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Hear in-depth discussions of movies, reports from film festivals, and interviews with filmmakers on the Plastic Podcast, hosted by Robert Davis and J. Robert Parks.


  • Episode 005: Toronto 2007

    01/10/2007 Duration: 01h05min

    A full hour of the Errata Movie Podcast from the Toronto International Film Festival with reactions to some of the most talked about films. It's also a preview of the New York Film Festival.

  • Episode 004: Homework

    18/08/2007 Duration: 47min

    An episode of the Errata podcast devoted to the Iranian film Homework, by Abbas Kiarostami, which has been severely edited from its original version.

  • Episode 003: Werner Herzog

    07/08/2007 Duration: 24min

    Today Rob talks with legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog about his new film, Rescue Dawn, starring Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, and Jeremy Davies. They also talk about films like Grizzly Man, The White Diamond, The Wild Blue Yonder, and, the documentary on which Rescue Dawn is based, Little Dieter Needs to Fly.

  • Episode 002: The Year So Far

    19/07/2007 Duration: 52min

    The second episode of the Errata podcast features a recap of some favorite movies from the first half of 2007 and a chat about the Toronto International Film Festival with J. Robert Parks.

  • Episode 001: Guy Maddin

    09/07/2007 Duration: 37min

    For the inaugural Errata podcast, Rob talks with filmmaker Guy Maddin about his new silent film, Brand Upon the Brain!, which is being presented in various cities this summer as a live extravaganza, with an orchestra, foley artists, a soloing castrato, and a different celebrity interlocutor at each stop.

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