Emma Frost Mystery Series: Books 6-7

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Two spine-chilling tales from the Amazon All-Star best-selling author Willow Rose. Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die: We all know that high school reunions can be a daunting and, sometimes, horrifying experience. Well, for Emma Frost, that is exactly what it becomes when she is invited to meet with all of her old classmates at a desolate hotel in the most northern part of Denmark. Soon, she will learn that there was more to this reunion than just them catching up on old times, as a dark secret from their mutual past is revealed. Fasten your seatbelt as Willow Rose takes you on a crazy and very surprising ride. Easy as One Two Three: Mads and Signe are very young when they get married. They are ready to take on the world starting with their honeymoon to Egypt. Two years later, Mads is in a coma, and Signe has vanished from the face of the earth. Meanwhile, Emma Frost is looking for her daughter whom the police believe is guilty of the hit-and-run that left Mads Schou braindead. But was it really an accident, or is there more to the story than they first thought? Emma believes so, but can't convince the police. To help her, Emma receives help from a couple many of Willow Rose's fans will recognize.


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