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A weekly economic recap of U.S. market activity and events.


  • SE 17: Keep on Pumping!

    15/04/2013 Duration: 11min

    While U.S. economic data remains volatile and seems to be softening continued quantitative easing has kept equities up (though as we recorded on Monday, markets were down).

  • SE 16: March employment-a bump in the road

    08/04/2013 Duration: 08min

    What do last week's dismal employment numbers mean for the market this week? Employment stalled in March. QE continues. But for how long? Get the perspective from an expert economist. Also, it's earnings season! Learn what companies we'll be watching this week.

  • SE 15: Moving past Cyprus

    01/04/2013 Duration: 11min

    Last week's news was mostly positive. Housing numbers were typically, for winter, volatile. And Cyprus didn't derail the upward march in equities.

  • SE 14: Cyprus to Center Stage (along with Housing)

    26/03/2013 Duration: 13min

    The U.S. economy continued to make progress but concerns about Cyprus drowned out the news. Also, where should you be? Stocks? Cash?

  • SE 13: Recovery Gains Traction -- Sort of

    18/03/2013 Duration: 06min

    Two important sectors showed improvement. On Wednesday, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke conducts his quarterly press conference following the FOMC statement and Fed forecasts. The other focus this week is housing, along with watching the Cypress crisis to see how it unspools and what it will mean for the Eurozone.

  • SE 12: Punch bowl and employment

    11/03/2013 Duration: 12min

    Loose Fed policy continues. What does it mean for traders and investors? The Dow continues to hit record highs. The latest jobs report was better than expected. What should you be looking for this week?

  • SE 11: Fed Tops Sequestration

    04/03/2013 Duration: 12min

    Sequestration kicked in Friday, March 1, but the economy is still showing signs of life. The Fed is taking action to keep the recovery--such as it is--in motion despite the latest fiscal impasse. What does it all mean for traders and investors?

  • SE 10: What the Fed really said

    25/02/2013 Duration: 13min

    All Fed all week! The markets wheeled around Fed announcements.

  • SE 9: January economy eases after strong gains

    18/02/2013 Duration: 08min

    No one ever said the economy moves in a straight line. And data coming in for January makes this point. Some key indicators slowed but there are early signs of improvement in February.

  • SE 8: Stocks Plod Forward

    11/02/2013 Duration: 18min

    As earnings season winds down, companies for the most part continue to (somewhat) beat expectations while economic indicators point to further (but moderate) economic growth. Find out what made last week a (mostly) good week.

  • SE 7: GDP down, employment up

    04/02/2013 Duration: 15min

    Q4 GDP took a surprising dip, and though employment numbers were good, the unemployment rate went up! What's going on? A vast array of additional indicators were positive, propelling the Dow Industrial Average to a new high.

  • SE 6: Volatile housing, favorable earnings

    28/01/2013 Duration: 09min

    Much of this week's housing news reflected sizeable swings over the last two months-as is common during the off season. But downgrades to earnings expectations appear to have been premature as profits and revenues generally are topping lowered forecasts. There are key exceptions, however, on the downside.

  • SE 5: Economy better than chatter

    21/01/2013 Duration: 09min

    There has been much talk about a stalling recovery and sluggishness in earnings. This past week showed notable gains in several sectors of the economy-the consumer, housing, and industrial production.

  • SE 4: A pause before the deluge

    14/01/2013 Duration: 08min

    Economic news was limited this week. And apparently exhaustion has set in temporarily on addressing fiscal cliff issues (yes, the spending cut issues remain). Focus has largely been on corporate earnings with expectations generally lowered but making it easier to beat.

  • SE 3: Fiscal cliff resolved-for now

    07/01/2013 Duration: 07min

    Markets have been fixated with how and when the U.S. fiscal cliff would be resolved. This past week included passage of an income tax package that retained income tax cuts for most individuals.

  • SE 2: Economy improved despite pending fiscal cliff

    24/12/2012 Duration: 08min

    Fiscal cliff optimism for a resolution rose and fell during the week. Despite disappointment Thursday night on a House vote that did not occur, optimism about a temporary resolution appears to be outweighing pessimism.

  • SE 1: Fed, Fed, and More Fed

    18/12/2012 Duration: 06min

    No, the fiscal cliff problem has not gone away. However, the Fed's FOMC met and it was one of the four meetings that occur in the third month of the quarter.

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