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Thrive in Uncertain Times with Saturday Morning coaching on WTIC1080, Connecticut's #1 Newstalk radio station. Join Coach Davis and explore how you apply the 5-point model designed to get you into action. Someone is going to be very successful today...why not you? Get the model at and click the Starpower tab.


  • Message in my Myth

    30/04/2016 Duration: 09min

    We have people getting ready to make decisions today based on the myths they tell themselves.  They have been listening to the message in the myth for so long that they miss the marvelous moments in life.  People are self-sabotaging; they believe the lies they tell themselves.  Get today’s handout “5-S’ing Your Mind” at and be here after weather and sports as we “mulch the myths” guiding our lives. today's handout: music by:

  • Caring Counts

    02/04/2016 Duration: 07min

    Be on guard for indifference creeping into your life.  A theme emerged from all the people I met this week and the stories they told me.  It is a disturbing theme with real root-cause drivers grounded in research.  Today, Coach is going to ask you to make a commitment to care…and it begins with cultivating your empathy.  A great assessment is posted for you at under STARPOWER.  Get ready because Coach is going to get “real” with you right after weather and sports.

  • Side-lined or Redefined

    05/03/2016 Duration: 07min

    Time passes and change happens.  How quickly what once was is now no more; it has gone beyond its useful life.  Brace yourself for some harsh realities as Saturday Morning Coaching soon begins.  Coach got coached this week by one of our great listeners, Randy Sweeny.  It is time to face into some tough truths as we must decide, “Is it time to be ‘side-lined or redefined?’”  Get today’s handout at and be here after weather and sports for the great lesson Coach learned this week.

  • Back to our Roots

    20/02/2016 Duration: 08min

    6 ½ years ago we started on this STARPOWER journey together with one goal in mind…to thrive in uncertain times.  STARPOWER is the five-point model designed to get us into action;  it has been the backdrop for all our Saturday Morning Coaching sessions.  Be with us as we go “back to our roots” and re-engage our STARPOWER.  It is time to up our game. 

  • Winning with NO Talent

    08/02/2016 Duration: 08min

    Saturday Morning Coaching is about to begin as we explore winning attributes. Yep, 10 things you can do right now to make yourself more valuable.  Coach is giving it to you straight because I want you to be wildly successful…and in this market, that begins with keeping your job.  Be here after weather and sports as we enter the “no piker” zone.

  • 5-to-Thrive

    09/01/2016 Duration: 07min

    Man,  o-man, o-man!  2016 is off to a roaring start:  Korean nuke, Saudi-Iran tensions, oil price collapse with all the sovereign debt impact, Puerto Rico debt default, Putin, stock market drops…whew!  Maybe the world is going crazy…but today, we have our lives to live right here at home.  Coach is planning on seeing 2017 with all of you.  Today we do 5-to-Thrive as we prepare for the New Year.  Get today’s handout at under STARPOWER and see you here after weather and sports.

  • Curse of Competence

    21/11/2015 Duration: 06min

    Incompetent and unaware.  Did you know there is actual research and psychology behind the Dilbert moments you see in your life;  those moments where incompetent people get promoted and competent people end up making them look good?  The Dilbert cartoons have it right. Unskilled and unaware; how not to get trapped by your cognitive bias and be out maneuvered by other people’s illusory superiority.  Sound serious?  You bet!  Be here after weather and sports for Saturday Morning Coaching.

  • Got "WoW"?

    14/11/2015 Duration: 07min

    Get ready to have your thinking challenged this morning.  Recently, I heard a venture capitalist discussing the importance of the 10-minute pitch; looking for the “wow” factor.  You got “wow”?  Can you speak to an exciting future or have you “wost your wow”? STARPOWER Saturday is soon to begin.

  • Crisis of Caring

    31/10/2015 Duration: 09min

    Since we were last together, Coach has gotten worked up about disengaged employees and the management who is driving them there.  A Crisis of Caring is afoot!  Join us as we explore how to avoid this most dangerous, emotional place of, “I just don’t care.”  Go to and review today’s handout, the Caring survey, to prepare.

