best up-and-comers within the jiu jitsu scene. This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee  

  • Josh Hinger

    30/05/2017 Duration: 01h30min

    Tooth sits with Josh Hinger, who in addition to winning the 2016 World NoGi championships AND serving as a head coach at ATOS HQ, pens a monthly column for Flograppling, touching on such subjects as keeping MMA's douchebag attitudes out of Jiu Jitsu, and a plea for competitors to quit apologizing for their losses. This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee   For more information visit Motus V    

  • No Tooth Tuesdays w/ Patrick Cummins

    16/05/2017 Duration: 01h22min

    Tooth chills in the garage w/ fellow toothless wonder Patrick Cummins and they talk wrestling, steroids in MMA, recovery from intense workouts, and living the life of an artist.  This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee  

  • Chael Sonnen PLUS Casey Halstead & Ron Turner

    12/05/2017 Duration: 01h37min

    Tooth first chats with Chael Sonnen about his promotion Submission Underground, then he hangs in the garage with 10th Planet gym moguls Casey Halstead & Ron Turner who together own SIX locations in Orange County and Las Vegas, nearly 10% of all 10th Planet schools! They talk the ins and outs of opening a gym, the evolution of submission grappling, the benefits of the Joe Rogan podcast and more. This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee

  • Brian Makenzie

    05/05/2017 Duration: 01h34min

    Tooth chills in the garage with breathing guru Brian Makenzie and they chat about Wim Hoff, working with surf madman Laird Hamilton, the benefits of short focused breathing exercises and how alternating ice/heat sessions stimulate beneficial adaptive responses.   Episode Sponsored by Kimera Koffee

  • Bobby Martinez

    21/04/2017 Duration: 01h27min

    This week Tooth took a train (for the 1st time!) up to Santa Barbara where he trained nogi with pro surfer Bobby Martinez. Afterward they talked about the grind of competing as as a professional, how growing up Bobby balanced living in a Mexican-American neighborhood with surfing (a primarily 'white' sport), and following his passions from boxing to jiu jitsu to now wrestling.    This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more info head to Motus V

  • Travis Newazza Returns!

    07/04/2017 Duration: 01h10min

    Tooth welcomes Travis Newazza back into the garage to talk about his selling the brand Newazza to move to Austin TX and join Onnit HQ, and how he rolled with the punches when that didn't work out, opening two new gyms in Palm Desert/Joshua Tree, training for ADCC trials, catch wrestling, and more!   This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more info visit Motus V  

  • Baret Yoshida!

    31/03/2017 Duration: 01h21min

    Tooth sits with the legendary grappler Baret Yoshida. They talk trying to learn Jiu Jitsu in the mid-90s, Baret's foray into MMA and the dangers of striking, his incredible performances at ADCC, living in a Japanese dojo, the infamous Yakuza, Mexican Pyramids... and so much more! This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee   For more info visit Motus V  

  • Izzy Paskowitz

    20/03/2017 Duration: 01h34min

    Tooth sits with Izzy Paskowitz, of the fabled Paskowitz clan who were featured in the Netflix documentary 'Surfwise.' It's an amazing story about a family of 11 children that dropped out and lived for decades in an old RV up and down the Pacific Coast. Izzy was a world longboard champion and he now runs Surfer's Healing, a charity that works with autistic children, introducing them to the ocean and specifically surfing.  Sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more info head over to Motus V and sign up for the zine!

  • Rick Slomba - the Doyen of BJJ Instructors

    08/03/2017 Duration: 01h30min

    Rick Slomba, World Champion and head AOJ instructor, drops by the garage and sits with Tooth. They talk starting jits as an adult, competing at the elite level, fighting through continual failures, developing the AOJ kids program, and finally, opening  a BJJ gym.    Sponsored by Kimera Koffee   Check out Motus V  

  • The Return of Dr. Andy Galpin!

    17/02/2017 Duration: 01h27min

    Tooth agains sits with the Cal State Fullerton physiology/genetics researcher and this time they talk about the #1 recovery technique that everyone can use (and it's free!),  the rapid evolution of genetic engineering, pigs engineered with human organs, the ethical concerns of such engineering, and how to counter the damaging effects of flying.  This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more host & podcast info checkout    

  • Garry Tonon

    09/02/2017 Duration: 01h40min

    Tooth sits with nogi grappling phenom Garry Tonon prior to his gi super-fight against AJ Azgarem in Huntington Beach. They talk learning under John Danaher, the rise of leg attacks in the nogi system, training with Georges St. Pierre to help him get ready for his UFC fights, and more! Episode Sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more info visit

  • Luke Davis Pro Surfer

    31/01/2017 Duration: 01h24min

    Pro surfer Luke Davis drops by the Motus V studio to talk living the dream, traveling the world doing what you love, and the life of a free surfer.  This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee   Mas info at the Motus V website    

  • Starting a Company: Kimera Koffee!!!

    15/01/2017 Duration: 01h18min

    Tooth sits with Kimera Koffee founder Teodoro Armenteros. They talk life in the Dominican Republic, the difficulties of starting a company and just what makes the coffee so unique.    Episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee   For more info visit  

  • New Year's Resolutions!

    09/01/2017 Duration: 01h13min

    Tooth sits w/ friend of the Motus V family, Anthony Gonzalez. During the ramblefest they talk setting and achieving goals, DIET & implementing a realistic training regimen.     Sponsored by Kimera Koffee   Info at Motus V

  • 2016 Recap + REPOST of 'Mendes Bros on Coaching'

    27/12/2016 Duration: 01h56min

    Tooth recaps the madness that was 2016 & pulls a mulligan to repost the first Motus V episode, 'Mendes Bros on Coaching.' The original episode contained botched audio, but after stumbling on the old files, well why not it's the end of the year and 2017 is the year of the Apocalypse!   Episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee   Sign up for Motus V newsletter at:

  • Nerdcast: Star Wars - Rogue One!

    24/12/2016 Duration: 01h15min

    Happy Holidays! From here on (post Disney acquisition of Lucas Films) every holiday season will bring another Star Wars installment... so Tooth sits with fellow scifi geeks, wife Taylor and friend Johnny Castannha, to discuss their history with the Star Wars universe, and also drop a review of the new prequel Rogue One.    Sponsored by Kimera Koffee Sign-up for updates at the new Motus V site  

  • EBI 10 Champion Geo 'Freakazoid' Martinez

    15/12/2016 Duration: 59min

    Tooth sits with EBI 10 Champion Geo 'Freakazoid' Martinez, fresh off his win at the first international EBI tournament, held in Mexico City. They talk about his massive upset over Danaher Deathsquad standout Eddie Cummings, the rapid evolution of nogi jiu jitsu, and how to start training leglocks.    Brought to you by Kimera Koffee    

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