Luther Biographies of Martin Luther and Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther - Martin Luther was a German theologian, priest, author, composer, and previous Augustinian monk who is best recalled as a key figure in the Protestant Reformation and the creator of Lutheranism. In the year 1507, Luther was ordained as a priest. He came to oppose certain Roman Catholic Church theories and practices, specifically the perspective on extravagances. In his Ninety-five Theses of 1517, Luther advised a scholastic evaluation of the practice and effectiveness of extravagances. His rejection to disavow all of his publications at the demand of Pope Leo X in the year 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet Plan of Worms in the year 1521 culminated in the pope's excommunication and the Holy Roman Emperor's condemnation as a criminal.

Martin Luther King - From 1955 till his assassination in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist clergyman and activist who ended up being the most identifiable voice and leader in the American civil liberties movement. King used nonviolence and civil disobedience to advance civil liberties, inspired by his Christian convictions and Mahatma Gandhi's tranquil work. He was the child of Martin Luther King Sr., an early civil liberties leader and clergyman. King marched for black people's right to vote, desegregation, labor rights, and other fundamental civil liberties, and he led them.


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