Public Speaking Essentials Six Steps to Sizzle on Stage

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Is Public Speaking overwhelming?

There are loads of information in form of books and articles out there that can help you. However, would it be nice to have an easy and simple process to follow to handle this area of your life?

“Public Speaking Essentials” will reveal 6 steps that’ll help you overcome your fear and speak like a PRO.

These are simple to understand and easy implement essential solutions coming from someone who was in the trenches. Since he was a shy kid as he was growing up, Rama ventured into Public Speaking to handle this area of his life. As a result of this journey, Ramakrishna Reddy has won more than 25 speech contests. Ramakrishna is dedicated to sharing the lessons he’s learned to help others become confident in public speaking. In this book, you'll learn:

  • How to overcome Public Speaking Anxiety
  • How to master three pillars of Public Speaking
  • How to Practice for Presentation Day
  • How to Handle the Presentation Day
  • How to create a connection with the audience
  • How to handle glitches during the presentation day

Hear this book and sizzle on stage!