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Making Oregon is a podcast by Built Oregon that brings you our conversations with innovators, makers, doers, disruptors, foodies, dreamers, and groundbreakers from all across the state. These entrepreneurs talk with us about the inspiration and ingenuity it takes to make Oregon the best place we know to build and sustain a prosperous lifestyle.


  • A Purpose-First Approach to Building a Business or a Career

    14/07/2016 Duration: 43min

    In this edition of Making Oregon, we examine how to build a business or a career--driven by purpose. We recently visited the offices of Portland’s own Mac Prichard, founder of Mac’s List, a popular Oregon jobs board, to discuss how find, or create, rewarding and meaningful work. Mac’s List started years ago as an email to keep in touch with Mac's colleagues, and today attracts 80,000 job seekers to the site. We talk about how Mac built his small email list into a thriving business, and with a twist: as Mac’s List was slowly taking shape, he also founded Prichard Communications, a company that helps philanthropic organizations get their message out. We dig into how Mac has managed to pull this off, growing two demanding startups at the same time. He also talks with us about the work-ethic he developed starting at age 9, how being unemployed influenced his purpose as an entrepreneur, and how the desire to be of service to others shaped his career.

  • Making Sense of Biomarkers: Connecting Business Innovation and The Future of Medicine

    30/06/2016 Duration: 41min

    If you don’t know what a biomarker is, this is your chance to learn what they are and why they matter to you. On this edition of Making Oregon, John Audette, founder of Amplion, a unique startup in Bend, will walk us through how their Biomarker Base is impacting Pharmaceutical and Research & Development companies. With the aid of Amplion’s database, companies are able to develop new drugs that get to market more quickly, with less cost, and fewer patient side-effects. John takes the time to make this technical, but critically important innovation understandable to all of us. We also get the story on why a serial founder who has already developed and sold two successful companies decided to begin all over again, enduring the rigors and stressors that come with any startup. We’ll also find out why Bend, Oregon is becoming such an attractive place for start-ups like Amplion, and how all of this may impact Oregon’s economic outlook.

  • What Startup Investors Want Every Entrepreneur to Know - Corey Schmid Of Seven Peaks Ventures

    16/06/2016 Duration: 40min

    In this episode of Making Oregon we visit the offices of Seven Peaks Ventures in Bend, Oregon, and chat with with Corey Schmid, one of the investment partners at Seven Peaks. We look behind the scenes to learn how investors think, and what they look for before they choose to invest in an early-stage company. Corey also talks about when a startup should look for venture capital, the potential trade-offs founders should consider before bringing investors on board, and the key elements of a great startup pitch. Lastly, Corey speaks candidly about her experience as a female partner in a male-dominated profession as well as issues of diversity throughout the entrepreneurial landscape.

  • Accelerated Creativity: Incubating an Award-winning Indie Video Game

    01/06/2016 Duration: 38min

    Our guest on the latest Making Oregon is Patrick Manhatton, whose new video game, "Arcbruiser", has received wide acclaim from Oregon’s Indie game community. We'll learn more about the game, and how this entrepreneur and community organizer found his way to the RAIN Corvallis/OSU Advantage Accelerator, where he recently graduated from their ACCELERATE program. We’ll also discuss how the incubator helps entrepreneurs like Patrick navigate the intersection of creativity and commerce, turning bright ideas into viable businesses.

  • The Startup Incubator Advantage: Increasing the Odds With RAIN Corvallis/OSU Advantage Accelerator

    17/05/2016 Duration: 40min

    In this edition of the Making Oregon podcast, we go behind the scenes of a business incubator whose purpose is to find and develop successful start-ups, equipping them to become profitable businesses. We’ve all heard the buzz about incubators, but in this podcast we'll find out what do they really do, what kind of businesses they help, and how they improve the odds of startup success. Our guests are Mark Lieberman, Chief StartUp Officer, and Anna Walsh, Operations Manager, for the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator. The OSU Accelerator operates in partnership with state-funded RAIN Corvallis, (Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network).

