The Triumph of Beauty God's Radiant Answer for the World's Growing Darkness

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Discover Hope—and the Heart of Jesus—for the Days Ahead

The world is angry and afraid. Humankind is on a trajectory away from God, against His Church and into increasing darkness—with the darkest hours still ahead. Yet the Father has an unexpected and compassionate answer for the rise of ugliness and violence: a beautiful unified Church of wholehearted followers of Jesus who will put Him on full display for all the world to see.

In this book you'll discover how to become part of a Church that counters anger with kindness and mercy, loves its enemies, overcomes bitterness and offense, and lays hold of the Lord's beauty via revelation and transformation. When we—as a united Body and as individual members—do these things, we will love as He loves. We will endure without despair as we boldly and lovingly stand for His truth.

And together we will rise up as His Bride whose beauty eclipses the darkness.