  • Attitudes that Work or Trippin' through Trash

    12/10/2015 Duration: 08min

    As I stepped over a pile of trash on the floor I was compelled to ask, “Who are these people?”  In what universe do people consider it okay to trash the area around them and leave it for someone else to pick-up?  Compare this to our experience when we got to hear the Mambo Kings with the Hartford Symphony at the Talcott Mountain Festival in Simsbury.  The fields are full of people and when over, there was no trash anywhere.  What makes the difference? 

  • Graffiti Me?

    21/06/2015 Duration: 07min

    Get that paint can, shake it up and get ready to graffiti all the people you have trouble with;  waaait, we’re already doing that, in our heads!  Graffiti Me?  Just finished delivering a great workshop this week on what Dr. Annette calls Leader-Member Exchange;  for the rest of us it’s called “in group/out group.”  Holster that spray paint, get today’s assignment at and be here after weather and sports to learn how your filters rob others of their potential.  Sobering, you bet; hopeful, definitely!

  • Drive to the Greater Good

    06/06/2015 Duration: 06min

    Ever found yourself sitting alone at work early in the morning or late in the evening grousing to yourself, “Why am I the only one doing all the work?  Where is everyone else? How come my boss doesn’t do anything about it?”  Welcome to the world of “overclaiming” driven by egocentrism.  Don’t believe you do it?  Be here after weather and sports and we will dive into the research that can refocus your life and keep you in the sweet spot of success.  Ready?  Saturday Morning Coaching is now!

  • The Purity Paradox

    23/05/2015 Duration: 07min

    How pure do you want your drinking water?  Everyone these days seems overly concerned about the purity of what goes into their bodies, but it is out of vogue to be concerned about the purity of character; what comes out of me.  Be here after weather and sports as Coach is going to give you some heat about “pandering and purity” or “the purity paradox.”  Do you think purity of character is important?   Get ready by reviewing today’s link at under STARPOWER.

  • Everything Right in the World is at Luke's Donuts in Connecticut

    11/05/2015 Duration: 08min

    Saturday morning at Luke’s Donuts in West Avon you get a glimpse of everything right in the world.  You see in action what it means to get along.  The last two STARPOWER sessions we talked about building your community through coaching.  Join us as we take a different look at building community:  why Luke’s Donuts is a model for peace in our world.  Weather and sports…and then Saturday Morning Coaching.

  • Spring Cleaning with 5-S

    06/04/2015 Duration: 08min

    Spring is here and that means it is Spring Cleaning time...but not around the house and is time to clean-up and tune-up our thoughts, our wardrobe and resume.  Use 5-S to guide your cleaning;  sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain.

  • Yellow Pictures

    06/04/2015 Duration: 08min

    Yesterday's skills and projects become our "old pictures" hanging on the wall of today.  Memories of days gone by.  Today is the day to consider if you are living off the past.  It may be time for an upgrade!

  • Break the Comfort Zone

    04/04/2015 Duration: 11min

    "A body at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an external force."  Remember your physics class?  Have you become a body "at rest?"  Been under-employed for so long that it is your new "normal?"  Lost the push to continue growing in your life?  Coach wants you to consider what will it take to get back in the game and grow?

  • "If only..."

    31/03/2015 Duration: 09min

    Coach shares how to reframe your issues.  Shift your thinking from "if only..." to definable actions.  A person once said to me, "if only I had business cards."  Isn't it a shame you don't.  Better to say, "I have not made getting business cards a priority for me."  Own your thinking, own your future.

  • Welcome to Saturday Morning Coaching, Episode 1

    30/03/2015 Duration: 06min

    Join Ray Dunaway on WTIC1080, Connecticut’s #1 Newstalk radio station, as he introduces Alden “Coach” Davis and Saturday Morning STARPOWER Coaching.  Each Saturday morning work through the 5-point model getting us into action.  Thrive in uncertain times with a winning Attitude, Appearance, Abilities, Associations and Accountability…all held together with Action.  Get the model at and join us on this journey of motivation and action.

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