Christmas At Snowdrop Cottage

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Belle Nightingale hasn’t celebrated Christmas properly since she lost touch with her Gran and left the tiny village in the Cotswolds behind two decades ago. But back in Little Woodville to start a new business venture with her boyfriend, Belle finds herself wondering whether her own dreams have been pushed aside in her quest to please everyone else. The cozy cottage, nostalgia, and her tenant Sebastian’s ties to her own family bring a lot of emotions to the surface for Belle, particularly when she begins to form a bond with Sebastian. It turns out he isn’t the old man she was expecting, but a tall, dark, and ridiculously handsome man her age and with a very kind heart. When the snow blankets the tiny village and Belle comes up against a community that pulls together to look after their own, she begins to discover the true meaning of Christmas and wonders whether it’s time to confront the past in a last attempt to bring her family back together. Grab a hot chocolate, and escape to the quaint Cotswold village and the thatched cottage where the perfect recipe for Christmas may just contain a whole lot of love, friendship, and kindness. And it may just be everything Belle is looking for.


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