Ase A8 Mastery: Engine Performance Certification Test A8

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What the mechanics who pass the A8 Exam know, that maybe you don't....

Are you anxious about failing your A8 examination?

Or maybe you simply want more practice, so you can get Master Technician Certified faster?

If that sounds like you - we're on your side.

We want you to be filled with confidence, so that you can ace engine performance first time round.

We've professionally narrated more than 100 questions and answers from the Official guides – and all of the answers are helpfully explained in detail to give you a holistic understanding.

We've included a mix of the 7 different question formats (excluding illustrations), the same that you’ll have on the day of the real exam!

On the day of your test, you'll be given a total of 60 questions, and you’ll need to score at least 70% - our indicators show that by practicing with our audiobook - your odds of passing will vastly increase.

Here's what you'll get with our audiobook:

• 110 practice questions from the Official A8 Curriculum

• Answers narrated after a 12 second gap for efficient learning

• Important information on how/where to take your exam

• Key knowledge on test fees, re-takes, and maintaining your new qualification

• Narrated by an experienced & professional narrator, with a relaxing American voice.

No matter how confident you are already, this audiobook will give you an advantage in passing your A8 exam faster, and with less stress. So, if you want to succeed and become a master mechanic first-time..

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