Sohut's Protection

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You have to be really unlucky to be captured by aliens twice . . .

Well, here I am. The Queen of Unlucky.

When I'm taken from Earth, my life takes a sharp turn. The alien ship crashes on a strange planet and before I know it, I'm taken again. These new "owners" are just as bad as the last ones and it doesn't take me long to realize my chances of survival are dim.

I only have one chance to escape—so I take it. I'm doing a good job of surviving too. That is . . . until the aliens send a hunter to track me down.

As soon as I lay eyes on him, I know he's there to find me. I can't run; I can only hide—but I can't hide forever. It's a fight for my freedom . . .

. . . but it's my heart that's in trouble of falling into the hunter's trap.

Contains mature themes.


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