The Science Of Winning...the Lottery: No Tools Required

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There are so many misconceptions when it comes to games of chance., everyone has a system both mathematical and systematical, the sad truth is there is no system. In games like the lottery or casino gambling there is only one thing you'll need and that's yourself "No Tools Required". With our program we take away all the myths that surround these games and give you the hard truth, everything you need to win games of chance you already have and we're going to show you how to use it, Our program is broken up into three sections, The first section we dissolve all the myths associated with games of chance, The second section consists of specialty subluminal songs that you can use is your car, at home working in your yard or exercising. The third and last section is a self hypnosis section that you play when you are resting and about to go to sleep (This section can never be played while driving or when you need total control of your environment, with all three sections working together as they were designed to it will be hard to lose at anything you do.


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