Eleven, Twelve... Dig and Delve

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It's the stuff of a living nightmare... Everybody hates Mondays. This Monday is particularly bad for the residents on Blegevej, in the northern part of Denmark. Just before eight o'clock Monday morning, the entire neighborhood sinks into the ground in a matter of seconds when a giant sinkhole opens up underneath it. Rebekka Franck is visiting a dear friend when she is swallowed up by the hole and ends up trapped inside a limestone mine. Together with the surviving residents from the neighborhood, she tries to get by underground while waiting to be rescued. When the body of one of the survivors turns up inside the mines, they suddenly know that not only do they face starvation and thirst, they also have a killer among them. Laced with claustrophobic tension and characters that make your skin crawl, Eleven, Twelve...Dig and Delve is another fast-paced mystery in Willow Rose's Amazon best-selling series about the reporter Rebekka Franck.


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