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  • The Best Breeds for the Backyard Flock - PVP44

    05/02/2016 Duration: 09min

    Of all the chicken breeds, which are good choices for a backyard flock? Show Notes:

  • Understanding Seeds: Heirloom, Open Pollinated, & F1 - PVP43

    03/02/2016 Duration: 10min

    So many seeds, so many misunderstandings! Show Notes:

  • Making Salves, Creams, & Lip Balms - PVP42

    29/01/2016 Duration: 17min

    Some products require special equipment, fancy ingredients, and so forth. These simple products are easy and economical. Each can easily be made as fancy as you like! Show Notes:

  • The Best Pressure Canner for the Homestead - PVP41

    27/01/2016 Duration: 12min

    Getting ready to preserve the summer's bountiful harvest means having the equipment on hand. What's the best pressure canner to get the job done? Show Notes:

  • The Best Grain Mill for the Homestead - PVP40

    22/01/2016 Duration: 10min

    Unlike a food processor or a blender, a grain mill is essential if you are going to grind grains. But, with so many choices, how to select the right one for the homestead? Show Notes:

  • The Best Fruit Trees for the Backyard Garden - PVP39

    20/01/2016 Duration: 13min

    What's not to love? Perennial. Easy. Relatively low cost. Beautiful. Fresh fruit. Adding fruit trees to the backyard garden can quickly had a bounty of terrific food. Show Notes:  

  • Making 2016 the Best Year Ever! - PVP38

    15/01/2016 Duration: 06min

    New Years greetings come and go, resolutions are made, but another year seems to slip by! It's so easy to be distracted from our path. One day slips by, then another, then another.  How can you alter this course? Show Notes:

  • Important Lessons from the Flock - PVP37

    13/01/2016 Duration: 09min

    Right up there with "so what do you do when the chickens stop laying?" is "what to do when a chicken dies?" No one is really signing up to get the gory details yet at some level we all know that chickens die...even our most favorite pet chicken. But what can we learn? Show Notes:  

  • Making Our Homesteads Less Toxic - PVP36

    16/12/2015 Duration: 12min

    Toxins suck! They make us, the soil, the air, the water, and the animals sick. So many of them are simply not needed for the job we are buying them for, yet, there they are! How can we step-by-step make our homesteads less toxic and maybe the world too? Show Notes:

  • All About Canning Jars, Lids, & Rings - PVP35

    11/12/2015 Duration: 12min

    Show Notes:

  • Is the Zero Waste Homestead Possible? - PVP34

    09/12/2015 Duration: 16min

    Show notes at

  • The Gift Economy: Absolutely Free - PVP33

    20/11/2015 Duration: 07min

    What is the gift economy and how can it impact the homestead? Show Notes:

  • Stress-Free Holiday Meals - PVP32

    18/11/2015 Duration: 08min

    Don't freak out! Here are some tips for stress-free holiday meals! Show Notes:

  • Toxic Free & Effective Cleaning - PVP31

    13/11/2015 Duration: 12min

    It's easy to get sucked into the fancy packaging, promises of cleanliness not possible any other way, and germs killed on contact. But, how much do we really know and understand about the products that we are bringing into our homes? How can we make changes to kick toxic products to the curb? Plus, how to stick to your guns with homemade cleaners. Show notes:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Chicken Flock - PVP30

    11/11/2015 Duration: 27min

    Prevention, prevention, prevention. Let's get into some details to avoid problems with illness and disorder down the road. Show Notes:

  • Botulism & Unsafe Canning Methods - PVP29

    06/11/2015 Duration: 07min

    Botulism is not something to take lightly and if you are new to home canning it can be a scary thing.  Learn about what went wrong in home canning that made people sick. Show Notes:

  • 7 Best Cool Season Vegetables - PVP28

    05/11/2015 Duration: 17min

    Of all the cool season vegetables, which are the best to get started in the garden for the cool season? Selected for ease and productivity plus some surprises. Show Notes:

  • Chicken Manure Management Using Deep Litter - PVP27

    29/10/2015 Duration: 09min

    How can you manage a chicken run without nuisance smells, flies, and tons of work? This simple and easy approach to managing the litter in a chicken run is healthier for the flock while being less work for the chicken keeper. Show Notes:

  • Beyond Doomsday: Preparedness on the Urban Homestead - PVP26

    21/10/2015 Duration: 11min

    Many people who live in the city are not prepared for brief interruptions in services such as water, gas, and electricity. Living the in the city with stores packed with goods for sale gives rise to a false feeling of security that everything will always be available. Learn about basic preparedness. Show Notes:

  • The 9 Best Ways to Lower the Food Bill - PVP25

    14/10/2015 Duration: 20min

    There are plenty of lists of money saving tips. But, how do we reshape our thinking about buying, harvesting, preparing, eating, and storing food? Learn a few ways to rethink buying, harvesting, preparing, and storing food. Plus, why we all should be sauce bosses! Show Notes:

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