  • Leaving a Footprint: Portland's Global Impact on the Footwear Industry

    28/04/2016 Duration: 39min

    We bring you another session in our ongoing series, the Founder Roundtable. To find out more about the $55 Billion (worldwide)Sneaker Industry, we turn the mic over to three leading insiders of Portland’s Sneaker Culture to discuss the impact of the athletic shoe industry in Oregon. Listen in as Nick DePaula, creative director of the online magazine Nice Kicks, D’Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole Academy and former footwear designer, and Ian Williams, also a former Nike designer who now owns Deadstock, a PDX coffee shop that brings the sneaker community together, talk about what they know best: Sneakers.

  • Creating a Successful Blend of Musical Dreams and Business Reality

    13/04/2016 Duration: 41min

    This edition of Making Oregon features Jessy Ribordy, an Oregon creator and solopreneur who is currently writing, composing and producing music for films, television, and a variety of media platforms. He was also the leader of the band Falling Up, who over an 11-year span sold hundreds of thousands of albums, both as a major label artist and as an independent entity funding albums through Kickstarter campaigns. Jessy talks about his trip along the road less traveled to make his art, and his passion for music, into a thriving business.

  • The Resurgence of Virtual Reality And What It Means For The World (and You)

    29/03/2016 Duration: 37min

    This edition of Making Oregon features Kent Bye of Portland, the founder of The Voices of VR Podcast. Kent has travelled across the country talking to many makers, academics, and technologists who are driving the launch of Virtual Reality into the consumer mainstream. Hear why Kent believes the imminent Virtual Reality resurgence will have as great an impact on the world as the invention of the Gutenberg Press, which ushered in the Renaissance. He’ll discuss with us the implications of VR in fields across the board, including medicine, education, psychology, entertainment, and gaming. We’ll also learn why he believes Oregon is perfectly situated to reap economic benefits as VR becomes part of everyday life.

  • Changing The Narrative: KairosPDX Leads Educational Change With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

    16/03/2016 Duration: 32min

    This edition of Making Oregon features Kali Ladd, co-founder of KairosPDX, a Portland-based non-profit focused on delivering excellent, equitable education to underserved children, their families and their communities. Kali and her team are focused on not only changing the narrative for these children, but instigating broader and deeper changes in education via their innovative and holistic teaching methods that come from an entrepreneurial mindset and a "fundamental belief that children can do anything and be anything".

  • Made Best To Last: The Thoughtful and Simple Sustainability Of Folk Furniture

    02/03/2016 Duration: 37min

    This edition of Making Oregon features Richard Koehler, founder and CEO of Folk Furniture, a Portland based company that designs and builds “thoughtful and well crafted furniture, lighting and goods that are made best to last”. Leading a startup that has only existed since November of 2015, Richard has already put himself in the forefront of the sustainability movement in Oregon, with his handmade products, his company culture, and the unique company manifesto that guides his business and his life.

  • A Founder Roundtable: The Challenges & Opportunities For Women Entrepreneurs of Color

    17/02/2016 Duration: 36min

    A roundtable discussion with three Portland, Oregon founders, Joy Alise Davis of Design+Culture Lab, Paige Hendrix Buckner of ClientJoy, and Lynn Le of Society Nine. They will share their personal startup stories and how they stay motivated in tough times, and talk about the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities for women of color.

  • Hive-FX on bringing Grimm (and Oregon) To Creative Life

    04/02/2016 Duration: 38min

    The founders of Hive-FX, Clark James and Gretchen Miller, tell the story of how their small Portland Visual FX studio started small, and eventually became the groundbreaking Visual FX creators for the NBC TV series "Grimm". They’ll also discuss their uniquely Portland take on what it’s like to work in the competitive world of film and TV, and their take on the current state of the video/film and digital creative economy in Oregon

  • Author Jackie B. Peterson Talks Solopreneurship

    28/01/2016 Duration: 42min

    Portland business consultant Jackie B. Peterson, author of "Better, Smarter, Richer: 7 Business Principles for Encore, Creative, and Solo Entrepreneurs" talks about the importance of solopreneurship to the US and Oregon economies, and offers tips to those wanting to take the solo leap and join this rapidly growing independent workforce.

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