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The Real Estate Sales show is for Real Estate Sales People and Entrepreneurs that are committed to reaching their true potential. Every week, you will be exposed to the exact systems, skill sets and belief patterns necessary to push you to increase production, efficiency and profitability. As a real Estate professional the Shows host Danny Morel was able to sell 150 homes in one year while only working 4.5 days a week on average. This was with no REOs or Short Sales.... And very little if any spent on advertising. In less than 5 years he personally founded a company that started with less than $2,000 and just 5 short years later became an Inc500 company and one of the fastest growing privately owned residential brokerages in the country. This show will show you how to accomplish financial and time freedom in Real Estate. It will do so by interviewing some of the countries top Residential Sales People , and by sharing the insights and strategies needed to succeed week in and week out!


  • 02 RESS: How to increase sales and decrease hours worked

    08/02/2016 Duration: 43min

    Today I am interviewing a young man who happens to be my brother - Anthony Morel, he is someone who has big goals and is very committed to achieve them and it shows in how he works diligently on improving his skills and as a result is doing things that most people agents within the real estate industry can only dream of doing.  In today episode we will talk about: What got him into the business and what was his motivation is behind becoming real estate professional.   How he overcame the fear of walking away from a very secure income.   How he leverages his business to be mostly listings sold verses buyer sales.   We will also talk about mindset, specifically when it comes to expectations and his desire to grow his business.   And so much more   Episode Resources:   Instagram : AnthonyMorel1   Instagram: Danny Morel

  • 01 RESS: What To Expect From Us

    05/02/2016 Duration: 16min

    This is the episode 1 of the Real Estate Sales Show. Today we are going to focus today about 3 very basic things. SHARE MY STORY – I will share with you my triumph in the midst of my adversity and also to give you an insight to why you should pay attention. PURPOSE OF THIS SHOW – so that it is very clear why you want to come back week after week to make sure you’re plugging in and listening to our episodes WHAT TO EXPECT – know what to expect to receive from being a member of this amazing community that we are about to start and what can you expect to become.   MY STORY I started in business when I was 18 years old and I remember being dead broke. I was living in my 2 bedroom apartment with my amazing mother, my 2 younger brothers. We moved to Realto California from New York City because my parents split up and my mom left to basically fend for herself. It was a little bit tough. I started in business because I remember watching the show 90210 and I remember living in our crummy little 2 bedroom apartment.

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